A reasonably productive week, mostly got our rhythm going though some settling in still to be done.

*Written a few weeks after this learning week so missing some detail particularly Malachi’s workload info.


Reading Basket 

Our Reading Basket didn’t quite take the path I envisaged. I was expecting Genevieve to break off with the other teens but she still gravitated towards the boys group, Sebastian fitted in with that group easier this year. Managed only one reading basket session with the teens, was heartened to see that Malachi is still keen to take part, so some readjusting there in my thoughts as well.

Reading Aloud 

Teens – Escape from Mr Lemoncello’s Library – Chris Grabenstein several chapters

Youngers – Henry Huggins

Bookshelf for Boys and Girls

Youngers – Aesop’s Fables daily

Faith – Genevieve & Boys

Youngers – Saint Dominic and the Rosary – Catherine Beebe –  A few chapters

Faith & Life – One chapter, read and discussed individually with Genevieve, Ignatius & Sebastian

Didache – Mariah – 1 chapter, read and wrote answers

Apologetics – Teens –  Great discussion Beginning Apologetics

Saint Novel – The Family that Overtook Christ


Reading Lessons

Sebastian – Still needing help sounding letters.

Ignatius –  Impressed with his fluency, suspect he is more capable than I expect.


Spelling Lessons

Sebastian – AAS – Still keen to do his spelling

Ignatius – AAS – Not as keen as SV, but holding his own.


Creative Writing

Genevieve & Boys – still using the story writing prompt cards and scribing for Sebastian. Everyone still keen which is exciting.

Mariah – Is writing a book ‘Journey of a Rose’, wrote a few times, has written two chapters 🙂




Sebastian – Diligent and keen to do his lessons everyday

Ignatius – Only managed one lesson but better than his siblings 🙁



Boys & Genevieve – Continued with Dinosaurs Those Terrible Lizards – Duane T Gishwrote notebooking page at end of week 🙂

Saxon – Completed Science Experiment from kit

MariahThe World of Chemistry – John Hudson Tiner, Read chapter and answered questions.



MariahSOTW 2, Read a couple of chapters

Genevieve – Reading early British history living books

Far From Home – KM Peyton – finished 🙂



Mariah – Map Drill Asia: Printed Western Asia blank map, studied map and then filled in.

– Read Living Book – When Michael Met Mina



Genevieve – One lesson

Mariah – Five lessons



Genevieve – Enjoyed painting a kangaroo



Mariah – One Tuesday Morning  – skimmed