Not a standard learning week and yet lots of learning of a different kind.

Monday we had visitors and frankly with all the lockdowns and restrictions of visitors to the home, socialising plays an important part too of the children’s education!

Tuesday we visited the Lawrence Museum with our local homeschool group. First excursion in forever and it’s a great museum, excellent in fact and I think we need to return. Afterwards we lunched in a local park with everyone and the children loved catching up with friends they hadn’t seen in ages.

Then it was time for back to regular learning.


Group Work:

Faith History – 1.5 chapters, Early Church 300 years+, Arian Heresy.

History – Visited the Lawrence Museum. Lots of local history to absorb and learn. Excellent museum.

Poetry- 1 session. Read a mixture of Australian, English and American poetry covering all our ages.

Read Aloud – The Hobbit by JR Tolkien. Siena and Sebastian listening to Dad read, 4 chapters.



Genevieve continues to hold down her casual job. 2 shifts this week, a lunch time and late afternoon.

Writing – Genevieve wrote for a solid 2 hours, writing reviews of her books on Goodreads.

Maths – 1 lessons.

Geography – Brenda Runkle, 1 lesson. Latitude and the equator.

Geography – 2 sessions of online mapping. Capital cities of the countries of Asia.



Maths – 5 lessons. Graphs and Probability.

Science Biochemistry – First Lesson – hemoglobins.

Geography – 2 sessions. Online mapping program. Still focusing on the countries of the world, getting 99% correct each time!!

Assigned Literature Read – Finished second half of Book 3!!



Spelling – Focused on 10 words each for 4 days!

Maths – 2 lessons.  Started year 7!! Numbers.

Assigned Literature Read – Finished LOTR Book 2.



Despite having 2 days ‘off’ pursuing other learning activities, Sebastian still managed to achieve the majority of his assigned learning!!

Spelling – Revised 10 words on each of the 3 days of formal learning.

Dictation – 2 exercises.

Voyages in English – 3 exercises.

Narrations – 5 Narration sessions! St John Vianney.

Faith – St John Vianney; The Country Road Home, read 8 chapters!

Maths – Mental Maths, 5 lessons.

Nature – 5 chapters! Junior Naturalist, talks for Aust children.

Geography –1 session. Mapping, Africa naming the countries, knows 95%

Science – 2 chapters, focus on water.

History –  Focus 1920 & 1930s. Our Australian Girl Daisy, has now read books 1, 2, 3 and nearly finished 4.



See group work above.