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Malachi – Aged 16.6 yrs 2016
This is Malachi’s final 12-18 months of academics at home with us. Wanting to prepare him for any path God calls him to; whether it is university, apprenticeship, employment, seminary etc.  We also wish him to leave home with various life skills mastered: child care, food preparation, hygiene and nutrition, various home art skills, advanced building skills and a strongly developed habit of a regular, healthy routine.   

Malachi’s forsees his future path will involve helping people in some sort of capacity. His concentrated focus over the next several months will be in fine tuning his essay writing skills and ensuring he is proficient in the mechanics of writing, including spelling, punctuation and legibility.  He also needs to hone skills in meeting deadlines and self-discipline.  

Malachi has an incredible memory and is a keen reader. He has long been a keen student of history and has a wide knowledge base in that area.  His current passion is science and he has been delving deep into ‘all things science’ for the last year. Malachi has also set himself a goal to read the entire Bible in a year, the bedrock of literature.  

To become proficient with a variety of essay and creative writing styles. To improve in the mechanics of language arts, in particular applying the rules of punctuation appropriately. 
I will continue to teach Malchi and Mariah together for Grammar, Composition and Spelling as the synergy they create is most effective. Obviously the quality expected and delivered will not be of the same standard.
Grammar & Composition
Using various resources we shall be focusing on developing skills in areas such as; Creative Writing, Key Word Outlines, Note Taking, Oral Reports, Writing from Outlines, Three Paragraph Report and Research Reports. Composition work also includes written narrations for Faith, Geography, History and Science.
Whilst working on Composition attention will also be directed to an awareness and practice of correct grammatical use and a more formal study of grammar will also be undertaken using the following resources.
Resources Include:
English for Australian Schools – Ronald Ridout Bk 5 
Precis Writing
Copying Great Literature
As part of Malachi’s concentrated focus on writing skills he will follow in the footsteps of Benjamin Franklin in copying the works of Great Literature. 

To read the entire Bible within the year.
To ensure Malachi is reading reading quality literature from a variety of genre.
To continue our literature discussions inspired by Socratic Discussion suggestions
Our library and town library. 
To improve his diction and enunciation. 
Have Malachi read a chapter alternatively with Mariah and I during our Read Aloud time together. 
Malachi has read many of Shakespeare’s plays or story versions.
This year the M&Ms are to choreograph and direct themselves and their siblings, enacting several scenes from a play of their choice. Suggest A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Continue with daily reading of poetry individually or together. Memorise a poem a week to recite at Family Recitation nights. Malachi’s enunciation needs concentrated effort, help him to develop in a positive manner. 
Resources Include: 
Our poetry collection
Malachi is currently working through Grade 11, he is to continue and complete both Grades 11 & 12 by the completion of his studies.
Science is a keen interest area of Malachi’s, he devotes hours of study to learning more and delving deeper. He is to continue these studies and we have again employed the assistance of a tutor Mr H, whose assistance we have engaged before for one of our older sons.  Mr H is a retired deputy principal and Science teacher, particularly strong in Physics, his passion and knowledge are impressive and Malachi will love learning with him as did his older brother. They will cover; physics, chemistry, biology and astronomy.
He will also be combining his studies with his concentrated focus study.

Resources Include:
various other youtubes online
Life Science Based Writing Lessons
Mr H

