A new Term and time is ticking away fast for our 12th Grader!

The individual goals for the children remain the same as at the beginning of the year, they are as follows:


Mariah – Grade 12

This is Mariah’s last year of study, she is wanting to focus on Writing Skills including punctuation, and classic literature. As well as tying up knowledge in several areas including having a good  overview of World History including the Wars and Australian History. She wants to complete Didache Scriptures & Morality, Runkle’ s Geography and finish Grade 10 Maths.  Mariah will also be studying Auslan at Tafe throughout the year.

Genevieve – Grade 9

Genevieve’s focus this year is to complete all Levels of All About Spelling, towards being a confident speller. She wants to have good running writing skills and to finish up to the end of Grade 9 Maths. She wants to have a good knowledge of World Geography (mapping), and deepen her Faith knowledge particularly the Saints and the Mass.

Saxon – Grade 7

Saxon wants to write a book this year! To be able to name all the plants in our bush, and to complete designing one of his computer/board games so as to be able to sell on Steam! He is also interested in learning more about History.

Ignatius – Grade 5

Ignatius wants to improve his spelling and reading skills and to be ahead in maths. He also wants to learn a bit of coding and photography and to be able to name all the plants in our bush. He wants to learn more about History and Geography.

Sebastian – Grade 3

Sebastian wants to be able to write and spell well, to improve his maths skills even more and be able to read hard book. He also wants to bake more. He want to learn more about Geography and be able to name all the continents.

Siena – Kindergarten

Siena wants to learn to read, and to do maths.


Highlight Goal Focus for Term 2 is: 4 Rs Daily

1)Faith Instruction & Spiritual 

Instruction – Boys: Inos Biffi

Girls: Didache

Spiritual – Boys: Saints Read Aloud & Bible Story

Girls: Assigned Saint Readings & Church History

2)Maths – Mathsonline:  up to Grade level!!

3)Writing – Mariah – Lively Art of Writing – Lucile Vaughan Payne

All Others – Huge focus on Daily Narrations and Weekly Writing Club

Handwriting – Startwrite

Bootcamp – Handwriting & Number formation with primary three

Spelling – All About Spelling, finish books 6 & 7 for Saxon & Genevieve

Dictation – Spelling Wisdom

Narrations & Notebooking – Daily!

4) Reading

Reading Instruction – Siena – All About Reading

Quality Literature –  All – Quiet hour daily after lunch reading quality literature


~Subjects – Independent Study~


  • Map Work daily – Australia
  • Mega Maps – Australia
  • Picture and chapter books


  • History – Australian, continue with Sunburnt Country unit written by Mum- World History, audio two afternoons a week, hands busy as listening
  • All – Read picture and chapter books


  • Genevieve & Saxon – Biographies,Living Science novels, John Hudson Tiner, God’s Design Set
  • Ignatius, Sebastian & Siena–  Living Science books, Young Scientist Set, God’s Design Set


  • Spanish – Duolingo  – Mariah, Genevieve & Saxon


Reading Basket 1

~Morning Prayers & Faith~ All

~Daily Reads 2 ~ Separate Gatherings 

*Teens – Genevieve & Mariah

*Middles – Saxon, Ignatius & Sebastian

*Youngest – Siena, sometimes Sebastian

Faith Instruction

  • Instruction – Boys: Inos BiffiGirls: DidacheSaints Novel
  • Spiritual – Boys: Saints Read Aloud & Bible StoryGirls: Assigned Saint Readings & Church History

Poetry Teas

  •  Weekly Event

Read Alouds

  • Teens – ?
  • Middles – ?
  • Youngest – Daily Picture Book


  • Teens – Thinking Toolbox or another logic book



Creative Arts

  • Art: Genevieve & Boys – Artventure
  • Nature Study – Nature Walks & Nature Notebooks
  • Home Arts-Baking
  • Sewing: Girls – Machine sewing clothes for Siena
  • Dance: Old Time Dancing, Rock n Roll


~Homeschool Group ~

  • Public Speaking
  • Drama, culminating in a production!



8am – Prayers & Reading Basket 1– All

8:30am – Table Time: Maths & Language Arts

19:30am – Subject Studies:Science, Nature, History, Geography, Art- All

12:30pm – Lunch

1:30pm – Reading Basket 2 / Quiet Reading Hour

Reading Basket 2 : Middles first, then Teens

Reading Basket Middles: Faith, Literature, Poetry & Group Subject Studies

Reading Basket Teens: Logic, Faith, Literature & Poetry

Quiet Reading Hour : Alternate whilst waiting

3:00pm – Sewing with Girls

– Nature Walks

– Baking

– Poetry Tea