Genevieve’s studies for 2021 will include:

  • 12 units of Board Developed Courses, including English

To meet the requirements for Stage 6 the following subjects to be undertaken are:

Board Developed Courses:

  • 2 Unit English Advanced
  • 2 Unit Maths Standard
  • 2 Unit Food Technology
  • 2 Unit Modern History
  • 2 Unit Drama
  • 2 Unit Studies of Religion 1


English Advanced

Genevieve has great language arts skills; both oral & written and she reads voraciously.

Genevieve will continue to develop her knowledge, understanding and skills of communication through the written and spoken word, to develop her listening and reading skills, to reflect and think at a higher level, to value the power of language not only in expressing herself but in exploring the role of language with others and the impact of language socially, culturally and morally.

Grammar & Composition

Genevieve’s English studies will include

  • Poetics & Progym I which reviews and expands on the fable and narrative exercises taught in Bards & Poets, and introduces the anecdote, and proverb exercises; Homer’s Odyssey
    is the primary literature selection.
  • Poetics & Progym II which begins with the Progym twin exercises confirmation and refutation, then teaches the common-place exercise, and finishes with triplet exercises encomium, invective, and comparison; Virgil’s Shakespeare’s Macbeth, and a few of Plutarch’s Lives are the primary literature selections.

Genevieve will cover:

  • Poetry & Prose—literary analysis: reading and comprehending the elements of a story or poem, including genre, characters, setting, plot, sequence, rhetorical situation, literary context, poetic form & meter (scansion)
  • Language Logic—grammar and word usage: grammar lessons, vocabulary study, parsing the parts of speech, and sentence diagramming
  • Eloquent Expression—style development: building copia (abundant and ready supply) of words and construction, paraphrasing, figures of speech, figures of description
  • Classical Composition—imitation-based composition assignments guide students to develop proficiency in invention, arrangement, and style as they follow the writing sequence (plan, write, revise)
  • Commonplace Book—a time-honored practice for writers of all ages: collecting and copying worthy literary selections

Resources include: Poetics & Progym IPoetics & Progym II, Homer’s Odyssey, Virgil’s Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Plutarch’s Lives


Genevieve will continue with weekly dictation lessons, which continues to strengthen her spelling, punctuation, listening and recall skills. Her passages from Spelling Wisdom are selected from passages of well known classics such as Dickens and Bronte.

Resource: Spelling Wisdom


To have the ability to think and communicate both orally and in written form is an underpinning of our educational goals; the study of logic is an excellent basis for higher level thinking.

Genevieve enjoys logic.

We have covered; what is a fallacy, what is good reasoning, benefits of listening, opposing viewpoints, red herring fallacies and recognising them, ad hominem attacks.

During 2021 we will cover genetic fallacies, tu quoque, faulty appeals, straw man, assumptions, circular reasoning, equivocations, loaded question, generalisations, analogies, post hoc ergo propter hoc, propaganda, appeals to tradition, hi-tech, snob, fear & pity, bandwagon, exigency and repetition.

Resource: The Thinking Toolbox – Nathaniel Bluedorn

Genevieve has enjoyed a few of Shakespeare’s plays. She is to select and read one play of her choice, likely a comedy.
Resource: Complete Set of Shakespeare


Independent Literary Study

Genevieve is always to be found with a book in hand, reading classics as well as more contemporary literature.

In the upcoming year she is to read at least 4 classics she hasn’t yet read and to read at least two contemporary authors she hasn’t yet experienced.

We are then to discuss and analysis works read.

Resources: Our extensive library & town library

Read Aloud Literature

Nurturing a love of literature within our family is at the core of our family’s learning approach, we immerse our children in quality literature from birth.  We read from many genres and delight in living books – a book that makes the subject matter ‘come alive’.

Genevieve still enjoys listening to our daily Read Alouds, it’s a really special time that we treasure, it’s a time of precious conversations.
Resources include: Our extensive home library and the town library.

The listening to and memorisation of poetry is part of our family’s culture of nurturing a love of literature.

Genevieve will select two poets to study in depth, one Australian & her choice of either an English or American poet.

Genevieve will continue to be immersed in poetry daily and memorise at least one poem a term, to recite  at our family weekly recitation nights.
Resources include: Banjo Patterson’s poetry, John O’Brien, John Donne and more from our extensive poetry collection.


Mathematics Standard

Genevieve is a bright student and quite capable of achieving the maths syllabus. Whilst mathematics isn’t her favourite subject she understands the importance it plays.

Genevieve has covered; number & algebra, measurement & geometry, statistics & probability.

During 2021 Genevieve’s studies will include; algebra, measurement, statistical analysis and financial mathematics.

Resources include: Maths Online and supporting digital resources & our library resources.


Studies of Religion 1

Genevieve has a deep interest in Religious Studies. Genevieve will complete two Religious Tradition Studies; Christianity and Judaism, she will also briefly touch upon Islam one of the other major religious traditions.

Genevieve’s Christian studies will include:

      • The New Testament Law
      • Jesus’ Teachings
      • The Resurrection
      • Early Church Years & Evangelising
      • Sacraments
      • How to Read the Bible
      • Moral Theology
      • Moral Conscience
      • Ethical Norms & Law
      • Social Teachings
      • The Commandments
      • Spiritual Readings: Bible, Saints & Spiritual Formation

Judaism studies will include:

      • The Creation Story
      • Early History of the Jewish Peoples
      • The Patriarchs
      • The Exodus
      • The Jewish Law
      • The Rise & Fall of the Jewish Kingdom
      • The Jewish Remnant

Understanding Islam studies:

      • explain the tenets of the religion
      • a short history of the prophet and literature
      • the Six Pillars
      • Five Articles of Faith

By studies end we wish Genevieve to have an understanding and critical awareness of the nature and significance of religion and the influence of belief systems and religious traditions on individuals and within society.

