Rather amazed that I’ve actually stuck to my intentions and managed to record the past week, even if it was a ‘lesser week’, with Art Workshop one day, and big Sister’s birthday another.

Some big steps made in some areas and some glaring needs in others. Still so glad to usher in Spring always a fresh time in more ways than one.

Reading Aloud 

Saxon, Ignatius & Sebastian – Magic Tree House: The Knight at Dawn

 Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh – Robert O’Brien – began, read several chapters


Saxon, Ignatius & Sebastian – John Mary Vianney: Life of a Saint by Magnificat

– Saints Specially for Boys – Joan Windham: A few chapters

Reading Lessons: All About Reading 

Ignatius – By the end of the week Ignatius only had twelve lessons to complete the book, but he is really ready to leave reading lessons and focus on reading practice. We compromised, I had him read the last story in Level 2, which he did with ease. So next week we’ll leave reading lessons and focus on real books 🙂

Sebastian – Worked on a few of his lessons in Level 1. Side benefit is reading lessons are also good for his speech.

Spelling Lessons:  All About Spelling

Saxon & Genevieve – Began lessons separately, but by week’s end I concluded they are at a similar stage. We’re focusing strong on finishing Level 2 by the end of the Term (two weeks away!). Plan is to work on two lessons each session, so far they’re coping easily, much of this is simply revision and strengthening.


Boys – A lesson each.  Really need to work on maths, so not making the progress I wanted. Need to find a solution.


Boys – Read Young Scientist- Electricity, read several more pages

Genevieve –  The Young Marie Curie – Clare H Abrahall  Read aloud to G a few more chapters

Genevieve – History of Medicine – read 1 chapter


Mariah – Story of the World V 2- read 2 chapters

Genevieve – Read Our Island Story – 3 chapters

Spanish: Duolingo

Mariah – Completed 6 lessons


Boys – All day Art Workshop with homeschool group. Fantastic experience!


Girls & Saxon –  Lessons weekly with Wesley, Drums & Piano

Music practice several times a week, girls are better at practising than Saxon.

Literature Reading

Genevieve – Rose Years:  In the Land of the Big Red Apple

SaxonThe Enchanted Wood