Edit: And it’s now weeks later and I never did finish my Learning Notes, so much LIFE has happened since, including a quick family holiday to Kiama and Coronavirus!! So hitting publish with the knowledge that these notes are incomplete, other learning did occur.

Well what an overflowing week with two huge days out; an excursion to the Butterfly House and Veneration of the Relics of St Therese and her parents! then some recovery days.


Writing Club



Relics of St Therese and her parents came to town!! Massive deal. We headed in to greet their arrival and Venerate for an hour and a half, followed by Mass.

The boys served and Siena was so excited to be asked to do her First Offertory. It was an incredible experience that was so moving, to touch her Reliquary, the feeling of it all.

Ignatius had lots of questions to ask the funeral director and he was happy to find the answers and come back and explain to him.

Children also read a couple of picture books of St Therese’s life, helped them to appreciate her.

A day we will never forget 🙂 🙂



Excursion to Butterfly House & Dinosaur Exhibit. Great day with our local homeschool group, the children loved the butterfly house and the social aspect.

A great success, the butterflys were prolific, alighting on the children’s heads and bodies. They came home knowing all sorts of information such as how long they live and how fast they fly.

There were also bugs, including funnel webs, a maze, and electric models of lifesize dinosaurs.


We needed the next two days to recover from two huge days out. I don’t think we cope well with too much, striving to keep the balance. Also there was lots of extended family happenings.


Genevieve – Read Mapmakers Chronicles, Book 1, the whole book!



Genevieve – Read Mapmakers Chronicles, Book 2, half the book!