The last term of the year can often become a disjointed one; with the heat sapping our energy, Advent and it’s ‘interruptions’ and the distractions of the end of year activities. This is potentially Malachi’s last year studying full time with us (he turns 18 next July) so I want to make this term a solid one. Plan at this stage is Malachi will begin an Open Uni course in February next year, although he may also decide upon beginning a Tafe course, an apprenticeship etc

Traditionally during Term 4 our younger children enjoy our Leap into Literature focus, however this year we’re focusing instead on preparation for an end of year Spelling Bee as well as enjoying an Advent Unit. Focusing on achieving the following goals for each child, although they will also have further work to study.


Goals – Children


  • Become a competent speller
  • Write a short fan fiction novel; 1000-2000 words
  • Mum adds: Join NaNoWriMo


  • Finish Grade 7 maths
  • Learn more about the saints
  • Read lots of poetry and literature
  • Mum adds: and focus on the literature quality and broaden genres read


  • Finish Grades 5 & 6 maths
  • Mum adds: focus on spelling and writing skills


  • Finish Grade 4 maths
  • Read chapter books easily
  • Mum adds: focus on spelling and writing skills


  • To be a really good reader
  • To be a good speller
  • To know all the Australian animals


  • Complete Grade 1 maths
  • Read easy books


To assist the children in achieving the above goals I need to be organised and disciplined. I also have a few goals/extras/fun I’d like to achieve as well.


Daily Family Prayer x 2

Weekday Mass x 1 (either as 1 group or 2)

ANY screen(DVDs, phones, computers) in evening ONLY for ALL children/teens

Daily exercise and outdoor time for ALL

Children to complete all assigned work daily/weekly

Craft/Art/Handcrafts x 2/wk – Monday & Wednesday

Nature Walk x 1/wk – Tuesday

Sewing Session (Girls) x 1/wk – Thursday

Board Games x 1/wk – Friday


‘Plan of Attack’ – Mum

Begin the day with prayer

Begin academics with the teens, then Sebastian, then three ‘middles’

Formal academics in morning

Mini spelling bee before lunch

Readings and ‘extras/fun’ in afternoons

Daily meetings with all in afternoons/evenings

Change format of expectation sheet to allow for more direction/finger on the pulse

Write/assign books to be read/listened to; alones & alouds