I’ve just spent the past two days combing through old records ( in my quest to compile a list of 23 yrs of family read alouds for the upcoming online Australian Homeschooling Summit) and realising the rhythm of our early years was beautiful and ‘extras’ such as art and nature appreciation was more valuable than I realised. Ten years ago when I suffered burnout, these were some of the areas that got dropped and never picked back up, yet perhaps the extra exposure to ‘truth and beauty’ is part of the puzzle as to why our older children were more creative and imaginative in so many areas than our middles and youngers.  Immersing myself in memories about the rhythm of our early years has inspired me to ‘strive for the stars’ this term and ensure that the ‘extras’ are firmly back in our learning this year ?

Individual Studies

Maths – mathsonline

Science – Living Science novels of choice for all plus John Hudson Tiner for highschoolers

Language Arts – Reading Instruction – All About Reading

– Composition – Cottage Press

-Narration: Oral & Written

– Handwriting – Startwrite

– Spelling – All About Spelling

– Dictation – Spelling Wisdom

-Typing – Online sites

– Grammar – Ruth Heller & Main Lesson Pages

Highschool  – Eats, Shoots & Leaves (or Grammar Land, Little Grammar People)

Foreign Language – Duolingo


Family Studies

Faith Instruction

  • Teens – Apologetics – Beginners Set
  • Middles/Youngest – Faith & Life 
  • Bible Knowledge – Read Bible, Gospel of Mark- Read Daily Mass Readings
  • Bible MemorisationScripture Memorisation for Catholics
  •                       Highschool – Friendly Defender CardsCatechism Memorisation – Green Catechism
  • Saints Novel
    • Teens – The Family That Overtook Christ
    • Middles
    • Youngest – Catholic Picture Books

History – Living History novels of choice for all plus SOTW and Our Island Story for highschoolers

Geography – Living Geography novels of choice for all plus World Physical Geography for Mariah

Literature – Bush Boys

– Outlaws of Ravenhurst

– Pollyanna

– Something for Malachi ??

– Daily Picture Books

Shakespeare – Librivox; ‘Much Ado About Nothing’

Poetry Appreciation – John O’Brien

Poetry Recitation  – Weekly Event

Nature Study – Nature Walks & Nature Notebooks

Wonderland of Nature

Highschool – Steve Parish Ecosystem

– Australian Geographics

Picture Study – Claude Monet (library resources)


Handicrafts/Home Arts

-Baking, variety

Music Study

– Composers – Frederic Chopin by Opal Wheeler

– Music Appreciation – Chopin

– Hymns – Cantabile Singers

– Folksongs – John Williamson