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Saxon Aged 9.6yrs, 2016
Saxon is a bright, gentle boy but his ‘anxiousness’ at times hinders his progress, though he is more willing to try as he matures and conquers.
Saxon is particularly clever mathematically and effortlessly understands new maths concepts, he is already working at a level beyond his ‘age grade’.

Saxon has good comprehension skills and can expresses himself orally well. Saxon has recently discovered a love of creative writing and loves to write stories daily.  He will continue to work on the ‘mechanics of writing’ skills this year.

Creative Writing
Daily writing, supporting Saxon in his love of writing and working on crafting.
Resources Include:
Writing Prompt Cards
Stories with a View

Copywork (using Startwrite)
– selection of poems/bible passages/catechism

All About Spelling

Spelling Wisdom

Study and understanding of grammar and punctuation.
Resources include:
Primary Language Lessons – Emma Serl
Little Grammar People – Nuri Mass
World of Language – Ruth Heller

– Dictate Oral Narrations for Faith, Geography, History and Science. Transition to writing a few narrations of his own.

Immersing our children in quality literature is fundamental to our family’s learning approach. Saxon will continue to be exposed to quality literature through our read alouds and through his independent readings lists.
Resources include:
Our extensive home library.

Saxon to improve his diction and reading aloud confidence.
Read daily to a sibling/Mum for 15+min

Daily enjoy poetry together, memorising at least one poem a week to be recited at family recitation nights.
Resources include
Classic Children’s Poetry
Spike Mulligan
Children’s Book of Verse
and more from our poetry collection

Saxon to complete to the end of grade 5 by conclusion of 2016

Maths Online

Science and Technology
We desire to encourage Saxon’s knowledge and awareness of science and technology, to have a questing mind and confidence to tackle technological challenges. Whilst we have been owner building for six years Saxon has had the opportunity to observe, learn and build.
Saxon is to investigate and learn in the upcoming year about; electricity, the physical world and material world, though we are always flexible in following any interests that arise.
Resources include:
Our home and town libraries
Young Scientist set
DVDs and youtubes
Snap Circuit Kit
K’nex and Lego

– World History
Focus this year will be on world explorers and musicians.
Resources include:
Our own library and town library

– Australian History
Studying from the First Peoples to the Federation.
Resources Include:
Arthur Bailey’s – A Sunburnt Country
Our own library and town library

Wanting Saxon to have an awareness of and appreciation for different cultures and customs.  To also have a familiarity with maps, to be able to recognise and map the different continents and many countries.
Whilst studying different cultures we will also be mapping continents, countries, geographical features and cities.

Our library and town library
Mega Maps

Creative Arts
-Visual Arts
Saxon will be exposed to a variety of different mediums including tracing and drawing. Saxon will also be learning woodwork with his older brother.
Resources Include:
How to Draw books
youtubes and internet sites
our craft/art supplies

On the advice and enthusiasm of the drama teacher our local homeschool support group employed last year, this year we are employing a choir master.  Saxon is nervous but willing to be part of this venture.

Saxon is keen to learn Irish dancing.

Last year our local homeschool support group employed a well respected and well known drama teacher.  At the conclusion of our block of study the children performed the play they had been studying to a stunned audience, they were absolutely brilliant. We will be hiring the drama teacher again and Saxon will once again have an opportunity to perform under the tutelage of this excellent playwright and teacher.
Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
Values and Attitudes, Interpersonal Relationships, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Interacting, Moving and Communicating
Many of the skills learnt in these areas are covered by the values we hold as a family which are underpinned by our Catholic Faith.
To be confident in their own selves knowing their value and dignity, to understand they must treat their bodies with care, to remove themselves from situations in which this may result in harm, to treat others with kindness, consideration and generosity, to extend Christian charity to all regardless of their belief system.
Saxon to deepen his personal relationship with God and increase his knowledge of His Church and the saints.
Liturgical Year Resources
Saints biographies from our library.
‘Green’ Catechism

Active Lifestyle, Dance, Games and Sports, Gymnastics
Saxon to develop and understanding of the importance of an active lifestyle and nutritional health.
Saxon will be learning Irish dancing this year, though will continue to express himself in free form as well.
Saxon is a talented sportsman, this year he will be swimming on our local swim squad, will continue to play on his soccer team, for which last year he won the Coaches Award, and will once again compete in a local running competition, last year he ran 2km in 13min.

Growth and Development, Personal Health Choices and Safe Living 
Saxon to have an understanding of  ‘the human body’, the need for personal hygiene and an awareness of health choices. To be aware of the positive and negative choices that we can make and the consequence of our choices, information discussed of an age appropriate nature.