Nature Study 
Observe – Take at two nature walks each week
Technological And Applied Studies
Food Technology
Malachi has a clear understanding of the importance between food, nutritional status and the quality of life having personally witnessed the impact nutritional health has on ones’ overall health.   
Malachi will deepen his knowledge and understanding of nutrition and food consumption this year as we delve deeper into the benefits of stocks, broths, pro-biotics and fermented foods.  Malachi will participate in learning how to prepare, make and use these healing foods as well as becoming more confident in baking for a grain and sugar free diet. 
Malachi will continue to be regularly involved in food preparation, hygiene, cooking, baking, menu planning and shopping for a family of ten/twelve.  
Industrial Technology
-Building & Construction
We have been owner building for the past six years and likely for a couple more. Malachi has become familiar with many aspects of design environments, materials and their applications. He has been actively involved in building our home and learnt a variety of skills along the way.  Some practical; reading plans, carpentry, decking, painting, gyprocking and roofing, yet many skills learnt are intangible yet extremely important, such as patience, tenacity and teamwork. Malachi’s most recent building project was working alongside his father re-roofing the old section of our home
He is aware of Occupational Health and Safety Practices and is most competent in using a variety of tools and machines. 
This year Malachi will be assisting his father in creating our new kitchen, he will be framing or installing the cabinetry.
Malachi is also interested in pursuing independent woodworking projects such as the wooden box he recently made for his sister.  He designed, cut using the bandsaw, nailed and glued together and created a hinged lid, all independently.  He is keen to design and create more projects and is also to teach his younger brother. 
Information and Software Technology
-Software: Computer Programming
Malachi will be learning basic computer programming.
Kahn Academy Computer Programming 
Human Society and Its Environment 
Malachi to focus on the characteristics and spatial distribution of environments and how physical factors shape the global community. He will be covering topics such as; atmosphere, weather patterns, climate, biosphere, hydrosphere and volcanoes. 
Resources Include: 
World Physical Geography
Mega Maps 
Our Library and town library
Malachi to further his understanding of consumer, financial and business issues, to have the skills to make informed and responsible decisions as an individual and as a member of the broader community. To be aware of fundamental rights and laws in our society and to know and practice ethical behaviour.
Resources Include:
Uncle – Malachi’s uncle is a law graduate, works for a political party in Canberra and is passionate about all matters relating to business, legal, employment, consumer and financial matters. He is a marvelous curator of the latest information which he constantly keeps us up to date with. 
Father – A certified CPA working in business and finance.  Malachi is quite familiar and aware of many business and financial terms, their definitions and their impact through many a discussion. 
-Modern History
Malachi is a keen history student and has a wide knowledge of ‘all things history’. This year we will be narrowing his focus to studying the biographies of scientists and their contributions to the modern world. He will also explore the impact their contributions have had on our modern world
Resources Include: 
The internet including various youtubes
Our Library and town library
-Australian History 
Malachi will be studying the history of the Federation of Australia. We will also include the Constitution and Government.
Resources include:
Government in Australia
Online resources
Malachi to deepen his knowledge of his Faith and grow in his journey with God. His focus this year will include saints biographies, scriptural studies, morality and apologetics. 
Resources Include: 
Saints biographies from our library
How to Easily Read the Whole Bible
Creative Arts
Malachi will be studying Ballroom Dance with Mariah
Last year our local homeschool support group employed a well respected and well known drama teacher.  At the conclusion of our block of study the children performed the play they had been studying to a stunned audience, they were absolutely brilliant.  Malachi had a supporting role to the leading role and impressed us. We will be hiring the drama teacher again and Malachi will once again have an opportunity to perform under the tutelage of this excellent playwright and teacher.  

On the advice and enthusiasm of the drama teacher our local homeschool support group employed last year, this year we are employing a choir master.  Malachi has a lovely voice but is often shy in ‘singing forth’. It is to be hoped that the opportunity of singing in a choir will help him gain in cofidence, most promising is he is willing. 
Visual Arts
Malachi is talented at drawing and keen to continue furthering his skills in this medium. 

Visual Design
Malachi to continue with his talent and interest of designing and creating artwork using wood and a wood burner. 
Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
Child Studies
Due to the dynamics of our family life Malachi is quite familiar with child development of all stages from newborn to adult.  Practically speaking Malachi is extremely capable of dealing with and meeting the needs of babies through to pre-adolescents. He is aware of the role positive parenting, caring and nurturing has on a child’s sense of identity and wellbeing. 
Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
-Self &Relationships
Malachi is to have a strong sense of self identity, to have healthy boundaries and to be aware of the need of others to have the same.
To gain this through personal conversations and positive encouragement

-Individual & Community Health
Malachi is to have an understanding of reproductive health, the need for personal hygiene and an awareness of health choices.  To be aware of the positive and negative choices that we can make and the consequence of our choices. Knowledge will be gained through personal conversations, positive encouragement and teaching strategies on how to handle various situations. 
Lifelong Physical Activity
Malachi to understand the importance of exercise and nutritional health and to be given the knowledge of how to make positive choices and how to put them into practice. 
Physical Activity and Sports Studies
Malachi already understands the importance of lifelong participation in physical activity for overall well being. This is his third year being a soccer referee with North Coast Football and he understands well the importance of covering a game via a set of rules.  He has developed personal skills in soccer, swimming and is confident in participating in other sports.