Group Lessons with Ignatius, Saxon & Genevieve

Church History – 4 Sections, 2/week.

  • Church Through the Ages – Vidmar. Discussing the implications of decisions the Early Church Fathers made regards gentile members. Also covered the persecution of the Early Church.



All About Spelling – 6 Lessons, 3/week. Have finally finished looking at Latin Root words, Genevieve is pleased.

Dictation – 4 Lessons, 2/week. Doing really well! Wonderful to see.

Grammar – 1 Lessons, 1/week.

  • Let’s Enjoy English 4. Vocabulary, some nautical words, so a stretch.

Logic – 4 Lessons, 2/wk. We covered: Opposing viewpoints and using them, Good/Bad/Ugly Evidence.

Maths – 6 Lessons, 5/week. Topics covered included Generalised Arithmetic, Like Terms, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division, Algebraic Fractions: Addition and Subtraction.

Faith Novel – 4 Chapters, 2/week.

  • Lay Siege to Heaven. Genevieve is really engrossed, meaty time period, incredible saint.

History – 1 Chapter, 2/wk

  • Story of the World 3
  • Story of the Church

Poetry – 8 Poems, 8/week.

  • Living Verse – AK Thomson.


Group Lessons with Saxon & Genevieve

Read Aloud – 8 Chapters, 4 /week.

  • Scarlett Pimpernel – though we abandoned this after week 4. We just couldn’t get into it.
  • The Long Way Home – Started week 5, a better fit.



All About Spelling – 6 Lessons, 3/week. Have finally finished looking at Latin Root words, onto Greek next 😉

Dictation – 2 Lessons, 2/week. Doing well.

Grammar – 2 Lessons, 1/week.

  • English Course for Juniors. Focused on Comprehension and Sentences.

Creative Writing – 2 Lessons, 2/week. Working on his Dino- Terror story, he sent to Dad for editing and now has a lot of work to do. lol

Maths – 4 Lessons, 5/week. Topics covered included: HCF and LCM by Inspection, Prime Factor Decomposition, HCF using Factor Trees, Rounding Off Decimals, Two-Step Equations

Faith Study – 1 Chapter, 1/week.

  • Introduction to Catholicism, read chapter. Discussed answers with me.

Science – 2 Chapters, 2/week.

  • Science Matters. Different Scientific Views, Planets & Stars

Science Novel – 4 chapters, 2/week.

  • Wright Brothers – Charles Ludwig. Still enjoying.

Nature Novel – 8 Chapters, 2/week.

  • Junior Naturalist. Enjoyed. Finished!!

Australian History – 6 Chapters, 2/week.

  • Our Empire Story – Marshall. Finished.

Australian History Novel – 10 Chapter, 2/week.

  • Pictorial History of the Catholic Church. Really enjoying, spontaneously was telling me about how the early Catholic Australians were punished, flogged for not attending the Anglican services.

Geography Novel – 3 Chapters, 2/week.

  • Stories of Famous Explorers By Sea

Greek Mythology – 1 Chapters, 2/week!

  • The Children’s Homer – Padraic Colum.

Literature – 10 Chapters, 4/week

  • Queensland Reader Grade 7. Australian History Focus


Group Lessons with Ignatius & Saxon

Logic – 4 Chapters, 2/week.

  • Fallacy Detective. Discussed Aroup Goupta, Assumptions, Circular Reasoning, Equivocation and Loaded Question.



All About Spelling – 6 Lessons, 3/week. Ignatius focus during spelling has remarkedly improved from last term.

Dictation – 4 Lessons, 2/week. Improving though needs to take a little more time in study.

Creative Writing – 3 Lessons, 2/week. Working with Rose on their epic novel still, using Zoom to chat, edit and discuss.

Narrations – 1 Narrations, 1/week. Michael Farraday’s childhood, also dictated another I scribed for but hasn’t yet written it.

Maths – 9 Lessons, 5/week. Topics covered included Descriving Patterns, Lenght Conversions, Mass Conversions, Operations with Mass, Time Conversions, Time Tables and 24 Hour Times.

Faith Study – 2 Sections, 4/week.

  • Catechism of the Seven Sacraments. Baptism.

Faith Novel  – 2 Chapters, 2/week.

  • Sts Francis & Clare – Vision Book.

Nature Novel – 8 Chapters, 2/week.

  • Ponny the Penguin. Devoured in one night.

Australian History Novel – 4 Chapters, 2/week.

  • Journal of Watkin Stench. Nearly finished, so close

Biographies – 5 Chapters, 1/week.

  • Amerigo Vespucci, World Explorer Series

Literature – 6 Chapters, 4/week

  • The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. He is enjoying.

Poetry – 16 Poems, 8/week.

  • Puffin Book of Nonsense. Ignatius is ready for a change next week.

Art – 1 Session

  • Free drawing session.


