My AP, Edwina visited back in mid March 2020, just before Covid, a visit for 5 children which lasted for 2 and a half hours and was only cut short as we had a swimming lesson to attend. She then followed up with a 30 minute phone call and made the following comments as to what she wants to see next time.

To be clear I’m not happy with much of the following and believe much is simply her personal preference and not required by the guidelines.

Copying directly her written notes regards my Samples of Work:

  • dated
  • enough samples to show continued application
  • samples to show progress and achievement
  • samples in all subjects


Taken from my short hand note taking whilst listening on phone. As I’m now writing them up 3 and a half months later some already don’t mean anything to me.

Planning in Future

  • Patterns of Study
  • Explicit links to syllabus
  • my planning is not necessarily aligned to syllabuses
  • NESA policies
  • pg 10 Guidelines
  • Content use
  • Legislations 14-4
  • 72P2


Stage 6

  • can change syllabus – show awareness of changes
  • Modern History
  •  closer connection to relevant stage 6 syllabus (know aware of changes)
  • use outcomes for Stage 6
  • ie food technology use outcomes
  • look content suggested
  • for way to lead to detail
  • connect want to do back to syllabus
  • details make connection relevant syllabus t outcomes
  • rather than list objectives go back to detail of outcomes
  • show objectives and outcomes
  • less topics – more details
  • -case studies
  • -bit more on how will make it happen
  • mathsonline-show all resources, outcomes
  • Drama outcomes<>content
  • RE – identify content
  • simplify>in depth


Stage 5

  • 1 HSIE course – only have to do 1
  • Australia and the wider world
  • thing lack not spelling out how to connect to syllabus
  • stage statement and outcome progress tool K-10
  • Show how tying in Using;
  • Stage Statement
  • outcomes
  • then content
  • Secondary – English, Maths, History, Geography
  • 1 from Creative Arts
  • choice, detail
  • Technology
  • 1 cat (?) school smattering


Stage 4

  • show plan of action, where to take them
  • evidence
  • patterns of studies
  • explicit links to relevant studies
  • show awareness of current syllabuses
  • appears to be regenerating
  • explicit link to: 1) Stage statements or 2)ref
  • or 1) syllabuses 2) outcomes or use one or other
  • 3)content
  • use current languages ie plant world
  • how to differentiate
  • expectations shows
  • Guidelines for homeschooling reg docs
  • strands > identified within outcome
  • Yr 9 & 10 – Modern World Australia
  • tighten up from broad to narrow
  • more depth than breadth
  • plan, make happen, record
  • Creative Arts or Technology
  • simplify, focus on less
  • hobby based ie Spanish perhaps
  • English, maths science, hsie + 2 more
  • Creative Arts or PDHE or Technology(1) or language
  • Yr 10 – same comments as others
  • history outcomes link what want her to do
  • look content history

Also said at end of phone conversation was that my plans which are content based read “like a wishlist”.