Boys – read St Benedict, long picture book. Very meaty



Language Arts

All About Spelling

Ignatius – 3 lessons. Painful to get Ignatius to settle but once his attention is focused he does well.

Genevieve & Saxon – 3 lessons. Moving along at a good pace. Noticing they apply what they learn outside of their lessons 🙂


Genevieve – Oral Narration: The Young Marie Curie – Clare H Abrahall.

Writing Skills

Boys – All three are diligently working on writing stories. Saxon is writing his in Word, lots of focus and energy. Ignatius prefers me to write his sentences on board and then he copies. Sebastian writes independently just asking me to write down unknown words on board. He isn’t afraid to use big words. Has spent hours working on his story.

Mariah – Worked on continuing her Journey of the Rose story. Wrote 2 chapters. Enjoying writing immensely, writes extremely well.


Boys- All three completed their assigned lessons. 3 for Saxon, 5 for the younger two. Sebastian loves, loves handwriting. Saxon does well once he settles. Ignatius needs constant monitoring, still a struggle to overcome a few areas.


Mariah – 10 lessons

Genevieve – 3 lessons

Saxon – 1 lesson



Sebastian – 5 lessons

Mariah – 6 lessons, woo hoo.

Genevieve – 5 lessons.



Genevieve –The Young Marie Curie – Clare H Abrahall. Read & finished entire book!!

Boys – Began second book of Young scientist set. Read a few sections


Genevieve – read 6 chapters, Flying Possum – Veronica Basser

Boys –  read Wonderland of Nature, a few sections


Mariah – Little History World – Gombrich, 4 chapters. Enjoying still.

– Keeping timeline on important events.

Boys – Read 9 chapters of Golden Bull, History novel set in Mesopotamia, big hit!

Musical Biographies

Boys – Chapter of Chopin – Opal Wheeler


Mariah – Physical World of Geo – Brenda Runkle, 1 chapter. Answered questions, took a long time.

Boys –  read a couple of chapters in Golden Pathway: Explorers, including Lief the Lucky.


Genevieve – 5 lessons. South & North America.

Saxon – 5 lessons

Sebastian – 25 lessons!! He became obsessed and can now name with 100% accuracy all the countries of Europe!

Geography Novel 

Mariah – Famous Explorers by Sea. Read about exploring above Canada, Hudson and Co.



Boys – John O’Brien poems still


Sebastian – Is no longer doing his AAR lessons, now daily reads ‘real’ books. He is diligent and happy.

Ignatius – Pink Motel – Carol Ryrie Brink

Saxon – Star Wars still


Music Practice

Mariah –  2 practices

Genevieve & Saxon – 1 practice.