Ignatius is thoughtful and passionate. He has an inquisitive mind, when presented with a new concept he will quietly research further, ponder and come and share his thoughts.  He is intelligent and has great potential.



Grammar & Composition

  • Students use English in personal, social and learning contexts with increasing control and understanding of the form and features of language and structures of texts, and with increasing awareness of purpose, audience and context.

Ignatius has a good grasp of certain parts of grammar; sentence structure, correct word usage and tenses. Grammatical infractions are quickly ‘pounced upon’ by siblings so all the children are strong in this area.

Last year we focused on correct tenses, nouns, verbs and adjectives, homonyms, synonyms & antonyms, onomatopoeias, homophones, abbreviations, contractions and developing stronger vocabulary skills.

In the upcoming year we will also be covering literary analysis, characters, setting, plot, conflict resolution, development of writing style, paraphrasing, writing sequence, parsing, building a copia of words, figures of speech & description, poetry rhyme & metre, outlining, summarising and chronology.
Resources include: Cottage Press: Language Lessons for Grammar Students, Voyages in English


Creative Writing

  • Students make decisions about whether content and language are appropriate to purpose, audience and context.

Ignatius’ keenness for Creative Writing has been fostered by and blossomed with Writing Club.

We hosted a weekly Writing Club with homeschool friends throughout 2019 and we have continued to do so since. Ignatius’s writing skills have grown in leaps and bounds since we began Writing Club. The synergy and enthusiasm of all has been a joy to behold and has certainly supported his interest in Writing.

In the upcoming year our intent is for Ignatius to write daily. To assist him in developing story plot, characterisation and conflict resolution. Also to encourage him in becoming a stronger writer in other writing styles.
Resources include: Writing Prompt Cards and English for Australian Schools – Ridout, Writer’s Jungle, Institute for Excellence in English, Voyages in English



  • In speaking, writing and representing, students shape meaning through the thoughtful selection and ordering of appropriate content and by drawing on a widening repertoire of language choices.

A retelling of what has been read/watched/learnt into one’s own words, requires a good understanding of the subject matter, it takes concentration and sequencing skills. Narrations can take various forms; oral, written, illustrations, acting, building or creating. As we consider narrations to be an extremely important skill, a foundation for logic and writing, we will be devoting time to narration regularly for the subjects of; Faith, Geography, History and Science.

Ignatius has excellent narration skills, his comprehension is solid, he has excellent recall, can deliver details in sequence well, is strong at gathering the main points. Occasionally has to be reminded to give the highlights, not all the details.

This year we will continue to focus on building on Ignatius’ narrations strengths and weaknesses, increasing the quantity, both orally and in the written form.



  • Students apply their knowledge of textual features and conventions to their texts.

Last year Ignatius applied himself with discipline to his spelling lessons, spelling has not been easy for him, but he is making steady process now.

He completed All About Spelling Level 5 . We covered: unaccented syllables, analyzing words, suffixes and different spelling endings.

Our goal for the upcoming year is to complete All About Spelling Level 6 . By year’s end we want Ignatius to be a confident, capable speller, we’re on track to achieve that.

Resource: All About Spelling Level 6



  • Students engage with print and digital texts with an informed awareness of the language forms and features and structures of those texts.

In the upcoming year Ignatius will undertake weekly dictation lessons again, which will strengthen his spelling, punctuation, listening and recall skills.

Resource: Spelling Wisdom



  • Students plan, draft and edit to produce polished texts.

Ignatius’ handwriting has improved but there is still room for improvement regards neatness. In the upcoming year we will continue to focus on neatness and developing his cursive writing hand.

He will also be paying attention to sentence structure, punctuation & vocabulary.

Resource: Startwrite –Creates customised handwriting practice sheets.



  • Students can express a personal point of view, give words and images to their imaginings and compose logical argument.

To have the ability to think and communicate both orally and in written form is an underpinning of our educational goals; the study of logic is an excellent basis for higher level thinking.

Ignatius will continue with logic in the upcoming year. We will be covering:: what is a fallacy, what is good reasoning, benefits of listening, opposing viewpoints, red herring fallacies and recognising them, ad hominem attacks, genetic fallacies, tu quoque, faulty appeals, straw man, assumptions, circular reasoning, equivocations, loaded question, generalisations, analogies, post hoc ergo propter hoc, propaganda, appeals to tradition, hi-tech, snob, fear & pity, bandwagon, exigency and repetition.

