Monday we enjoyed a NBTS party with our local homeschoolers at the beach 🙂 Great way to start the year 🙂

Read Aloud 

Saxon, Ignatius & Sebastian – Began Swallows & Amazon


Saxon, Ignatius & Sebastian –Enjoyed several children’s classic poems


Saxon, Ignatius & Sebastian  – Began Bl Imelda Lambertini


Mariah & Genevieve – Huge effort here, read, discussed 5 chapters, always a popular subject with the girls, good grasp.

Reading Lessons

Sebastian – Managed a few lessons of All About Reading. He is starting to click and progressing faster and easier 🙂 Keen to be a reader.

Siena– Keen to work on her All About Reading lessons too. Learnt the names of three new letters, picking it up fast.

Spelling Lessons

Saxon – Began All About Spelling Level 4.  He is a solid speller, picks it up fast but his lessons talk a little longer than should as he ‘has to’, moan and flop about. Hence why I’m no longer doing Saxon and Genevieve together, she can move along faster without the drama.

Genevieve & Vincent – Have had Vincent (and Trixie) stay with us this week. Working our way through All About Spelling Level 4, a little further ahead than where Saxon is at.  Was great synergy to have the two of them working together, Genevieve really enjoyed that aspect.  Getting into some great ‘roots’ of language, most interesting. Genevieve’s spelling is picking up.



Ignatius – Began Ignatius on dictation, this is going to be a process.  Decided he needed to copy the passage daily, and gave him the dictation passage on Friday, that was the plan 😉 however Friday we had interruptions. Still he did manage to copy each day, massive progress.

Saxon – Somehow Saxon thinks it’s okay to give himself the dictation lesson! So not sure how much he really ‘got’ it. High alert for next week.

Genevieve – Most diligent in doing her dictation. She really struggled last year but already I can see it’s become easier for her, not the words so much but the whole process 🙂

Mariah – Only requiring a couple of exercises weekly, diligent and doing well.


Sebastian – Manages a line a session, hard work for him.

Ignatius – Need to watch him the entire time, he’s letter direction needs constant correction and to space his words further apart.

Saxon – Saxon keeps squashing his words inside tiny lines, which are actually meant to be handwriting lines, not keen to use more space.

Genevieve – Lovely letters, most diligent.

Creative Writing

Genevieve & Boys – Most diligent in daily creative writing using the Prompt cards.

Grammar & Composition 

Sebastian – Emma Serl – Oral lessons this week, good understanding, great introduction to the topic.

Ignatius – Programmed English – Clare Kinsella – Introduced the topic with oral lessons, he felt comfortable, a positive start.

Saxon – Began Cottage Tales, great attitude and shows great aptitude, positive 🙂

Genevieve – Really not keen on Cottage Tales, but unfortunately it began with a poem so may well have something to do with her response.  We’ll persevere and see.


Boys – Boys were diligent in doing a lesson daily, our big maths focus at the end of last year is reaping results, great discipline.

Genevieve – Only managed a little maths, found it distracting having others stay with us, regards computer time.

Mariah – Put in a massive effort, spent 5 hours on maths one day!! Off to a roaring start



Genevieve & Boys – Read first chapter of Our Sunburnt Country. Great discussion with Dominique who has lived with Aboriginal people about initiation rites and what is happening today, compared to pre-European settlement.

Mariah – Story of the World Vol 3 , 4 chapters. Most diligent.


Mariah – World Physical Geo, 2 chapters, meaty.

Mapdrill – a couple of sessions


Genevieve – Duolingo 2 lessons.

Mariah – Duolingo 4 lessons.


Genevieve – Found it too difficult to do drum lessons with extra people in the house, understandable.

Mariah –  Managed a few practices.

Literature Reading

Sebastian – Often re-reading Fitzroy Readers, so keen to be reading