Off to a fantastic start for Term 2 🙂 Came up with a new method for the children to keep track of their studies, a coloured ‘expectations card’ system and they are keen. Very eager to place their cards up on the corkboard as they complete each subject. I also ‘upped’ my expectations of how much we could achieve and we are making great progress. We’ve still a few areas to address, more being organised (on my behalf) and our timetable needs further tweaking (I was anticipating that)



Sebastian – Completed daily maths lessons, he is keen and understands with ease.

Ignatius – 10 maths lessons!!! Impressive!!!

Saxon – Completed 2 maths lessons

Genevieve – One lesson


Language Arts

All About Reading

Sebastian – Began his Level 2 book, most excited to be up to this stage. It was a noticeable stretch the first lesson but as the week continued he became stronger and more confident. Completed 4 lessons.


Sebastian – Did his daily handwriting exercises, his pencil grip is improving nicely and he is writing neatly and mostly in correct direction. Very happy with his progress.

Ignatius – Completed 4 sessions, slowly we are addressing his incorrect formations, usually letter direction.  Becoming far less of an issue in handwriting practice but still writing incorrectly in ‘the everyday’ though seeing slight improvement there 🙂

Saxon – Completed 3 lessons, improving in correcting his incorrect direction. His handwriting itself is becoming quite lovely, consistent spacing makes it look wonderful too.

Genevieve – Completed 3 lessons, cursive

All About Spelling

Sebastian – Completed 2 lessons, doing well

Ignatius – Completed 4 lessons!!!!

Saxon – Completed 1 lesson

Genevieve – Completed 2 lessons

Creative Sentences

Sebastian – Started a new idea, each day Sebastian is to use the phrases from his Spelling lesson and create a sentence. He is really enthusiastic and enjoying this.


Ignatius – We are using sentences from his All About Spelling, this is a good fit for him as he feels confident and willing to undertake dictation 🙂 Wrote 6 sentences!!

Saxon – Using Spelling Wisdom, Saxon is rather good at dictation, a lovely surprise for both of us

Genevieve – One lesson, did with Mariah

Mariah – One lesson, she’s quite good.

Cottage Tales

Genevieve – We worked on a couple of sections together.  It’s taking a bit to get into the program but yet just what we’ve covered so far is quite superior. This week we focused on poetry and historical inspiration, vocabulary, and grammar definitions.

Mariah – We began, completed one session, Mariah is to read the Odyssey and then we’ll continue ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Languages – Spanish

Saxon – Began Spanish lessons of his own violation and loves it!! Completed 5 lessons. Wonderful to see his enthusiasm

Genevieve – 5 lessons

Mariah – 10 lessons!!



Read Aloud

All – Began the Wingfeather series, read 6 chapters, children attentive.

– Began the Treasure Casket, Volume 1 is a collection of poems and classic stories. Read Chicken Licken & Briar Rose. Had some great discussions, the teens take was interesting. You notice different ‘things’ at different ages. Read 5 ‘sessions’

Literature Reading

Genevieve – Lightning Thief by Percy Jackson

Read 5 chapters


All – Listened to some Tennyson’s poetry, The Lady of Shallot (recited by Mariah) and a few of RL Stevenson’s too 🙂

Mariah – Also read The Lady Clare daily, memorised it and recited it all!!!! I was most impressed


Science & Humanities


Mariah – One lesson of Didache!! they are meaty

Geography – Mapdrill

Sebastian – Daily working on the map of Australia, impressed with how quick he has picked up the States

Ignatius – 3 mapdrills, worked diligently

Saxon – map of Australia, one drill

Genevieve – One drill, she is struggling to remember the states but worked most diligently.

Mariah – Worked daily on mapdrill, Australia

Nature Studies – Wonderland of Nature

Ignatius – Read independently 🙂 about Dragonflies, he became most interested

Science – Experiments

Sebastian – Undertook 3 experiments under Saxon’s tutelage. Some wins and some failures but all learning. Also note booked about his experiments.

Ignatius – Undertook 2 experiments with Saxon, they were most eager to see the progress daily with their first experiment

Saxon – Loves doing Science Experiments, completed 4, some he did with his siblings


Mariah – Read 4 chapters of SOTW, notebooked for each of those chapters. Keeping a running timeline of important dates ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Enrichment Learning

Folksong – Advance Australia Fair

Sebastian & Mariah – Sang Daily

Ignatius – Sang 3 times

Saxon – Sang a couple of times

Genevieve – Sang a couple of times

Art Appreciation – Starry Night by Van Gough

Sebastian – Each day studied and discussed Starry Night.

Ignatius – managed two studies

Saxon & Mariah – managed one art appreciation session

Art – Artventure

Sebastian – Completed 2 lessons, enjoyed it

Genevieve – Completed 1 lesson

Mariah – Drew an incredible castle!!!

Nature Walk & Journal

Sebastian – Went for daily walks and journaled his finds. I was pleased with his sketches.

Ignatius – went for 3 walks and journaled

Saxon – Went for a couple of nature walks and journaled. Was really pleased with his chook and dog sketch.

Music Appreciation – Beethoven

Mariah – One session

Music Practice

Saxon – Did 3 practices, I was most excited.

Genevieve – Did 2 practices

Mariah – 4 practices!! Most diligent