Genevieve is a thoughful student applying herself to her subjects with good intent. Genevieve has diligently applied herself and made great progress in mathematics and writing skills last year. Genevieve has widened her reading horizons and in particular discovered an enjoyment of biographies.




To have the ability to think and communicate both orally and in written form is an underpinning of our educational goals; the study of logic is an excellent basis for higher level thinking.

Genevieve will ‘pick up’ logic again in the upcoming year, last year we had a break from it, which is a shame as it’s her favourite subject. We have covered: what is a fallacy, what is good reasoning, benefits of listening, opposing viewpoints, red herring fallacies and recognising them, ad hominem attacks, genetic fallacies, generalisations, analogies,propaganda and lots more.

Next we will be covering: how to list reasons why you believe something, how to defeat your own argument, corroborating and circumstantial evidence, hypothesis, analysing data, pseudoscience and more.

Resource: The Thinking Toolbox – Nathaniel Bluedorn


Grammar & Composition
Genevieve has a good understanding of many parts of grammar; last year we focused on correct tenses, nouns, verbs and adjectives, homonyms, synonyms & antonyms, onomatopoeia’s, homophones, abbreviations, contractions and developing stronger vocabulary skills. In the upcoming years our formal study of grammar will continue.

In the upcoming years we will also be covering literary analysis, characters, setting, plot, conflict resolution, development of writing style, paraphrasing, writing sequence, parsing, building a copia of words, figures of speech & description, poetry rhyme & metre, outlining, summarising and chronology, key word outlines, note taking, oral reports, writing from outlines, three paragraph report and research reports.

Resources include: Cottage Press: Language Lessons for Grammar Students, English for Australian Schools – Ronald Ridout Bk 5, Grammar Made Easy – Barbara Dykes, Precis Writing, Character Based Writing Lessons


Creative Writing

Genevieve developed an interest for Creative Writing this year, fostered by our Writing Club. It has been a thrill to see her interest develop and flourish.

We hosted a weekly Writing Club with homeschool friends throughout 2019 and we will continue to do so in the upcoming year. Genevieve really enjoyed the synergy and enthusiasm of the participants and has been quietly happy each week to take part. It has been wonderful to see her skills and style grow and strengthen.

In the upcoming year our intent is for Genevieve to write daily. To assist her in developing story plot, characterisation and conflict resolution, also to encourage her in becoming a stronger writer in other writing styles.
Resources include: Writing Prompt Cards and English for Australian Schools – Ridout, Writing Club



A retelling of what has been read/watched/learnt into one’s own words, requires a good understanding of the subject matter, it takes concentration and sequencing skills. Narrations can take various forms; oral, written, illustrations, acting, building or creating. As we consider narrations to be an extremely important skill, a foundation for logic and writing, we will be devoting time to narration regularly for the subjects of; Faith, Geography, History and Science.

Genevieve’s narration skills are quite good, her comprehension is excellent, she can remember the finer details, can deliver sequence well, is strong at gathering the main points and can easily recall in detail or in bullet point format.

This year we will continue to focus on building on Genevieve’s narrations strengths, increasing the quantity, mainly in the written form and to a lesser degree orally.



Last year Genevieve applied herself with discipline to her spelling lessons and made huge leaps! She has struggled with spelling and it was so exciting to see all her hard work finally paying off.

She completed All About Spelling Level 5 and All About Spelling Level 6. We covered: unaccented syllables, analyzing words, suffixes and different spelling endings.

Our goal for the upcoming year is to complete All About Spelling Level 7 which will bring us to the end of this Spelling program. By year’s end we want Genevieve to be a confident, capable speller, we should achieve that. Exciting!

Resource: All About Spelling Level 7



Last year we took a break from Dictation to focus more strongly on the All About Spelling program. In the upcoming year Genevieve will begin weekly dictation lessons again, which will strengthen her spelling, punctuation, listening and recall skills.

Resource: Spelling Wisdom


Independent Reading 
Genevieve’s year could be declared ‘the year of reading’. When not doing her lessons she was always to be found reading, exploring new genres and in particular she discovered a love of biographies. She read through the American presidents and then through various scientists.

Genevieve has also really loved the inception of Book Club, a new endeavour we hosted a couple of times within our homeschool group, it was hugely popular! The children facilitated the group, the book selections, the questions, the structure, it was all so exciting to see and the children are keen to continue this in the upcoming year.

In the upcoming year we want to continue to foster, nurture and encourage, whilst ensuring the quality of language is excellent. This year Genevieve will be reading her way through a list of classic, history & biography titles.


Immerse Genevieve in the beauty and richness of Shakespeare. Choose one play of her choice to read in full. We will first begin with the broad picture via audio version, a re-tellings and then the play itself. Suggest a Comedy

Complete Works of William Shakespeare
Tales From Shakespeare – Charles and Mary Lamb (and audio version)



Nurturing a love of literature within our family is at the core of our family’s learning approach, we immerse our children in quality literature from birth.  We read from many genres and delight in living books – a book that makes the subject matter ‘come alive’.