Group Lessons with Siena, Sebastian & Ignatius

Grammar – The Little Grammar People – Nuri Mass– 6 Lessons, 2/week . We covered adverbs, preposition, interjections and conjunctions.

Australian History – 4 Chapters, 2/wk

  • Our Empire Story – Marshall.  We covered: Burke & Wills, Gold Rush and Bushrangers.  After reading about the Gold Rush Sebastian was so enthused he set of to the creek to pan for gold, alas he was unsuccessful 😉   This concludes the book and I admit I’m not overly thrilled with it, it’s written very much from an Empire view and deals with Australian history in broad, brief overview. In my opinion other core books we own are better.

World History – 4 Chapters, 2/week.

  • The Story of the World 1 – Ancient Civilizations. We’ve covered: The Phoenicians, The Return of Assyria, Babylon and Crete and the Minoans.

Geography Novel – 4 Chapters, 2/week.

  • A Single Shard – Linda Sue Park. Set in Korea many centuries ago, we are all enjoying.

Read Aloud – 10 Chapters, 5/week.

  • Misty of Chincoteague, finished, loved!



All About Spelling – 6 Lessons, 3/week. Doing well.

Dictation – 4 Lessons, 2/week. Studying then taking dictation, mostly doing well.

Copywork – 4 Lessons, 2/week. Refocusing on letter direction.

Creative Writing – 4 Lessons, 2/week. Sebastian uses my phone to dictate into then rewrites his stories.

Narrations – 2 Narrations, 1/week. Each week Sebastian narrates to me, he then takes the dictated narrations and re-writes himself, he has great enthusiasm and a memory for what he has studied. We’ve had two massive narrations on St Benedict and Nancy Bird Watson.

Maths – 10 Lessons, 5/week. Topics covered included Describing Patterns, Using the number line, equivalent fractions, additions and subtractions with equal denominators and addition of decimals.

Faith Novel  – 1 Books, 1/week.

  • St Benedict (long book)

Science Novels – 4 Books, 1/week.

  • Down the Plughole, about plumbing and germs.

Nature Novels – 16 pages, 2/3 per week.

  • Willy Wagtail – Whitcombe Story Books

Australian History Novels – 2 Books, 1/week.

Sebastian was quite interested in the Australians he has been reading.

  • Meet Dame Nellie Melba
  • Meet Don Bradman

Biographies – 2 Chapters, 2/week.

  • Davy Crockett – Discovery Biography. Enjoying, nearly finished.

Literature – 5 Sections, 4/week

  • Queensland Reader Grade 2 – Assorted Literature Selections & Poetry (finished!)
  • Queensland Reader Grade 3 – Similar, began.

Poetry – 4 Poems, 8/week.

  • A Child’s Garden of Verses – RL Stevenson

Artventure – 2 Sessions

  • 2 lessons Artventure including a Chines Pergola.



All About Reading – 10 Lessons, 5/week. Doing so well, picks up reading skills with ease and is reading her chapters with confidence.

All About Spelling – 4 Lessons, 2/week. Covered when to use ck or k at end of words, and doubling l, f & s and she understood so quickly and easily.

Copywork – 6 Lessons, 2/week. Focused more on letter direction.

Creative Writing – 2 Lessons, 1/week. Siena dictated to me then rewrites her story into her notebook. Wonderful to see her enthusiasm.

Narrations – 2 Narrations, 1/week. Siena dictates her narration which I write, then she illustrates. Narrations on Don Bradman and Bats.

Maths – 10 Lessons, 5/week. Topics covered included: Number line additions, adding up to 30, looking for 10s, adding 3 numbers, addition facts, 2 digit additions with and without carrying, number line subtraction, subtraction up to 20.

Faith Picture Books  – 2 Books, 1/week.

      • St Bernadette
      • St John Mary Vianney

Science Picture Books – 2 Books, 1/week.

      • Let’s Find Out About the Moon – Shapp
      • Rain, Hail, Sleet and Snow – 1/3 of the book. Cirrus clouds.

Nature Picture Books – 2 Books, 1/week.

      • Bats in the Dark – John Kaufmem
      • Big Blue Whale – Nicola Davies

Australian History Picture Books – 2 Books, 1/week.

      • Meet…Banjo Patterson
      • Meet…Don Bradman

World History Picture Books – 2 Books, 1/week.

      • I Wish I’d Gone to the Moon with Neil Armstrong – Leonie Young
      • Run Damon Run – Anne Ingram

Literature – 8 Stories, 4/week.

      • Child’s Book of Stories – Illust Jessie Wilcox Smith: Red Riding Hood & Cinderella
      • Orchard Book of Stories from the Ballet – Geraldine McCaughren: Swan Lake
      • Scottish Fairy Tales, weird, read by Dad
      • Various Fairy Tales, read by Dad

Poetry – 16 Poems, 8/week.

      • When We Were Young. Finished wk 4.
      • Now we Are Six – A A Milne

Art – 2 Sessions

  • Artventure