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Sebastian Aged 4.10 yrs, 2016
Sebastian is a bright and happy child with an incredible concentration span, far exceeding children older than he.  He is so excited about ‘doing schoolwork’ and has already whizzed through all his Kindergarten maths!  Thus far he has learnt all he has been introduced to with ease.

Sebastian is keen to learn to read and write. He has speech issues and will continue to have speech lessons this year.

Creative Writing
Daily writing, Sebastian loves to dictate his story to me and then illustrates. As the year progresses he will begin to write his own
Resources Include:
Writing Prompt Cards

Copywork (using Startwrite)
Ensure Sebastian has correct pencil grip, starts in the correct position and writing in the correct direction.

– Dictate Oral Narrations for Faith, Geography, History and Science.

Reading Skills 
All About Reading Pre-Reading

Immersing our children in quality literature is fundamental to our family’s learning approach. Sebastian will continue to be exposed to quality literature through our read alouds.
Resources include:
Our extensive home library.

Daily enjoy poetry together, memorising at least one poem a week to be recited at family recitation nights.
Resources include
Robert Louis Stevenson
Classic Children’s Poetry
Spike Mulligan
Children’s Book of Verse
and more from our poetry collection

Sebastian to complete to the end of grade 1 by conclusion of 2016
Maths Online

Science and Technology
We desire to encourage Ignatius’s knowledge and awareness of science and technology, and the world around him, to have a questing mind and confidence to tackle technological challenges.
Whilst we have been owner building for six years Sebastian has had the opportunity to observe and learn.
Sebastian is to investigate and learn in the upcoming year about the world around him, through books and a hands on approach.
Resources include:
Our home and town libraries
Young Scientist set
DVDs and youtubes
Snap Circuit Kit
K’nex and Lego

– World History
Focus this year will be on world history through rich picture books.
Resources include:
Our own library and town library

– Australian History
Studying the First Peoples.
Resources Include:
Rich picture books from our own library and town library

Wanting Sebastian to have an awareness of and appreciation for different cultures and customs.  To also have a familiarity with maps, to be able to recognise and map the different continents and many countries.
Whilst studying different cultures we will also be mapping continents, countries, geographical features and cities.

Our library and town library
Mega Maps

Creative Arts
-Visual Arts
Sebastian will be exposed to a variety of different artmediums including tracing and drawing. Sebastian will regularly have the opportunity to explore various craft mediums.
Resources Include:
How to Draw books
youtubes and internet sites
our craft/art supplies

Music & Dance
We are a singing, dancing, music playing household and Sebastian is keen to participate in any activity occurring, always keeping up with older siblings.


Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
Sebastian to deepen his personal relationship with God and increase his knowledge of His Church and the saints.
Liturgical Year Resources
Saints biographies from our library.
‘Green’ Catechism

Active Lifestyle, Dance, Games and Sports, Gymnastics
Sebastian to develop and understanding of the importance of an active lifestyle and nutritional health.
Sebastian will be doing swimming lessons this year and will be joining a soccer team.  He will also run in a local running competition of 2km.

Growth and Development, Personal Health Choices and Safe Living 
Sebastian to have an understanding of  ‘the human body’, the need for personal hygiene and an awareness of nutritional health choices.