This year we will have a ‘teenage’ reading time for our two secondary students. From experience we know this will be a really special time that we will treasure, where our books can be more aimed at teens, a time of precious conversations. To include literature discussions inspired by Socratic Discussion suggestions.
Resources include: Our extensive home library and the town library.


The listening to and memorisation of poetry is part of our family’s culture of nurturing a love of literature.

Genevieve will continue to be immersed in poetry daily and memorise at least one poem a term, to recite  at our family weekly recitation nights.
Resources include: Banjo Patterson’s poetry, John O’Brien – Around the Borree Log, the English poets and more from our extensive poetry collection.



Genevieve struggles with Mathematics, though she has applied herself most diligently this year and made great progress with her mathematical skills.

Last year Genevieve covered: fractions & percentages, problem solving, decimals, integers, algebra, geometry, constructions, area, volume. measurement, statistics & data and probability.

Genevieve will next cover: surds, factorisations, equations & inequations, linear functions, quadratic equations, trigonometry, statistics and probability.

Resources include: Maths Online, maths board games and our living maths books collection.



We desire to encourage Genevieve’s critical thinking skills, knowledge and understanding in explaining and making sense of the: physical, living, chemical worlds and earth and space. To encourage her to foster a questing mind and to understand the importance of scientific evidence in enabling her as an individual and as part of the community to make informed, responsible decisions about the use and influence of science. We have been owner building since Genevieve was 5 years and she has grown up observing, learning and building.

Genevieve’s interest in science is best fostered through an interest in the work of the scientists themselves. Last year Genevieve researched Chemistry, Physic principals, the Living World and Benjamin Franklin, to name a few.

This year her studies will include; Biology; body systems, cells & reproduction.  Chemistry; states of matter, elements & compound and changing matter. Earth & Space, Physics; energy transformations.

We will also continue to be flexible to follow any further interests that arise and we visualise Genevieve exploring a variety of interest areas. To meet these studies we will use various mediums and resources, and we’re confident that other areas of scientific interest and knowledge will be sought and pursued.
Resources include: Singapore Science textbooks, Design curriculum, John Hudson Tiner collection, our home and town libraries, DVDs and youtubes and Snap Circuit Kits and Experiment kits.




We wish for Genevieve to have an interest about ‘all things history’ and want her have an awareness of World History – Modern & Ancient, and Australian history and to understands the past contributes to the present .

Last year we studied various topics including a deep focus on Australian history – we did an indepth study of Indigenous history prior to European settlement and the impact after Europeans arrived. We covered the Discovery of Australia, the First Fleet and Early Settlement and then a broader overview up into this Century. Our World History studies included Mesopotamia and various biographies.

This year we will continue our Australian History studies, doing a more indepth study of Exploration, Bushrangers and the Gold Rush. We will also continue to study what was happening to our First Peoples concurrently. We want Genevieve to have an awareness of and passion for our nation’s history.

Our Ancient History studies will continue this year to follow a chronological plan, it will include: Egypt and Greece. Our Modern History Studies will cover Asian history and their contributions to our modern world.

Resources Include:
History of Australia – Manning Clark, Little History of the World – Gombrich and our extensive collection of historical living books and the town library.


Aboriginal Studies

Genevieve will develop her knowledge and understanding of the Aboriginal Peoples of Australia, their cultures and lifestyles. She will learn about, and gain an understanding of, the contributions of Aboriginal Peoples to the development of Australia and its identity. Whilst we studied some of this in our Australian studies last year we will study in more depth in the upcoming year.

As part of our Aboriginal Studies we will connect with our local Indigenous Community. Our connections at Gurehlgam Healing Centre, Colin the Youth Worker who has offered to show us much of the culture, who is passionate about sharing knowledge, of the inland and coastal. Kerry, the Aboriginal Student Liason at the local highschool who is also keen to share with us. Both men are wonderful, respected members in the community.

Resources Include: Local Contacts, Dark Emu – Bruce Pascoe, The Biggest Estate on Earth – Bill Gammage, our extensive collection of historical living books and the town library.


Genevieve is to further her understanding of the Earth Sciences, topics covered include: the layers of the atmosphere, weather patterns, winds, climate, biosphere, hydrosphere, volcanoes, mountain formation. Genevieve will also look at the characteristics and spatial distribution of environments and how physical factors shape the global community. She will develop a broader understanding of how environmental, social, cultural, economic and political influences differ upon peoples globally.

Resources Include: 
World Physical Geography, Geography non-fiction titles incl Atlases & Geographica, Geography living books; Branch Library and our collection, Digital mulit-media, DVDs and youtubes and Mega Maps



Genevieve is to further her understanding of consumer, financial, economic, legal, political and business issues, to have the skills to make informed and responsible decisions as an individual and as a member of the broader community. To be aware of fundamental rights and laws in our society and to know and practice ethical behaviour.