Resource: The Thinking Toolbox – Nathaniel Bluedorn


Independent Reading 

  • Students engage with images of their real and imagined worlds and explore the relationship between them.

Ignatius was a later reader, but he has sure gulped books since over the last several years. Last year he devoured Lord of the Rings. Oh the joy! His love was further fostered by Book Club, a new endeavour we have hosted a couple of times within our homeschool group, it has been hugely popular! The children facilitated the group, the book selections, the questions, the structure, it was all so exciting to see and the children are keen to continue this in the upcoming year. We desire to continue to foster, nurture and encourage his love, whilst ensuring the quality of language is excellent.

Resources: Our extensive home library, our town library.



  • Students respond to a variety of texts critically, imaginatively and interpretively.

Introduce Ignatius to the beauty and richness of Shakespeare beginning with the audio versions of his plays, then reading the re-tellings.  Choose one play of his choice to read in full.
Resources:Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare – Edith Nesbit (audio version)
Tales From Shakespeare – Charles and Mary Lamb (and audio version)
Shakespeare for Children – Jim Wiess (Audio)
Stories from Shakespeare- Geraldine McGaughrean



  • Students respond to literary and other texts for enjoyment and to expand their perspectives on their own lives.

Nurturing a love of literature within our family is at the core of our family’s learning approach, we immerse our children in quality literature from birth.  We read from many genres and delight in living books – a book that makes the subject matter ‘come alive’.

Ignatius still enjoys listening to our daily Read Alouds, this year we will have a ‘teenage’ reading time for our secondary students. From experience we know this will be a really special time that we will treasure, where our books can be more aimed at teens, a time of precious conversations. To include literature discussions inspired by Socratic Discussion suggestions.
Resources include: Our extensive home library and the town library.



  • Students develop a further understanding of the form and features of language and structures of texts, and with increasing awareness of purpose, audience and context.

The listening to and memorisation of poetry is part of our family’s culture of nurturing a love of literature.

Ignatius will continue to be immersed in poetry daily and memorise at least one poem a term, to recite  at our family weekly recitation nights.
Resources include: Banjo Patterson’s poetry, John O’Brien – Around the Borree Log, the English poets and more from our extensive poetry collection.



  • Students use mathematical terminology, algebraic notation, diagrams, text and tables to communicate mathematical ideas, and link concepts and processes within and between mathematical contexts.

Ignatius is strong at Mathematics, he picks up new concepts quickly and finds maths quite easy.

Last year Ignatius covered; Expanded Notation using 10, 100, 1000,  Expanded Notation using Powers, positive & negative numbers, addition & subtraction up to 7 digits, long multiplication 2-3 digits and algebraic substitution.

This year Ignatius will cover; fractions & percentages, problem solving, algebraic techniques,  trigonometry, decimals, integers, equations, ratio, properties of geometrical figures, constructions, surface area & volume. measurement, statistics & data and probability, polygons, pythagoras theorem, financial mathematics,.

Resources include: Maths Online, Kahn Academy, maths board games and our living maths books collection.



  • Students use scientific inquiry by actively engaging in using and applying the processes of Working Scientifically. They identify questions and problems that they can test or research scientifically. They select and use appropriate strategies, understanding and skills to generate creative plausible solutions to identified problems.

We desire to encourage Ignatius’ critical thinking skills, knowledge and understanding in explaining and making sense of the biological, physical and technological world. To encourage him to foster a questing mind and to understand the importance of scientific evidence in enabling him as an individual and as part of the community to make informed, responsible decisions about the use and influence of science. We have been owner building since Ignatius was 3 years and he has grown up observing, learning and building.

Ignatius, his brothers and Siena have a particular fascination with ‘all things science’. All four are constantly seeking out scientific knowledge on their own volition.  It is quite common to find them watching a science youtube and then see them filming their own experiment, or the reverse order to ascertain why their experiment might have ‘failed’. To mention just one area of scientific interest and endeavour of theirs.

Last year Ignatius studies included: Biochemistry, Chemistry, Morse Code, Mountain Lions & Wolves.

This year his studies will include; Living World; body systems, cells & reproduction.  Chemistry World; states of matter, elements & compound and changing matter. Earth & Space; minerals & fossils. Physical World; energy transformations.

We will also continue to be flexible to follow any further interests that arise and we visualise Ignatius exploring a variety of interest areas. To meet these studies we will use various mediums and resources, and we’re confident that other areas of scientific interest and knowledge will be sought and pursued.
Resources include: Singapore Science textbooks, Design curriculum, John Hudson Tiner collection, our home and town libraries, DVDs and youtubes and Snap Circuit Kits and Experiment kits.




