assessment 5

Ignatius has been exposed to quality literature early childhood. He has good vocabulary skills and concentration span. He can read easier texts and can compose simple texts and spell familiar words.

Our desire is that by the conclusion of Stage 1 Ignatius will be able to:

  • narrate fluently what he has heard
  • improve listening skills
  • composes texts of length with legibility
  • reads fluently
  • spells with increasing confidence and success
  • identifies different language use has different purposes
  • uses basic grammatical features, and punctuation conventions and has an increasing vocabulary
  • thinks imaginatively and creatively when writing
Ignatius has a high mathematical awareness and impressive skill set for his age.  He is extremely quick in his computation skills, able to add and subtract long number sentences in his head, and quite competent and confident to tackle difficult number problems.  He has long been able to tell the time accurately, knows many fractions, has excellent pattern awareness and is currently learning his times tables.   Many of the Stage 1 outcomes he has already mastered.
By the conclusion of Stage 1 we envisage Ignatius would have only added to his strengths and mastered new skills
  • Uses a range of mental strategies and concrete materials for multiplication and division
  • estimates and measures lengths and distances using correct units
  • estimates and measures areas using correct units
  • estimates and measures volumes and capacities
  • estimates and measures mass
  • recognises 2D and 3D shapes
Ignatius is aware of the world around him, observing and discussing.  He has a keen interest in scientific concepts and happily absorbs scientific knowledge informally and through a variety of media.  He will ask questions and investigate.
Our desire is by the conclusion of Stage 1 Ignatius will:
  • continue to develop a questing mind regards ‘all things science’
  • understands the importance and future use of technology
  • predict and record data
  • use everyday materials and tools to produce solutions
  • describe the effects of pushes and pulls on objects
  • describe the changes of living things

Ignatius’ history focus last year included British history.  This year will include a focus on Australian history.

By the conclusion of Stage 1 Ignatius will be able to:
  • describe the effects of British colonisation in Australia
  • understand the impact the discovery of gold had on Australia
  • comprehend the importance of the early exploreres
  • have an inquiring mind into ‘all things history’ and apply skills of inquiry


Ignatius has a hunger to know as much as he can in many areas including cultures and mapping.

By the conclusion of Stage 1 Ignatius will be able to:

  • have an awareness of and appreciation for different cultures and customs
  • have a familiarity and confidence with maps
  • to be able to recognise and map the different continents and some countries.