Excited to see Spring is only around the corner 🙂

By mid Term we are thrilled to be able to cross off many books as read, on our ‘to read’ list. An impressive effort for our group reads and by some individuals.


Logic – The Fallacy Detective – Nathaniel Bluedorn. Girls love this book, so well done.



Faith – Confirmation Reader Retreat – Janet McKenzie. Read majority to two younger boys in spiritual prep for Confirmation.

Musical Biographies – Ludwig Beethoven – Opal Wheeler. Excellent book, well loved

History – Science in Ancient Mesopotamia – Carol Moss. Non-fiction. Great size chunks of information.

– Lugalbanda – Kathy Henderson. Epic Tale.

– Gilgamesh the King – Ludmilla Zeman. Long picture book

– Noah’s Ark – Jerry Pinkney. Picture book

– Tower of Babel – William Wiesner. Picture Book

– Story of Creation – Jane Ray. Picture book

– Noah’s Ark – Jane Ray. Picture book.

Australian Geography – Pannikin & Pinta – Colin Thiele. Long picture book, begins in Lake Eyre, ends in Streaky Bay. So interesting, had the map open following the journey of the pelicans.

Science – Young Scientist 1 – Planet Earth



Nature – Read Animals Stories: Three in One by Colin Dann etc

Faith – St Joan the Girl Soldier – Louis de Wohl, Vision Book

Geography – Henry Morton Stanley – Charles P Graves

Musical Biographies – Ludwig Beethoven – Opal Wheeler.



Mariah – Watched 2 episodes of Catholicism 101. About Our Lady. interesting

Genevieve – Finished St Joan of Arc, Vision book, see above!

Sebastian, Ignatius & Saxon (sometimes Genevieve) – Traditions and Treasures, focus on the Mass. Reading and discussing.

Younger Boys – Confirmation Retreat Reader (see above)


Language Arts

All About Reading

Sebastian – Sebastian felt he had accomplished reading via AAR, he completed reading Level 2. Proved he was ready to move on and intends from now to read Real Books.

So whilst he hasn’t finished the book I feel we have achieved what he needed from this program, he can read! and he loves reading! Massive wins all around.

All About Spelling

Ignatius – Completed 1 lesson, a struggle at time regarding self discipline.

Saxon & Genevieve – Level 5, 5 lessons, moving along nicely, good understanding.

Writing Skills

Ignatius & Sebastian – Worked together using old English text.  Enjoy

Sebastian, Ignatius and Saxon – Story writing.  Older boys semi interested but Sebastian became on fire!!

He wrote an extensive story, well constructed and asked for me to spell any words he couldn’t. He was so engrossed in the process. Once he completed the story he wasn’t happy he had written it on paper, so unaided he re-wrote the whole story into his book, as he did so he also changed the tenses so the story was consistent.  We are completely blown away with his efforts and results!


Sebastian – Continues to passionately love handwriting lessons. Writes beautifully and correctly

Ignatius – Still a struggle to write correctly and space evenly, chugging away.

Saxon – Can write neatly when he takes time, once he starts speeding up he can get a little sloppy. All over happy with his writing though.


Mariah – 4 Dictation lessons.


Mariah – 17 lessons!!

Genevieve – 4 lessons



Sebastian – 10 maths lessons. Finding easy as per usual.

Saxon – 10 maths lessons. Not enjoying at present.

Genevieve – 9 lessons. Good effort



Boys – Young Scientist: planet earth, woo hoo.

Nature Studies

Boys  Wonderland of Nature: read 6 sections. Continues to interest the boys and make them more observant of nature around them.

Genevieve – Read & completed Animal Stories, see above.


Mariah – Little History of World by Gombrich – 8 chapters!

Boys –  Mesopotamia,  Read Lugalbanda – Kathy Henderson. Epic Tale.

Gilgamesh the King – Ludmilla Zeman. Long picture book

History Novel

Mariah – Cat of Bubastes – 1 chapter

Musical Biographies – Ludwig Beethoven – Opal Wheeler, finished (see above)


Genevieve – Henry Morton Stanley – Charles P Graves, finished, see above.

Boys – Read Pannikin & Pinta – Colin Thiele (see above)

Read about early aviators

Geography – Mapdrill

Sebastian – focused on learning continents

Ignatius – 15 lessons, big focus

Saxon – 5 lessons

Genevieve – 20 lessons.

Mariah – 11 lessons. Focused on spelling all the countries of the world! Impressive


Mariah & Genevieve – Finished Fallacy Detective book, see above!



Literature Reading

Saxon – Star Wars, on a binge

Genevieve – on a binge.


Mariah, Genevieve & Boys –Around the Boree Log. Many poems

Early Childhood

Mariah – Child’s Work – Nancy Wallace, 1.5 chapters. Interesting


Enrichment Learning


Mariah – Adult colouring in

Music Appreciation

Mariah – Listened to Bach, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven

Music Practice

Saxon – Sporadic practising

Genevieve – 6 sessions.

Mariah – 5 lessons, so not daily 🙁


Mariah – Worked on patchwork quilt


Mariah – Apple Crisp