The past three weeks have mainly followed the plan of the previous weeks, we’ve been quite happy with the children’s application and diligence this Term. As well as strengthening self-discipline some major breakthrough’s have occurred and we’ve achieved some solid academic work.


  • Homeschool Science Activity Day.  A whole day of information, co-operative learning and problem solving.  Very well organised and received
  • Writing Club has started up again with Jared and us. The hour is divided into two parts, formal instruction and creative writing.  Using Brandy’s series on Progymnasmata as the basis of our formal instruction and 100 Writing Prompts for our creative writing ideas.
  • Xavier has begun instruction with a physics teacher, the teacher is very good! Ex-deputy head. Xavier and his friend C are really enjoying the lessons, finishing each one with beaming faces and delving further into the world of science after he leaves.  Wonderful to see.
  • Moral life in Christ – instructive and spiritually enlightening
  • Beginning Apologetic – Instructive, Clear and Thorough
  • Maths Advanced – huge amount, completed half of Year 12
  • Working towards entering a Writing Challenge, 
  • Began Life Science Based Lessons
  • Malachi is achieving the 98% of his assigned work each week!! Mastering new skills, gaining new knowledge, very impressed.
  • Introduction to Catholicism; Mary, Trinity & Old & New Testament
  • Reading Sts of Old, 
  • Apologetic set, learning lots
  • Literature – Percy Jackson series, Hive, Trixie Belden, Thieves of Ostia, 
  • Malachi achieving well in Science, History, Maths, Writing Skills, very, very proud of him
  • Mariah is achieving all her set work, accomplishing new skills and gaining knowledge.  Very happy with her progress!
  • Mariah revamped her blog, and Genevieve started one.  So lots and lots of planning, writing and learning occurring around here:)  Exciting to see.
  • Poetry learnt – Mariah: All Things Bright & Beautiful, Pretty Cow and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (5 verses)
  • Maths – Mariah: Mastered decimals and really liking them
  • History – Ides of April by Mary Ray
  • Genevieve is finally, reading for pleasure!!! Major, major news, has been a looong hard road but we have arrived!!:):)
  • Saxon’s reading is not far behind, he has even read a few ladybird readers on his own:)
  • Ignatius now knows 3/4 of his capital letters
  • Genevieve has gone from little writing to writing stories on her own! and her spelling is very impressive too!!
  • Celebrated Sts Patrick & Joseph, enjoyed related picture books
  • Have been reading “The Easter Treasury” by Michael Hague with the younger children
  • Mariah revamped her blog, and Genevieve started one.  So lots and lots of planning, writing and learning occurring around here:)  Exciting to see.
  • Focus on Volcanoes, read Magic School Bus Chapter Book – Voyage to the Volcano
  • Books read; Break In At The Basilica, 
  • Begun Beatrix Potter and The Hobbit
  • History – Nero and Alfred the Great