Group Lessons with Ignatius, Saxon & Genevieve

Church History – 6 Sections, 2/week.

  • Church Through the Ages – Vidmar. Discussing the foundations the Jewish Church and the Roman Empire laid for the spread of Christianity.



All About Spelling – 9 Lessons, 3/week. Genevieve’s spelling confidence and ability has improved greatly.

Dictation – 4 Lessons, 2/week.

Grammar – 2 Lessons, 1/week.

  • Let’s Enjoy English 4
  • Eats, Shoots & Leaves

Creative Writing – 1 Lesson, 2/week.

Narrations – 6 Narrations, 1/week. A massive six pages!!! on Macbeth!!

Logic – 6 Lessons, 2/wk. We looked at; Discussion/Disagreement/Argument/Fight, Fact/Inference/Opinion, Premises and Conclusion, Why you believe something, How to defeat your own argument, When not to use logic.

Maths – 12 Lessons, 5/week. Topics covered included Plotting Points, Gradient and Equations of Straight Lines and Algebra Substitution.

Faith Study – 1 Chapter, 1/week.

  • Understanding the Scriptures, read chapter, answered questions.

Faith Novel  – 4 Chapters, 2/week.

  • Lay Siege to Heaven. Long Chapters, lots of food for thought.

Science – 3 Chapters, 2/week.

  • World of Chemistry – John Hudson Tiner

Science Novel – 4 chapters, 2/week.

  • The Mystery of the Periodic Table.

Nature Novel – 4 Chapters, 2/week.

  • Tawny the Mountain Lion.

History – 2 Chapters, 2/week.

  • Story of the World 3
  • Story of the Church

Aboriginal Studies – 2 Chapters, 2/week.

  • Dark Emu – Bruce Pascoe

Australian History Novel – 4 Chapters, 2/week.

  • Rough Road South – Valerie Thompson.

Geography – 1 Chapter, 1/week.

  • World Physical Geography – Brenda Runkle

Geography Novel – 4 Chapters, 2/week.

  • Stories of Famous Explorers By Sea

Biographies – 3 Stories, 2/week.

  • Golden Pathway Vol 6: Explorers & Discoveries

Greek Mythology – 2 Chapters, 2/week.

  • The Heroes – Charles Kingsley

Shakespeare – 2 Stories, 1/week.

  • Shakespeare – Bernard Mills: Macbeth & Midsummer Night’s Dream

Poetry – 16 Poems, 8/week.

  • Living Verse – AK Thomson.

Literature – 20 Chapters, 4/week

  • Freckles – Gene Stratton Porter. Finished!

Free Reads – 20 Chapters!!

  • Waking Rose – Regina Doman. Finished!

Art Eye Deer – 2 Sessions, 1/week.

  • Flowers and Day of the Dead. Genevieve’s work was absolutely stunning and incredible. Spent hours at it, blow away.


Group Lessons with Saxon & Genevieve

Read Aloud – 6 Chapters, 5 /week.

  • Scarlett Pimpernel



All About Spelling – 9 Lessons, 3/week. Saxon is a natural speller, flying through this book.

Dictation – 4 Lessons, 2/week.

Grammar – 3 Lessons, 1/week.

  • English Course for Juniors. Focused on Comprehension and Sentences.

Copywork – 2 Lessons, 2/week. We’ve taken copywork off Saxon’s list, he has many other studies to do and this isn’t so important for him at this stage.

Creative Writing – 2 Lessons, 2/week.

Narrations – 2 Narrations, 1/week. The Overland Telegraph and Seagulls.

Maths – 5 Lessons, 5/week. Topics covered included Problem Solving and Equations involving Division and Multiplication.

Faith Study – 1 Chapter, 1/week.

  • Introduction to Catholicism, read chapter.

Faith Novel  – 13 Chapters, 2/week!

  • St Benedict – Vision Book. Finished!!

Science – 2 Chapters, 2/week.

  • Light History of Air. Abandoned, boring
  • Science Matters. Began

Science Novel – 5 chapters, 2/week.

  • Wright Brothers – Charles Ludwig. Really like it.

Nature Novel – 7 Chapters, 2/week.

  • Junior Naturalist.

History – 10 Chapters, 2/week!

  • Bookshelf for Boys & Girls: Great Events & People Vol 9

Australian History – 4 Chapters, 2/week.

  • Our Empire Story – Marshall

Australian History Novel – 1 Chapter, 2/week.

  • The Singing Wire. Finished.

Geography Novel – 6 Chapters, 2/week.

  • Stories of Famous Explorers By Sea

Fairy Tales – 10 Stories, 2/week!!

  • Bookshelf for Boys & Girls Vol3: Folk & Fairy Tales. Saxon is keen to focus on a few books and dig deep, then work on other books other weeks.

Greek Mythology – 9 Chapters, 2/week!

  • The Children’s Homer – Padraic Colum. A huge concentrated focus.

Literature – 10 Chapters, 4/week

  • Queensland Reader Grade 7. Australian History Focus

Poetry – 40 Poems, 8/week!!

