Mariah Aged 12.3yrs 2014
Mariah’s first highschool year, having greater expectations for her this year, she is quite capable of meeting them

1. English
Great Explorations in Editing

Writing with Skill Level 1
Writer’s Jungle
Character Based Writing Lessons
Composition work also includes written narrations for Faith, Geography, History and Science. Further composition will be required for Weekly Writing Club

Weekly Writing Club
This year we will resume Writing Club, sadly Sr Judith’s death left us mourning  her for the conclusion of last year but it is time to begin again.  Yet to decide whether to source another writing teacher or to form our own club again.
Want to develop skills such as; Creative Writing, Key Word Outlines, Note Taking, Oral Reports, Writing from Outlines, Three Paragraph Report and Research Reports.

Mariah’s copywork is beautiful, she no longer needs to practice unless she chooses to do so for her enjoyment.

Spelling Wisdom

All About Spelling
optional for Mariah

Mariah received 225 classics on her Kobo for Christmas, she is happily reading her way through a rich selection.

Introduce Mariah to the beauty and richness of Shakespeare beginning with the audio versions of his plays, then reading the re-tellings.  Choose one play of her choice to read in full.
Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare – Edith Nesbit (audio version)
Tales From Shakespeare – Charles and Mary Lamb (and audio version)
Shakespeare for Children – Jim Wiess (Audio)
Stories from Shakespeare- Geraldine McGaughrean

Daily enjoy poetry together, memorising at least one poem a week.
Family recitation night Wednesday’s.
Laurel and the Harp – Laura Berquist
Our poetry collection

2. Mathematics
Mathematics Enhancement Program (later in the year)
Math Board Games

3. Science
Mariah’s focus will be on Biology and Earth Science this year.
She will also undertake experiments.
The History of Medicine – John Hudson Tiner
The World Around You – Gary Parker
Exploring Planet Earth – John Hudson Tiner

Set of 4 books on Australian Ecosystems – Steve Parish
Supporting Living and text books from Branch Library and our library.
Science and Nature TV Series and DVDs
Experiment books and you-tubes.

Nature Study 
(1) Take at least one weekly nature walk
(2) Keep a nature notebook.
Insect Adventures – J Henri Fabre

4. Technological And Applied Studies
Built Environments
As we have been owner building for the past four years and likely another two years to come, Mariah has become most familiar with many aspects of design environments.  She has been actively involved in building our home and learnt a variety of skills along the way.  Some practical; reading plans, carpentry, painting, interior design (her strong suit) etc and many intangible but extremely important such as patience, tenacity and teamwork.

Products and Information
Mariah will be focusing on accessories, fashion and food design.
She is gifted with a flair for fashion and this year will be learning how to spin wool.  The results will be presented as an accessory or fashion design of her choice

Mariah is to become more actively involved in food preparation this year.  Our goal is that she is capable of preparing and presenting at least 7 meals of her choice for 10 people.  She is also to become more confident with baking for a grain and sugar free diet. Mariah is to also take a more active role in menu preparation and shopping.

Information and Communications
Mariah will be developing her skills in digital media design including photography and video production.  She may choose to present these skills online via her blog or explore other options.  She will also further develop her proficiency and confidence with using a variety of multimedia options such as webcam and email. Mariah will also focus on information systems design via introduction to excel, ie menus and shopping lists are to be prepared in excel spreadsheets.

5. Human Society and Its Environment 
RC History 1 Terms 1, 3 & 4
-Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome
Extensive living booklist
Notebook and hands on activities
Writing Suggestions

Australian History Term 2
History of Australia – Manning Clark & Meredith Hooper
Our Heritage, History of the Catholic Church in Australia
Chronological Study via spine and living books from our collection

Wanting Mariah to have an appreciation for different cultures and customs.  To be proficient with map reading and able to draw maps of the 4 coonitneints studied.  To be able to mark many of the countires on the maps and know their capital cities and some of their physical landmarks.
Cultural Studies and mapmaking skills
Term 1: Europe
Term 2: Asia
Term 3: South America
Term 4: North America

Whilst studying the cultures of these continents we will also be mapping their continents, countries, geographical features and cities.
Geography living books; Branch Library and our collection
Geography non-fiction titles incl Atlases & Geographica
Digital mulit-media
Mega Maps

Saints – Read at least one saint’s biography each term, where possible these should tie in with RC History’s studies.
New Testament – Begin with the Gospel of Luke, memorise parts.
Catechism – Memorise a lesson a fortnight
Faith & Life – Read a chapter a week, discuss with Mum
Story of the Church
Spiritual Reading – Always have a book ‘on the go’, see mum for guidance
Apologetics – Friendly Defenders & Beginning Apologetics

6. Creative Arts
Mariah will be studying Rock & Roll and Old Time Dance this year

Our family each year writes and performs a mini play/skit at our end of year concert.  We will do so again this year, perhaps even attempting a longer play for 2014.

Mariah is gifted musically.  We would like to see her take up her piano lessons again this year, if she chooses not to we will be encouraging her to progress on her own.
Mariah listen to at least 4 different classical music artists and read their biographies. Chopin, Beethoven, Mozart and Wagner.  She will also listen to a variety of other music artists of her choice.
Mariah will also learn to sing several new hymns.

Photographic and Digital Media
Mariah will be developing her skills in digital media design including photography and video production.  She may choose to present these skills online via her blog or explore other options.

Visual Arts
Mariah has an interest and is talented at drawing.  We will encourage her to deepen her interest and further her skills in this area.  We will also be encouraging her to explore painting, with either watercolour, acrylic or oils paints.
We will also explore sculpting with clay and perhaps ceramics.
Mariah is also gifted with a flair for fashion and this year will be learning how to spin wool.  The results will be presented in a manner of her choosing, perhaps as an accessory or fashion design.

7. Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
Self & Relationships
Mariah is to have a strong sense of self identity and to have healthy boundaries.
To gain this through personal conversations and positive encouragement

Movement, Skill & Performance
Mariah to focus this year on dance and swimming lessons

Individual & Community Health
Mariah is to have an understanding of reproductive health, the need for personal hygiene and an awareness of health choices.  This knowledge to be gained through personal conversations, positive encouragement and teaching strategies of how to handle various situations

Lifelong Physical Activity
Mariah to have an understanding of the importance of exercise and nutritional health, and the knowledge of how to make positive choices and put them into practice.