My Goals for the Children

Children to focus on the 4 Rs; to become stronger in their Faith, spiritually and knowledgeably. To be strong mathematically, to be confident readers and solid spellers and skilled writers.

To have a broad knowledge base across the subjects of; Geography, Science, World & Australian History and a love of Great Literature.


Mariah is on the ‘home run’ studying formally with us, I want to be certain she has strong writing and mathematical skills,  is solid in her Faith knowledge and has an excellent broad base of knowledge across the subject areas.


Genevieve’s focus Term 4 is to become a confident, proficient speller so she can write with more confidence. She is also to ‘up her game’ regards her mathematical studies. She is also to focus on expanding her knowledge base across the subject areas.


Saxon’s focus this Term is to become a reader! He can read proficiently but I want him to fall in love with reading. To this end we’ll explore various genres till we find ‘his love’. He is also to become a confident, proficient speller so he can write with more confidence, to continue his maths studies and to focus on expanding his knowledge base across the subject areas.


Ignatius achieved his/my goal of him becoming an independent reader last term.  Focusing on encouraging him to fall deeply in love with reading and to become a confident, proficient speller so he can write with more confidence, to continue his maths studies and to focus on expanding his knowledge base across the subject areas.


Sebastian’s focus continues to be his reading studies, working on spelling skills and enjoying his maths. Also for him to continue expanding his knowledge base across the subject areas.


Siena will continue to enjoy being read to, enjoy at least one Book and Activity a week and learning her sounds.



8amPrayers & Reading Basket – Teens first, then middles

Reading Basket Teens: Logic, Faith, Literature & Poetry

Reading Basket Middles: Faith, Literature, Poetry & Group Subject Studies

          – Independent Work when alternate group doing Reading Basket, including individual Subject Studies: Science, Nature, History, Geography.

10:30am – Table Time: Art, Maths & Language Arts

12:30pm – Lunch

1:30pmLibrary Hour Reading 

2:30pm – Sewing with Girls

– Nature Walks

– Baking

– Music Practice


4 Rs Daily

1)Faith Instruction/Spiritual – See Reading Basket

2)Maths – Mathsonline

3)Writing – Write daily using Cottage Press and various from books on shelves

Spelling – All About Spelling

Handwriting – Startwrite

Dictation – Spelling Wisdom

Narrations & Notebooking

4)Reading Instruction for Sebastian & Siena – All About Reading

Reading Library Hour –  Hour daily in the library each afternoon reading quality literature


Reading Basket 

~Morning Prayers & Faith~ All

~Daily Reads~ Separate Gatherings

*Teens – Genevieve & Mariah

*Middles – Saxon, Ignatius & Sebastian

*Youngest – Siena, sometimes Sebastian

Faith Instruction

  • Teens – Our Quest for Happiness
  • Middles/Youngest – St Patrick’s Summer 

Saints Novel

  • Teens – The Family That Overtook Christ
  • Middles – Saint Dominic and the Rosary – Catherine Beebe
  • Youngest – Catholic Picture Books


Poetry Appreciation – John O’Brien

Poetry Recitation  – Weekly Event, Friday night

Read Alouds

  • Teens – Pollyanna (finish)
  • Middles – Mrs Frisby & the Rats of Nimh (finish)
  • Youngest – Daily Picture Book


  • Teens – The Fallacy Detective


~Subjects – Independent Study~


  • Mariah – World Physical Geography – Brenda Runkle
  • All – Mapwork related to History Studies
  • Older Four – Atlas Fun
  • Middles – Golden Pathway/Bookshelf Boys & Girls
  • Girls – Living Geography novels


  • Mariah – Story of the World: Vol 2 (2 Chps/wk) – narrations/mapwork. Read extra books if interested.
  • Genevieve – Our Island Story – narrations/notebooking/mapwork (daily)
  • Boys – Vikings – Living History novels & non-fiction, narrations/notebooking, hands on activities
  • All – Read Living History novels independently


  • Mariah – The World of Chemistry – John Hudson Tiner (2 Chps/wk)
  • Genevieve – Living Science novels
  • Saxon/Ignatius/Sebastian –  Study of Electricity using Young Scientist, Childcraft & Picturepedia

 notebooking/narrations/mapwork (daily)      

Simple Machine with Fantastic Physics


  • Mariah & Genevieve: Spanish – Duolingo


  • Mariah – Whatever Happened to Penny Candy (Term 2+)



Creative Arts

  • Sewing: Girls – Machine sewing clothes for Siena
  • Art: Genevieve & Boys – Artventure
  • Nature Study – Nature Walks & Nature Notebooks
  • Home Arts-Baking
  • Music Study

– Music Practice and Lessons: Drum & Piano

– Composers – Frederic Chopin by Opal Wheeler


– Dance & Acro Lessons