• Moral Life in Christ – Chp 3, Moral interpretation of Scriptures. Read, wrote answers.  Loving it
  • Beginning Apologetics 1.  Still loving it. 
  • Bible – Reading Genesis, using as copywork
  • Reading St Ignatius still
Language Arts
  • Bible – Copywork 1 page
  • Poetry – Began memorising The Deathless Dead- Father Ryan
  • Young Carthaginians – GA Henty, Finished.
  • Better Read Than Dead – Good at words, struggle with sentences.

  •  Grade 11 with mathsonline.  Still revision, still very easy.
  • Science Matters – 1 chapter, read and wrote essay. Enjoyed writing essay. Studied atomic architecture
  • History of the Church – Didache.  1 Chapter, study answer questions. Enjoying it. 


  • Introduction to Catholicism. Chp 3, The Trinity.  Read, wrote answers. Enjoyed it  
  • Beginning of Apologetics, Book 1. Found book inspiring, checked bible verses.
  • Memorised Apostles Creed
Language Arts
  • Spelling Wisdom – 3 lessons. Slight improvement.
  • All about Spelling – 2 lessons with Mum, the use of dge and tch.  Really helpful
  • Great Explorations in Editing  – 2 lessons. Doing well
  • Writing With Skill – 1 weeks worth, all 4 lessons. Working well independently 
  • Poetry – memorised Andy’s Return, an excellent job of remembering!
  • Shakespeare – Listened to King Lear, Twelfth Night, & __ on librivox
  • Trixie Belden – Still (recommend books- note to self)
  • Fallacy Detective – 1 chapter, enjoying it.
  • Mathematics.com – 10 lessons.  Working hard on 2 lessons per day.  Nearly completed percentages. Working on gettting 100% 
  • History of Medicine JH Tiner – 2 chapters, read and answer questions.  Really enjoying it, learning lots.
  • A Little History of the World Gombrich. –  2 Chapters, written excellent narrations, very impressed
  • World Physical Geography – Runkle – 1 chapter, enjoying, writing answers. Quite enthusiastic


  • Catholic Catechism (red book) – Chp 1, Read answered questions mentally.  
  • Bible – Reading Luke, Chps 3 & 4.  Select and write favourite verses. Enjoying it
  • Friendly Defender – 1 Card, Discuss and learn verses still enjoying this.
  • Catechism – Memorised chapter 3
  • Read St Katherine Drexel (Vision Book)
Language Arts
  • Great Explorations In Editing – 2 lessons
  • Spelling Wisdom – 3 lessons. Writing with fluency and mostly accuracy still.
  • Shakespeare – Listened to 1 story on Librivox, Winter’s Tale
  • Poetry – The Man from Ironbark – AB Patterson. M’s favourite subject at present, impressive memory.
  • Touch Typing – worked on finger placement, worked hard
Maths – Mathsonline
  • Enjoying mathsonline so much more, breezed through easier lessons and has slowed down through new material. 
  • Planet Earth – JH Tiner – chapter 5, read and answered.  Still enjoying science:)
  • Insect Adventures – J H Fabre Read chapter 5.  
History – RC History
  • Read 4 chapters of the City of the Golden House
  • Genevieve, Saxon & Ignatius  

      Read Alouds
  • Cricket in Times Square
  • Horrible Geography Earthquakes (1/3 of book)


  • Faith & Life – Chp 3, Each read and gave oral narration.  
  • New Catholic Picture Bible – Abraham and Isaac, Jacob & Esua.  Dictated narration
  • Once Upon a Time Saints – Read Hyacinth, oral narration.  
  • Catechism – Memorised chapter 3

Language Arts

  • Reading to Mum.  Mercy Watson & Zac Powers. Still powering along in confidence, fluency and interest.  Dancing for joy:) 
  • Copywork – G is finally holding pencil correctly, need to monitor that she always does. Accidentally set the lines too close for Saxon this week, made it a bit hard for him.  
  • Schonell Spelling – 4 lists for G, then she wrote 2 dictated sentences per list. Great skill to work on.
  • All About Spelling – Lesson 15 with Saxon.  He is really enjoying using the letter tiles and making excellent connections.  I really do love this program!!
  • Shakespeare – G listened to Winter’s Tale via Librivox
  • Poetry – Memorising and Recitation Nights continue to be a big hit.  G learnt The Battle by Spike Mulligan.  S learnt Monday’s Child and Ig learnt Way Down South Where the Bananas Grow.
  • Mathsonline continues to be a huge hit.  Saxon is flying through Grade 3 lessons.  Genevieve is happy too.  Ignatius is doing Grade 1 lessons but he needs extra help with reading the lesson work (note to self)  
Science – Earthquakes
  • Read Horrible Geography Earthquakes (1/3 of book)
  • Watched Children of the Tsunami. In 2011 Japan was hit by the biggest tsunami in 1000 years, the nuclear plants of Japan spread radioactive material over this area.  This youtube told the story of these people from the eyes of the children.  They lost their friends, their families, their homes, their communities, their freedom to be children. Oh how I cried. 
  • Nature Walk and notebooking in our garden for the boys, further afield in the bush for G.  I need to go out with them on a longer walk (note to self)
History – RC History
  • Read of 3 saints from the Early Church in More Once Upon a Time Saints
  • Read half of a chapter in First Christians – Marigold Hunt
  • S & Ig watched yuotube tutorials on soft pastels, G watched one on drawing giraffes. They really are enjoying using youtubes for art and I’m thrilled with the process and the results which are terrific!