  • Collected Verse of AB Paterson. Another area of concentrated focus.

Free Reads – 22 Chapters!!

  • Mapmakers Chronicles Books 2.


Group Lessons with Ignatius & Saxon

Logic – 6 Chapters, 2/week.

Fallacy Detective. Discussed Ad Hominem Attack, Genetic Fallacies, Tu Quoque, Faulty Appeal to Authority, Appeal to the People and Straw Man.



All About Spelling – 9 Lessons, 3/week. Ignatius is greatly improving, becoming far more competent and confident.

Dictation – 6 Lessons, 2/week. Studies quickly, generally getting correct but needs to take a little more study time.

Grammar – 2 Lessons, 2/week.

  • Marist Brothers 6th Grade. Did well but decided to join in the group grammar lessons with younger children.

Copywork – 2 Lessons, 2/week. We overloaded Ignatius’ study load, it was too unrealistic to expect him to achieve so much work, so after Week 1 we’ve taken copywork off his list.

Creative Writing – 5 Lessons, 2/week. Working with Rose on their epic novel still, using Zoom to chat, edit and discuss.

Narrations – 1 Narrations, 1/week. Compared the Biblical typology between Jesus and Moses.

Maths – 10 Lessons, 5/week. Topics covered included Expanded Notation, Positive and Negative Numbers, Roman Numerals, Primes & Composites and Factor Trees.

Faith Study – 4 Sections, 4/week.

  • Catechism of the Seven Sacraments. Biblical Typology of Jesus and Moses.

Faith Novel  – 4 Chapters, 2/week.

  • Sts Francis & Clare – Vision Book.

Science – 1 Chapter, 1/week.

  • World of Chemistry – John Hudson Tiner

Science Novel – 6 chapters, 2/week.

  • Michael Farraday – Charles Ludwig

Nature Novel – 2 Chapters, 2/week.

  • The Story of the Platypus. Ignatius found boring so we’ll try another.

Australian History Novel – 6 Chapters, 2/week.

  • Journal of Watkin Stench. Nearly finished

Fairy Tales – 2 Stories, 2/week.

  • Golden Pathway Vol2: Fairy Tales, Myths & Legends. Due to overloading Ignatius’ study load we’ve taken this book off his list.

Literature – 4 Chapters, 4/week

  • The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. He is enjoying.

Poetry – 24 Poems, 8/week.

  • Puffin Book of Nonsense. Ignatius is just loving the nonsensicalness of this book. He loves quoting “Two Dead Men Got Up in the Middle of the Night”

Free Reads – 50 Chapters!!

  • Mapmakers Chronicles Books 2 & 3!! Ignatius just devoured these!

Art – 1 Session

  • Free drawing session.


Group Lessons with Siena, Sebastian & Ignatius

Grammar – The Little Grammar People – Nuri Mass– 6 Lessons, 2/week . The children are all understanding and following along well. It’s a sweet way to be introduced to and revise grammar. We’ve covered pronouns, nouns, verbs and adjectives.

Australian History – 6 Chapters, 2/week.

  • Our Island Story – HE Marshall. We’ve covered The Founding of Sydney, George Bass & Matthew Flinders, Rum Rebellion, a Shipwreck in Queensland and Over the Blue Mountains.

World History – 6 Chapters, 2/week.

  • The Story of the World 1 – Ancient Civilizations. We’ve covered The Cities of India, Ancient China and Silkworms, Ancient Africa (the children loved the folk tales of Anansi) The Middle Kingdom of Egypt – Invasion of Nubia and Invasion by the Hyksos, The New Kingdom of Egypt and the Israelites leaving Egypt.

Geography Novel – 6 Chapters, 2/week.

  • A Single Shard – Linda Sue Park. Set in Korea many centuries ago, we are all enjoying.

Read Aloud – 15 Chapters, 5/week.

  • Wind in the Willows (finished final chapters) Incredible rich language, imagery and vocabulary.
  • Misty of Chincoteague, began, we are about half way through.



All About Spelling – 9 Lessons, 3/week. He sounds out easily enough once focused.

Dictation – 6 Lessons, 2/week. Studying quickly, then taking dictation and mostly getting correct and not needing help.

Copywork – 6 Lessons, 2/week. Sebastian is diligent in completing his copywork however he is really just complying not really engaged in enjoying.

Creative Writing – 4 Lessons, 2/week. Sebastian uses my phone to dictate into then rewrites his stories.

Narrations – 4 Narrations, 1/week. Each week Sebastian narrates to me, he then takes the dictated narrations and re-writes himself, he has great enthusiasm and a memory for what he has studied. We’ve had two massive narrations on Sts Francis and Bernadette and another two on Mrs Honeybee and Banjo Patterson.

Maths – 15 Lessons, 5/week. Topics covered included Addition and Subtraction of 7 digit numbers, Rounding Off and Order of Operations, Length Conversions and Areas of Squares and Rectangles.

