Reading Instruction

Siena is making steady progress with AAR. She is able to sound the individual letters and put all the letter sounds together with reasonable ease. She can lack discipline at times so we progress in ‘fits and starts’.


Reading Individually

Mariah and Genevieve read alot! Their favourite pastime and it still thrills me to see Genevieve read who was late to read and later to fall in love with reading.


Books Read – Family

Read Alouds

Four Storey Mistake – Elizabeth Enright



Longer Picture Book Reads

The Emperor’s New Clothes

The Travelling Musicians – PK Page

Moonbird – Joyce Dunbar


Siena Heard

Bats in the Dark – John Kaufmann

In the Pond – Anna Milbourne

Baby Bats Lullaby – Jacqyelyn Mitchard

Why is the Sky Blue?


Sebastian Read

A Book About Your Skeleton – Ruth Belov Gross

Berenstain Bears and the Tic Tac Toe Mystery

The Troll Under the Bridge – Carmel Reilly

Make Way for Tooth Decay – Bobbi Katz

George the Drummer Boy – Nathaniel Benchley

Flip – Wesley Dennis


Ignatius Read

Saint George and the Dragon – Jim Forest



Saxon Read

Galileo (Starters People)

Helen Keller – Margaret Davidson


Genevieve Read

Robin Kane The Mystery of the Blue Pelican – Eileen Hill