Resources Include: Whatever Happened to Penny Candy

Civics and Citizenship  Government in Australia

Uncle – Genevieve’s uncle is a law graduate, the NSW director of a political group and is passionate about all matters relating to political, business, legal, employment, consumer and financial matters. He is a marvelous curator of the latest information which he constantly keeps us up to date with.  Father – A certified CPA working in business and finance.  Genevieve is aware of many business and financial terms, their definitions and their impact through many a discussion. 




Industrial Technology

We have been owner building since Genevieve was 5 years old and she is familiar and confident with many aspects of building and construction, design environments, materials and their applications. She has been actively involved in building our home and learnt many skills along the way. She is aware of Occupational Health and Safety Practices, is confident in which tools are the correct ones to use and what materials are needed for the job, she is competent in using a variety of tools and machines . She has learnt practical skills; reading plans, carpentry, painting, decking, sheeting, cement sheeting; yet many skills are intangible but extremely important such as patience, tenacity and teamwork. Genevieve is Dad’s offsider and is most competent and confident with building and construction projects. Genevieve is often the first to grab tools as soon as she sees a need for maintenance, and completes the job. We only expect to see Genevieve’s skills, confidence and competence grow in the upcoming year.

Genevieve has expressed a desire to undertake metalwork in the upcoming year and intends on learning how to weld. Genevieve and her Dad will undertake some practical projects, ensuring that they adhere to Occupational Health and Safety Practices.

Genevieve will be learning this year how to do some basic car maintenance she will learn how to change the oil, air filter and how to check and adjust the tyre pressure. Genevieve will also learn how to change a tyre.

Farm maintenance is always something undertaken here and with a massive fencing project just begun on our property Genevieve will have ample opportunity to learn this skill.


Food Technology

Genevieve already takes an active part of our food preparation each week. She is quite capable of producing a variety of meals for a family of nine/thirteen on a weekly/bi-weekly basis. This year Genevieve will continue to be regularly involved in food preparation, cooking and baking. Baking is an area Genevieve begun to explore more regularly so we will be encouraging this. Genevieve is also to take a more active role in menu planning and shopping for our family of nine, and she is to ensure she practices safe food hygiene practices. Genevieve is to be able to make informed and appropriate choices with regard to food choices, their nutritional value and their food carbon footprint. 

A local friend is to soon open the doors to her new venture, Clarence Kitchen Collective and Genevieve has spent days assisting her in preparing for the opening, sanding floors etc. Our friend is passionate about local foods grown here in the Clarence Valley, of which there is a huge amount and variety. Through Genevieve’s involvement with the Collective she has, and will be having, an awareness of and learning so much about locally grown foods, a passion that is caught.



Creative Arts

Photographic and Digital Media
Genevieve will be furthering her skills in photographic and digital media including photography, videography, film making and digital art. Genevieve will be working towards producing a Photographic and Digital Media portfolio. She will explore and experiment, making informed personal choices and judgements about the mediums, her own work and others.



Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

Genevieve is to have a strong sense of self identity and to have healthy boundaries and to be aware of the need of others to have the same. To gain this through personal conversations and positive encouragement

Many of the skills needed here are covered by the values we hold as a family which are underpinned by our Catholic Faith.
To be confident in their own selves knowing their value and dignity, to understand they must treat their bodies with care, to remove themselves from situations in which may be harmful, to have strong, healthy boundaries, to treat others with kindness, respectfulness, consideration and generosity, to extend Christian charity to all regardless of their belief system.

Genevieve is to understand the importance of lifelong participation in physical activity for overall well being, in particular for physical and mental health.

Genevieve will be participating in Park Run each week, working towards achieving a Personal Best for the 5km course. Genevieve is a naturally fast runner for about 2km but 5km is stretching her. Genevieve will also be kayaking and paddleboarding regularly, she has great aptitude, confidence and a love for this sport, taking off up and down the Clarence River. Genevieve participated in Swim Squad for a number of years so is a confident swimmer. Genevieve will compete in our annual home education Sports Day.

Genevieve is to further develop her understanding of the importance of an active lifestyle, and in addition an awareness of nutritional health choices and their impact. To be aware of the positive and negative choices that we can make for our bodies and the consequence of our choices, not only as individuals but upon the community, to know how to seek help for himself or others if needed.

Genevieve is to have an deeper understanding of reproductive health, the need for personal hygiene and an awareness of health choices. Genevieve will also be aware of mental health issues and well being practices.

Due to the dynamics of our family life Genevieve is quite familiar with child development of all stages from newborn to adult.  Practically speaking Genevieve is extremely capable of dealing with and meeting the needs of babies through to pre-adolescents. She is aware of the role positive parenting, caring and nurturing has on a child’s sense of identity and wellbeing. 


Religious Education
Genevieve is to deepen her personal relationship with God and increase her knowledge of God and His Church.
Resources include: Our library collection.