Mariah – Maths

Poetry – Henry Lawson

Literature – To Kill a Mockingbird, finished

Genevieve & Saxon – All About Spelling lesson

Genevieve – Essay Writing

Saxon – Organised Treasure Hunt

Genevieve & Boys  – Public Speaking with Homeschool Group



All – Faith – Read short bio of St Gregory & coloured picture

History – Read 3 chapters of Sunburnt Country; pre-European, Discovery of Australia and First Fleet

Mariah – Poetry – Henry Lawson

World History – Gombrich’s History of World, several chapters, really likes it

Genevieve – Geography, traveled the streets of Grafton via google earth

Biography – Young Dickens, 4 chapters

Literature – As Time Goes By – Lori Wick, began

Saxon – Story Writing

Literature – Lord of the Rings book 3!

Ignatius – Story Writing

History Reading – In Search of the South Land

Sebastian – Maths, a few lessons






All – Story of Australia by Day – Read 4 chapters, pre-European thru to First Fleet

Mariah – Maths – 4 lessons

World History – Gombrich finished

Genevieve – Maths 5 lessons

Literature – As Time Goes By – Lori Wick, finished

Saxon – Story Writing

History Reading – In Search of the South Land

Literature – Lord of the Rings book 3!

Ignatius – Story Writing

Sebastian – Literature – Boxcar Children began book 4

Maths – 5 lessons. Working incredibly hard and nearly finished all of Grade 4!



All – Read First Fleet – John Nicholson, non-fiction, read whole book

Sebastian & Saxon – Began building cubbies in bush

Genevieve & Ignatius – watched a couple of animal documentaries

Mariah – Poetry

Faith Novel – Passion & Purity by Elizabeth Elliot – finished



Boys & Siena – headed into bush for hours, building Aboriginal shelters. Basing on DVD’s we watched, with stone foundations. As homes in Victoria

Mariah – Volunteered at Vinnies

History Novel – A Fortunate Life – by AB Facey, began