Despite my burst of recording last Term and resolve to improve this Term, I’ve once again fallen short of my goals.  So recording only a few highlights from jotted down notes for the past

*Week 3 we went on our annual family holiday at the beach. We saw whales, dolphins, sharks, jellyfish and fish when snorkeling.

Read Aloud 

Saxon, Ignatius & SebastianMrs Frisby and the Rats of Nihm


Enjoyed several of John O’Brien’s poems


Boys & Genevieve – Read a little of St Patrick’s Summer

Mariah & Genevieve – Our Goals & Guides, one lesson.


Mariah & Genevieve – Managed a few lessons, as always a particular love of Genevieve’s.

Reading Lessons

Sebastian – Working through All About Reading lessons. Slow progress with the lessons but keen to actually be reading.  Often initiates reading, using early Australian readers and is doing well.

Ignatius & Saxon– Finished AAR 2 last term, so is now independently reading, still trying to instill the habit of daily reading practice, challenge is to find books he likes to read, thankfully not as ‘picky’ as Saxon is.  Saxon is still a challenge to find books that he is willing to read. He happily reads gardening, fishing and cookbooks.

Spelling Lessons

Saxon & Genevieve – Have been working on completeing All About Spelling Level 2.  Finally finished and beginning revising words learnt in level 2.  Certainly seeing an improvement in G’s spelling, Saxon is a good speller.

Ignatius & Sebastian – Have been using a combination of All About Spelling Levels 1 & 2 and an Onset & Rime program. Sebastian is a natural speller, in fact finds words easier to spell than read.  Ignatius needs to put more time into this skill.

Sebastian – Spent hours writing words he knew how to spell, cut up into small scraps of paper.

Siena – Knows how to write mine and Sebastian’s computer passwords!


Ignatius – Managed a dictation lesson, in a word, painful! Obviously we need to put more energy into dictation.

Mariah – Doing well 🙂


Genevieve & Boys – Practiced handwriting for a couple of weeks, whilst most write neatly enough, some are still not holding pencils correctly, nor forming letters in the correct direction.


Saxon – Writing diary record of our holidays

Boys – Writing with Deanne with Homeschool Group

Girls – Debating with Jeannie Miller with Homeschool Group


Boys – Saxon and Sebastian working steadily away, Ignatius most reluctant to do maths, a little hand holding needed. Sebastian nearly ‘obsessed’ with Sudoko.

Genevieve – Finally completed Grade 6 maths!! Huge cause for celebration.

Mariah – Putting in huge efforts!! Very impressive



Sebastian – Researched and dictated a report on fish

Ignatius – Researched and wrote report on octupus

Mariah & Genevieve – Researched and wrote report on dolphins

Mariah – God’s Design for Life – enjoying them, short chapters

Genevieve & Boys – Watched Magic School Bus DVDs

All – Watched fun Whale DVDs


Mariah – Story of the World Vol 3 , 10 chapters. Enjoying, keeping timeline 🙂


Mariah – World Physical Geo, 2 chapters, heavy but thorough.

– flags of Europe



Mariah – Duolingo 10 lessons.

Sewing/Computer Building

Homeschool group, sewing with the girls, computer pulling apart for the boys.

Great kick start to get girls and I sewing, boys enjoyed their session though Saxon found it easy.



Girls & Saxon –  Lessons weekly with Wesley, Drums & Piano

Music practice occasionally happening

Literature Reading

Ignatius – Data Collection – Ada Hopper x 2

Saxon – Data Collection – Ada Hopper x 4

Greetings from Somewhere – Harper Paris x 1

Genevieve – Huge Binge read of Ranger’s Apprentice series!!

Mariah – Harry Potter x 2

Noble Servant – Melanie Dickerson