Resources: Engaging with Islam and WADIUnderstanding the Scriptures,

Our Moral Life in Christ, The Bible, Catechism of the Catholic Church, Beginning Apologetics


Modern History

Genevieve has an appreciation for history and desires to further her knowledge. By studies end Genevieve will appreciate how people, forces and ideas have shaped the modern world and gain a deeper understanding of the developments of the modern world in their historical context. To analysis and acquire an understanding of differing views of differing source materials.

Last year Genevieve covered a huge amount of History, she studied The Middle Ages through to the early 1600s & not just from a European perspective. She covered; the glory of Rome, Early Britain, Christianity in Britain, the Byzantine Empire, Medieval Indian Empire, Rise of Islam, Great Dynasties of China, First Peoples of Australia, Kingdom of the Franks, Islamic Invasion, Great Kings of France, Viking Invasion, England after Conquest, knights & Samurai, Age of Crusades, Diaspora (of Jews), Mongols Devastate the East, Mysterious East, Ottoman Empire, Plague, France and England at War, War of the Roses, Kingdoms of Spain & Portugal & Africa & Americans, India under Moghuls, Exploration New Worlds, Renaissance & Reformation, Galileo & Queen Bess & Shakespeare, Ventures to the Americas, Spain & England at War, Holy Roman Empire, Protestant Rebellions, King James’, French in the New World, Warlords of Japan, New Colonies in the New World, Slavery, Middle East, Thirty Years War, Far East of Europe, Monghul Emperors of India, Fire & Plague in England, Sun King of France, Rise of Prussia and Newton & Science.

During 2021 Genevieve will study;

  • Russia looks West & Russian Revolution, Catherine the Great
  • East & West Collide
  • English in India
  • Imperial East, Russo-Japanese War
  • American: Revolution, Independence, Exploration, Trail of Tears, Alamo & Gold Rush
  • French Revolution & Bonaparte,
  • Industrial Revolution & Steam & Coal
  • China and Opium Wars
  • Haitian Revolt
  • Freedom for South America
  • Troubled Africa
  • New Zealand Wars
  • Franz Josef & Austria
  • Fight for Constantinople
  • Founding of German Empire & Bismark
  • First World War
  • Australia: First Peoples, Exploration & Settlement, through to Federation, through to World War 2 & our multi-cultural nation today.

Resources include: History of the World – Gombrich, Didache History, Story of World – Bauer, supporting digital resources, supporting biographies & novels, our extensive library and town library.



Genevieve enjoys drama, both performing and attending. She will be participating in plays throughout the year with our local playhouse, Criterion Theatre.  She will be writing scripts, and attending plays.  She will continue utilising these learning opportunities in order to meet the following objectives of the NSW Syllabus.

Genevieve will develop:
Knowledge and Understanding about, and Skills in, making

  • drama through participation in a variety of dramatic and theatrical forms
  • drama and theatre using a variety of dramatic elements, theatrical techniques and

Values & Attitudes about

  • the collaborative nature of drama and theatre knowledge and understanding about, and skills in, performing
  • using the elements of drama and theatre in performance
  • in improvised and playbuilt theatre, and scripted drama values and attitudes about
  • the diversity of the art of dramatic and theatrical performance knowledge and understanding about, and skills in, critically studying
  • the place and function of drama and theatre in communities and societies, past and present
  • a variety of forms and styles used in drama and theatre values and attitudes about
  • drama and the theatre as a community activity, a profession and an industry.


Food Technology

Genevieve enjoys making and preparing food and has undertaken a variety of food technology skills. She will be furthering her skills in preparing baked goods and a variety of other dishes for
a range of purposes. Genevieve will be researching, selecting ingredients and using equipment for a range of purposes. She will be converting recipes to accommodate a variety of dietary requirements, and present food attractively. Her understanding of food preparation requirements and techniques, including health and safety enables her to design, manage and implement solutions in a safe and hygienic manner for specific purposes.

Genevieve will be encouraged to express ideas and opinions, experiment and tests ideas and demonstrate responsibility in decision-making in a safe learning environment.
Genevieve  will be encouraged to reflect on and evaluate decisions made in relation to solutions for specific purposes with regard to food at a personal level and to also considers the social implications of these in a variety of settings.

Genevieve will work to ensure she meets the following Objectives and Outcomes of the NSW Syllabus.

Genevieve will:

  • develop knowledge and understanding about food systems in the production, processing and consumption of food and an appreciation of their impact on society
  • examines the nature and extent of the Australian food industry
  • justifies processes of food product development and manufacture in terms of market, technological and environmental considerations
  • evaluates the impact of the operation of an organisation within the Australian Food Industry on the individual, society and environment
  • have  knowledge and understanding about the nature of food, human nutrition and an appreciation of the importance of food to health
  • explains the role of food nutrients in human nutrition
  • evaluates the relationship between food, its production, consumption, promotion and health
  • assesses the nutrient value of meals/diets for particular individuals and groups
  • skills in experimenting with and preparing food by applying theoretical concepts
  • selects appropriate equipment, applies suitable techniques, and utilises safe and hygienic practices when handling food
  • plans, prepares and presents foods which reflect a range of the influences on food selection
  • selects foods, plans and prepares meals/diets to achieve optimum nutrition for individuals and groups
  • develops, prepares and presents food using product development processes
  • skills in designing implementing and evaluating solutions to food situations
  • develops and generates ideas and develops solutions to a range of food situations