Well what a pickle I’ve gotten myself into, I wasn’t consistent in recording over the past four weeks so my records are extremely patchy and light!!


All except Mariah: Alumy Creek School Museum. Fantastic day out dressed in olden day clothes, complete with a strict school teacher, writing in ink and ringing a bell.

Lunch they played marbles, skipping and sack races. A day they’ll always rememember

Public Speaking

All except Mariah: Lessons with our homeschool group, the children are loving these.



Sebastian as always is diligent, planning every day what subjects he is going to cover and beavering his way through. He is an inspiration and joy.

He puts his most energy into spelling, handwrirting and maths, every week he does the agree upon amount and way and beyond for his maths.

Sebastian Reads

Reading through the Boxcar Children, read book 3 and started book 4.



Lots of maths.

Ignatius Reads

Lyrebird – Jackie Kerin

How the Sun was Made

Battle Boy Books 1, 2 & 3

Racing Wild – begun



Spelling regularly with Genevieve

Steady with Maths

A couple of story writings

Saxon Reads

Lord of the Rings finished book 1, started book 2, part 1!!!


Boys as Group

The boys have been experimenting with seed pods, working out how many seeds can float in a receptacle before sinking.

We’ve been enjoying Nature Walks with our local homeschool group, focus thus far has been Insects and Bark.

We’ve also been enjoying some Nature, History and Geography Read, see below.

Drawing How To, binge

Creating Paper Weapons, realistic mace, ball and chain and more.


Nature Reads
Migaloo The White Whale – Mark Wilson

The Bushwalk – Sandra Kendell

The Only Ones Left – Sandra Kendell

Geography Reads

On the Farm with Uncle Kev – Roland Harvey

Remembering Lionsville – Bronwyn Bancroft

Uncle Vic’s Farm – Raewyn Caisley

It’s a Microcool – Christine Harris

Big Rain Coming – Katrina Germein

In the Deep Red Desert – Angie Lionetto – Civa

To the Top End – Roland Harvey

Grandpa’s Farm – Alan Robinson

My Australia – Julie Murphy

History Reads

Lightning Jack – Glenda Millard (more fanciful)

This is Captain Cook – Tania McCarthy

Meet Captain Cook – Rae Murdie


Science – Wild Krats and Magic School Bus

History – Horrible Histories, huge immersion.

Boys & Girls: Australian History – First Footprints, pre- European contact. Absolutely fascinating.



Spelling Lessons with Saxon



Mysterious Benedict Society

Genevieve Reads

Captain Cook Explores the South Seas – Armstrong Sperry

Ned’s Kangaroo – Vashti Farrer

The Hunt for Ned Kelly – Sophie Masson

Ned Kelly’s Jerilderie Letter – Carole Wilkinson

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – JK Rowling

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – JK Rowling



Worked hard on achieving all her set Didache lessons

Several Dictation lessons

A little Essay Writing & Maths

Some Spanish

Read a solid amount of Little History of the World by Gombrich

Has nearly finished Brenda Runkle’s Geography of the World

Enjoyed Henry Lawson’s poetry

Mariah Reads

Captain Cook Explores the South Seas – Armstrong Sperry

To Kill a Mockingbird – read half