We seem to be ‘enjoying a theme’ of interrupted weeks this term.  Our challenges this week included days off to welcome home our teen Pilgrims (hooray they are home safe and sound:) and for our town’s annual festival.  Both of course important events, nevertheless I’m happy that we’ve managed to continue with solid learning despite the many life events being thrown at us.

I was excited to discover a couple of picture biographies this week, Meet Douglas Mawson by Mike Dumbleton and Jubilee! One Man’s BIG, BOLD, and VERY, VERY LOUD CELEBRATION of PEACE – Alicia Potter were excellent, as were some of our Art, Antarctica and Aboriginal finds, which I really do plan on reviewing soon.  It hadn’t occurred to me to look in the biography section for picture books, fortunately they were on the display shelves and caught my attention, I’ve since reserved more biographies via the online catalogue so hoping for more ‘wins’.

Whilst we didn’t quantity as much this week we did have high quality. The children, 10, 8 & 6 have once again ‘rated’ the books, they are extremely tough, so you might like to ‘up the marks’ a little.  Still it does give you an idea of the more excellent.

Ben & Gracie’s Art Adventure – Mark Wilson 3.5 Star
Just Behave Pablo Picasso! – Jonah Winter 3.5 Star
Degas and the Little Dancer – Laurence Anholt 3 Star
The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse – Eric Carle 0.5 Star

Pigs and Honey – Jeanie Adams 4 Star
Remembering Lionsville – Bronwyn Bancroft 4 Star
Emu – Claire Saxby 3 Star
Only a Donkey – Celeste Walters 2.5 Star
Bittangabee Tribe – Beryl Cruse 2.5 Star

Library Lion – Michelle Knudsen 3 Star
Dewey’s Christmas at the Library – Vicki Myron 1 Star


Sophie Scott Goes South – Alison Lester 4 Star
Meet Douglas Mawson – Mike Dumbleton 3.5 Star
Here is Antarctica – Madeleine Dunphy 3 Star

Jubilee! One Man’s BIG, BOLD, and VERY, VERY LOUD CELEBRATION of PEACE – Alicia Potter 4 Star
When Jessie Came Across the Sea – Amy Hest 4 Star

Oscar and the Snail: A Book About Things We Use – Geoff Waring 2.5 Star

The Three Questions – Leo Tolstoy 3 Star
Otis – Loren Long 2.5 Star
Michael – Tony Bradman 2 Star
The Sound of Colors A Journey of the Imagination – Jimmy Liao 1.5 Star
Looking for Loons – Jennifer Lloyd 1.5 Star
A Long Way from Home – Elizabeth Baguley 1.5 Star
The Mixed Up Chameleon – Eric Carle 1 Star
Too Many Elephants in This House – Ursula Dubosarsky 0.5 Star
Two Bad Teddies – Kilmeny Niland 0.5 Star

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