Faith Novel  – 3 Books, 1/week.

  • St John Mary Vianney – Life of a Saint
  • St Bernadette – Life of a Saint
  • St Francis – Life of a Saint

Science Novels – 5 Books, 1/week.

  • The Librarian Who Measured the Earth by Kathryn Lasky
  • Rain, Hail, Sleet and Snow
  • If I Met a Molecule
  • If I Were an Atom
  • Let’s Find Out About the Moon – Shapp

Nature Novels – 1 Books, 1/3 per week.

  • Little Nature Stories – Whitcombe Story Books

Australian History Novels – 3 Books, 1/week.

Sebastian was quite interested in the Australians he has been reading.

  • Meet Banjo Patterson
  • Meet Nancy Bird Watson
  • Meet Captain Cook

Biographies – 8 Chapters, 2/week.

  • Davy Crockett – Discovery Biography. He is really enjoying, nearly finished.
  • Roald Amundsen – World Explorer, just started

Literature – 12 Sections, 4/week

  • Queensland Reader Grade 2 – Assorted Literature Selections & Poetry (nearly finished!)

Poetry – 24 Poems, 8/week.

  • A Child’s Garden of Verses – RL Stevenson

Free Reads – 15 Chapters, 5/week.

  • Magic Tree House Books

Artventure – 3 Sessions

  • 3 lessons including a portrait of Mum for Mother’s Day 🙂


Group Activity with Siena & Sebastian

Nature Video

  •  about Sharks and Wolves



All About Reading – 15 Lessons, 5/week. Has just completed the first Level 1 reader, is picking up reading skills with ease and is reading her related chapters with confidence.

All About Spelling – 6 Lessons, 2/week. Can quickly and easily sound and spell words, a natural.

Copywork – 4 Lessons, 2/week. Siena needs to slow down on the amount she writes and be supervised in her letter direction, some poor habits forming.

Creative Writing – 5 Lessons, 2/week. Siena keenly dictates her story to myself, a sibling or a recording on the phone, she then rewrites her story into her notebook. Wonderful to see her enthusiasm.

Narrations – 3 Narrations, 1/week. Each week Siena has dictated terrific narrations, and then has written a few sentences herself, and illustrated each. We’ve had narrations on Anna Pavlova, Our Lady of Guadalupe and on a story by Max Lucado.

Maths – 15 Lessons, 5/week. Topics covered included Volume and Capacity, Time, Place Value, Ordinal Numbers, and Rounding off to nearest hundreds and tens. Siena astounds me with how quickly she understands and masters maths concepts.

Faith Picture Books  – 12 Books, 4/week.

      • St Valentine – Robert Subuda
      • St Patrick – Tomie dePaola
      • The Legend of St Christopher – Margaret Hodges
      • Father and Son – Geraldine McCaughrean
      • Saint Brendan and the Voyage Before Columbus – Mike McGrew
      • Brigid’s Cloak – Bryce Milligan
      • Saint and His Bees – Dessi Jackson
      • Across a Wild and Dark Sea – Don Brown
      • Good King Wenceslas – John M Neale
      • Wenceslas – Geraldine McCaughrean
      • Our Lady of Guadalupe – Tomie dePaola
      • Brother Juniper – Diane Gibfried

Science Picture Books – 3 Books, 1/week.

      • If I Met a Molecule – Noel Wilson
      • If I Were an Atom – Noel Wilson
      • The Librarian Who Measured the Earth – Kathryn Lasky

Nature Picture Books – 4 Books, 1/week.

      • Rufus the Rhinoceros – Jon Resnick
      • Why Do Seasons Change?  – DK
      • Little Nature Stories: Whitcombe Story Books – 1/3 of the Book. Didn’t capture Siena’s interest.

Australian History Picture Books – 6 Books, 2/week.

      • Caroline Chisholm –  1/3 of the book (finished). Siena was fascinated by this story.
      • Meet Nellie Melba
      • Meet Captain Cook
      • Meet Nancy Bird Watson
      • We’re All Australians Now – Illus. Mark Wilson
      • Midnight: The Story of a Light Horse – Mark Greenwood

World History Picture Books – 3 Books, 1/week.

      • The Treasure Box – Margaret Wild
      • Albert Einstein – Ibi Lepscky
      • I Wish I’d Danced with Anna Pavlova – Leonie Young
      • I Wish I’d Flown the Atlantic with Amelia Earhart – Leonie Young

Literature – 7 Books, 2/week.

      • You Are Special – Max Lucado
      • Only a Green Nose – Max Lucado
      • You Are Mine – Max Lucado
      • Just The Way We Are – Max Lucado
      • The Most Marvelous Gift – Max Lucado
      • A Hat for Ivan – Max Lucado
      • The Crippled Lamb – Max Lucado

Poetry – 24 Poems, 8/week.

      • When We Were Very Young – A A Milne

Art – 3 Sessions

    • Artventure – 2 lessons including a portrait of Mum for Mother’s Day 🙂
    • Drawing session, did well.