Mum’s Goals for the Children

I want the children to focus on the 4 Rs; to become stronger in their Faith, spiritually and knowledgeably. To be strong mathematically, to be confident readers and solid spellers and skilled writers.

I want the children to have a broad knowledge base across the subjects of; Geography, Science and World History and a love of Great Literature.

This will be Malachi’s final year studying with us and our focus will be on assisting him to transition from home to the workforce by July. He will also sit for the STAT test later in the year. In February he begins a Tertiary Preparation Program. His studies with us include a major focus on spelling, handwriting, writing, editing and Faith; Apologetics and Bible Study and Maths.

Externally he intends on doing Rock n Roll and Drama at the Criterion Theatre.


Mariah wants to become far more proficient with her Spanish studies this year and she has an interest for Geographical knowledge so we will use geography as the basis for her subject studies.


Genevieve is keen to become a proficient speller so she can write fluently. She is also interested in learning about English history using Our Island Story – HE Marshall.


Saxon wants to become a strong reader. He is keen to learn about dinosaurs and animals and to explore science topics such as; how is plastic made, paper..etc?


Ignatius wants to become a stronger reader. He is keen to learn about dinosaurs and animals.


Sebastian wants to learn how to read. He also wants to learn about plants and animals.


Siena will be read to, with quality books and lots of nursery rhymes and poetry. We will also attempt at least one Book and Activity a week.


4 Rs Daily

1)Faith Instruction/Spiritual – See Reading Basket

2)Maths – Mathsonline

3)Reading Instruction – All About Reading

Reading SQUIRT–  Hour daily in the library each afternoon reading quality literature

4)Writing – Write daily using various ideas/lessons from books on shelves

Spelling – All About Spelling

– Various lists & books on shelf


Reading Basket 

~Morning Prayers & Faith~ All

  • Prayers, using the laminated cards to cover some new prayers
  • Sing a hymn, each child takes turns to choose
  • Read the saint/feast of the day
  • Catechism questions


~Daily Reads~ Separate Gatherings

*Genevieve ‘begins highschool’ this year. Expect her to toggle between the two ‘sets’. At times she may enjoy the books suggested for the middles/youngest but may choose to read independently.

*Middles is Saxon & Ignatius, sometimes Sebastian/Genevieve

*Youngest is Siena, sometimes Sebastian

Faith Instruction

  • Teens – Apologetics – Beginners Set
  • Middles/Youngest – Faith & Life 

Saints Novel

  • Teens – The Family That Overtook Christ
  • Middles – Saint Dominic and the Rosary – Catherine Beebe
  • Youngest – Catholic Picture Books


Children to choose a poem they enjoy during SQUIRT and share during their gathering time.

Read Alouds

  • Teens – Mr Lemoncello (finish)
  • Middles/ Youngest – The Littles series

Wide Horizons

  • Middles/Youngest – Pathway, Bookshelf, Classics (1 Chp/Day)


~Subjects – Independent Study~

Each of the children have chosen areas they would like to focus on. Mariah’s main focus is Geography, Genevieve’s History and the Boys is Science.



  • Mariah – World Physical Geography – Brenda Runkle

–  Asia: Mapwork & notebooking (daily)

– Literature study, see booklist


  • Mariah – Story of the World: Vol 2 (2 Chps/wk) – narrations/mapwork. Read extra books if interested.
  • Genevieve – Our Island Story – narrations/notebooking/mapwork (daily)

– Literature study, see booklist

-Tie in Geography with mapwork


  • Mariah – The World of Chemistry – John Hudson Tiner (2 Chps/wk) or

– The World Around You – Gary Parker

  • Genevieve – The History of Medicine – John Hudson Tiner (2 Chps/wk)
  • Saxon/Ignatius/Sebastian –  Study of Animals, Plants, Dinosaurs, Plastic, Paper etc

– Young Scientist, Childcraft & Picturepedia

 notebooking/narrations/mapwork (daily)

                                                                   – Tie in History and Geography with Science Studies        


  • Mariah & Genevieve: Spanish – Duolingo


  • Mariah – Whatever Happened to Penny Candy (Term 2+)



Creative Arts/TAS

  • Hand & machine sewing
  • Artventure