This is Xavier’s final year of academics at home with us:( Wanting to prepare him for any path God calls him to, whether it is university, employment, the seminary, the mission fields etc.  

Xavier’s love is Science and a Science Degree is a possibility.  His focus this year is essay writing, note taking, Faith studies, maths and physics. He is also keen to improve the legibility of his handwriting. Time Management, meeting deadlines and self-discipline are also important.

We also wish him to leave home with various life skills mastered; child care, food preparation and hygiene, home art skills and advanced building skills are already part of his ‘tool kit’.


Spiritual – Also have book ‘on the go’
Witness to Hope – George Wiegel
Edge of Sadness

Current Affairs

Writing with Skill Level 1
Writing with Skill Level 2
Writer’s Jungle
Life Science Based Writing Lessons

Literary Analysis

Composition work also includes written narrations for Faith, Geography, History and Science. Further composition will be required for Weekly Writing Club

Weekly Writing Club
This year we will resume Writing Club, sadly Sr Judith’s death left us mourning  her for the conclusion of last year but it is time to begin again.  Yet to decide whether to source another writing teacher or to form our own club again.
Want to develop skills such as; Note Taking, Key Word Outlines, Writing from Outlines, Three Paragraph Report and Research Reports.


Xavier to focus on legibility and later speed.
Also to master touch typing

Spelling Wisdom

Occasional testing, Mcall



Ray Bradbury’s -Fahrenheit 451
The Count of Monte Cristo – Alexandre Dumas
The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy

Watch 2 DVDs

Read plays afterwards

Explore different poetry focusing on Australian and English poets.
Memorise one poem a fortnight, recite at family gathering on Wednesday night
The Harp and the Laurel Wreath – Laura Berquist
The Four Corners (Aust)

Better Read than Dead


Vatican Science
Our Heritage, History of the Catholic Church in Australia
History of the Church – Didache
Church History – Fr Laux ; Relevant Chapters
How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization 
Modern Times – Paul Johnson