  • Students describe major periods of historical time and sequence events, people and societies from the past. 

We wish for Ignatius to have an interest about ‘all things history’ and want him have an awareness of World History – Modern & Ancient, and Australian history and to understands the past contributes to the present .

Last year we studied various topics including Australian history, on a National and local level.  Our learning covered topics such as Australia in the 1920s & the Great Depression, the Overland Telegraph and visiting the local Museum at  Lawrence. Our World History studies included the Technology Age and an indepth study of World War One and Two.

This year we will continue our Australian History studies, doing a more indepth study of Bushrangers and the Gold Rush. We will also continue to study what was happening to our First Peoples concurrently. We want Ignatius to have an awareness of and passion for our nation’s history.

Our World History studies will continue this year to follow a chronological plan, it will move forward to cover: the Korean & Vietnam Wars, the 1960s, refugees and modern Australia.

Resources Include: Wattle Gum Education- as I test run products before release, History of Australia – Meredith Hooper, Story of the World – Susan Wise Bauer and our extensive collection of historical living books, picture as well as chapter books, and the town library.



  • Students develop skills in decision-making and problem-solving, related to a range of issues, and identify appropriate plans designed to achieve a range of goals.

Ignatius is to further his understanding of consumer, financial, economic, legal, political and business issues, to have the skills to make informed and responsible decisions as an individual and as a member of the broader community. To be aware of fundamental rights and laws in our society and to know and practice ethical behaviour.

Resources Include: His Dad- a CPA & Finance , Whatever Happened to Penny Candy & Financial Literacy: Money Time



  • Students interact with others in Spanish/Italian to exchange information and ideas on topics of interest, and engage in collaborative tasks and activities that involve making plans and arrangements.

Ignatius is keen to learn both Spanish & Italian, and as they are both Romance languages, the learning of each will support one another.


  • Students recognise elements of Spanish grammar, including the systematic nature of verb conjugation, and use features of Spanish grammatical structures and sentence patterns to convey information and ideas.

Ignatius is keen on Spanish as it has become the language of interest within our family, he has a Tio/uncle from el Salvador and a baby cousin who will be raised bilingual.  It is also the language a number of siblings (who also undertook Spanish for lessons) and his father all enjoy communicating with.

Ignatius will focus on introductory Spanish, including; pronunciation and intonation patterns, pitch, accent and rhythm. He will begin to learn to read Spanish and its grammatical structures and sentence patterns.

Resources include: DuolingoAt Home Middle School CAL (Center for Applied Linguistics)& Tio Ari.



  • Students identify main ideas and specific information in a range of spoken, written and digital texts, and respond in Italian or English to information and ideas, in a range of formats for specific audiences.

Ignatius is keen on learning Italian as well. As this is a language I undertook for a few years in highschool I’ll be easily able to assist.

Ignatius will focus on introductory Italian, including; pronunciation and intonation patterns, pitch, accent and rhythm. He will begin to learn to read Italian and its grammatical structures and sentence patterns.

Resources include: DuolingoConjuguemos

Freedom Homeschool Foreign Languages


Creative Arts

Visual Arts             

  • Students explore different conventions and procedures, and the material techniques and properties of a range of 2D (including drawing), 3D and 4D forms to represent ideas and interests in the world.

We will continue our annual membership with Artventure , we have used this for a few years now and continue to be highly impressed with the work that Ignatius produces. Ignatius wasn’t naturally skilled at art when young, we do believe Artventure has really made a difference.  We will continue with this program in the upcoming year and also add their program for secondary students, Art Eye Deer.

Art Eye Deer will expose Ignatius to a variety of different mediums including, drawing, painting, oil pastels, watercolours, collages, ceramics and claywork.

Resources include: How to Draw books, Artventure , Art Eye Deer, youtubes, and our craft & art supplies.


Photographic and Digital Media

  • Students have experienced increasing autonomy and refinement in the selection and application of photographic and digital media conventions and procedures in their practice/making.

Ignatius will be developing skills in digital media including photography and video production.  He particularly has an interest in videography. He will also be working towards producing a portfolio that includes photographic and Digital Art works that will demonstrate his various investigations of the world.

Resources include: camera, video, editing software, digital art software,


Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

Faith Studies
Ignatius is to deepen his personal relationship with God and increase his knowledge of God and His Church.
Resources include: Our library collection.