A big year of change, Malachi will be undertaking the Tertiary Preparation Program externally throught the University of Southern Queensland  whilst beginning his new part-time job. Lots of new challenges for him, a year of self knowledge and independence, we look forward to seeing him fly. No longer being responsible for Malachi’s education, factoring him into studies with our teens feels most strange, it will take a while to get used to the new new.

Our other change is Genevieve is a highschool student this year! Rather stunned to realise this, where have the years gone!


The first week of the new school year was a reasonable success, though we took  Australia Day off at the end of the week, so a gentle easing in and we subsequently didn’t achieve a full load.

Reading Basket 

Our Reading Basket will take a bit of time to settle as to who fits where this year. Most likely the girls 15 & 12.6 will be reading together, then the three boys, 10, 8 & nearly 6 together. Though I envisage there may be times that Saxon may have some independent reading basket time with Mum, and the other boys together at other times.


Faith – Genevieve & Boys

Saint Dominic and the Rosary – Catherine Beebe – Began, 1 Chapter

Faith & Life – A chapter a week is our goal, read and discussed individually with Genevieve, Ignatius & Sebastian


Reading Lessons

Sebastian – Picked up well after the holidays, I’m still helping him with sounding a little more than I’d expect.

Ignatius –  Really doing well with his lessons. Achieves each lesson with ease. He is randomly reading sentences elsewhere in the everyday.


Spelling Lessons

Sebastian – AAS, loves it!

Ignatius – AAS, lessons are a little harder for him but doing well.


Creative Writing

Genevive & Boys – each were enthusiastic about writing each day, using the story writing prompt cards. I scribed for Sebastian but insisted on Ignatius writing himself. This meant his stories are very brief but I’m determined that all the children write well by the end of this year.



Sebastian – Excited to be back learning maths, working on hundreds chart. As always amazes me with his ability.

Ignatius & Saxon – Refused to do maths as the ‘old’ program is no longer available and they don’t like how they can no longer go back and redo gaining 100% in lessons.



Boys & Genevieve – We’re focusing on dinosaurs this Term. Began Dinosaurs Those Terrible Lizards – Duane T Gish a Creation Science publication, a foundation to spring from.

Saxon – Read Dinosaur Dinners – Lee Davis

Mariah – The World of Chemistry – John Hudson Tiner, Read chapter and answered questions. Iron and extraction through the ages.



Mariah – SOTW 2, Read about Rome and the Fall of Rome

Story of the Church – St Benedict and the Benedictines.

Genevieve – Read early British history living books

Minna’s Quest – KM Peyton – liked

Far From Home – KM Peyton – began



Map Drill Asia: Printed Western Asia blank map, studied map and then filled in.



Genevieve – One lesson


Reading Aloud 

The Littles – John Peterson

The Littles to the Rescue – John Peterson

Read the above books to Sebastian & Genevieve listened in



Intent is for all to spend an hour each afternoon in the library or bedrooms reading books they generally wouldn’t choose. Broadening horizons, immersing in quality literature.

Mariah – One Thousand Tomorrows


Recreational Reading

Mariah – Smoky Mountain Matches Series

Reclaiming His Past – Karen Kirst

The Sheriff’s Christmas Twins – Karen Kirst

Marrying Miss Marshal – Lacy Williams

The Cowboy Tutor – Linda Ford