We started back a couple of weeks early and with a light load.  It was also a time of various ‘interruptions’ so it turned out to be only 4 days of learning each week. As I still had lots to wrap up with the upcoming Summit it was independent work for all. The children were keen and focused.


Keeping it simple I wrote up a large grid on the blackboard, with the 4Rs down one side and children’s names across.  The children were to do certain tasks for each R daily. The saint of the Day and a narration for ‘Religion, 2 maths lessons for ‘Rithmetic, any form of ‘Riting of their choice, and Reading, also their choice of subject matter.   It was wonderful to see their enthusiasm and yes competition because some of them roll that way 😉  I was particularly thrilled to see Siena embrace Reading.  She read her way through Faith and Freedom P with goals and diligence. Every day she read 2 chapters, then turned around and read the book 3 more times, reading her favourite chapters!!!! I love, love it when the children take off with reading, such a joy to behold!!


Their willingness and great attitudes bode well for the upcoming year 🙂