Genevieve Aged 9.6yrs, 2014
Needing to ‘step up’ expectations for Genevieve this year.

1. English
Genevieve needs to nurture and broaden her reading horizons, she has good comprehension and concentration and can express herself well.

Copywork (using Startwrite)
Introduce cursive
– selection of poems/bible passages/catechism

– Dictate Oral Narrations to Mum. (for Faith, Geography, History and Science)
Occasionally write own narration and illustrate

Story Writing & Illustrations, regularly
Stories with a View Emphasis on polishing pieces.
Writing Club, weekly

Primary Language Lessons – Emma Serl

All About Spelling

Spelling Wisdom

Term 1: The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter -Beatrix Potter
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – CS Lewis
Term 2: Happy Times in Noisy Village (Astrid Lindgren)
Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry
Term 3: Winnie-the-Pooh -A.A.Milne
Farmer Boy – Laura Ingalls Wilder
Term 4: The Children’s Book of Virtues (William Bennet)
Little House on the Prairie – Laura Ingalls Wilder

Independent Reading
Encourage Genevieve to read regularly and to read quality literature

Daily enjoy poetry together, memorising at least one poem a week.
Family recitation night Wednesday’s.

Child’s Garden of Poetry – RL Stevenson
Classic Children’s Poetry
Laurel and the Harp – Laura Berquist
Spike Mulligan
Children’s Book of Verse
Our poetry collection

2. Mathematics
Genevieve began MEP maths towards the end of last year.

Mathematics Enhancement Program
Math Board Games and activities
Living Maths Books

3. Science and Technology
We desire to encourage Genevieve’s knowledge and awareness of science and technology, to have a questing mind and a confidence to tackle technological challenges.  Whilst we have a course of study we are also happy to be flexible in following any interests that arise.
Term 1: Weather
Term 2: Earth Science
Term 3: Insects
Term 4: Space

These studies will include the use of books, digital media, experiments and observations.
Variety of DK books
Living Books from Branch Library and our library.
Science and Nature DVDs and youtubes
Marble Tracks

* We are owner building and Genvieve has had the opportunity to observe many skills and also to occasionally help

4. Human Society and Its Environment
Wanting to foster a love of and appreciation of historical events and figures.
We are using Child’s History of the World  – Hillyer as our ‘spine’, narrating each chapter and some weeks delving deeper into various historical periods.

Terms 1, 3 & 4:  World History
Child’s History of the World  – Hillyer
Supporting picture books for different time periods
Term 2: Australian History
Chronological Study via picture books and living books from our collection
The Australia Book – Eve Pownell

Historical Picture and chapter books; Branch Library and our collection.

Wanting Genevieve to have an awareness of and appreciation for different cultures and customs.  To also have a familiarity with maps, to be able to recognise the different continents and some countries.

Cultural Studies and mapmaking skills
Term 1: Europe
Term 2: Asia
Term 3: South America
Term 4: North America

Whilst studying the cultures of these continents we will also be mapping their continents, countries, geographical features and cities.

Geography Picture Books; Branch Library and our collection
Geography DK books
Mega Maps

Genevieve to deepen his relationship with and his knowledge of God

Liturgical Year Resources
New Catholic Picture Bible -Fr Lovasik
The Life of Our Lord for Children by Marigold Hunt
The Story of Padre Pio by Clare Jordan Mohan
Saints : Short Stories such as Once Upon a Time Saints – Ethel Pochocki
Catechism – Memorise a lesson a fortnight
Faith and Life Series – Read and discuss a lesson/week.

5. Creative and Practical Arts
Wanting to expose Genevieve to a variety of different mediums and encourage an interest in creative arts. Will ensure we have various materials available and introduce at least one formal lesson a week using resources

Variety of Art/Craft and How to Draw books from our collection and Branch library
Blogs and youtubes
Deep Space Sparkle
Art Projects for Kids
Kids Get Arty

Focus on learning several new hymns.
Enjoy and recognise 4 different classical music artists

Term 1: Fredric Chopin – Opal Wheeler
Term 2: Ludwig Beethoven – Opal Wheeler
Term 3: Mozart – Irene Gass
Term 4: Wagner – Alexander Hunt


6. Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
Term 1 & 4 – Swimming Lessons
Term 2 & 3 – Soccer Team

Biology & Nutrition
Cover basic anatomy and physiology.
Be aware of basic medicinal remedies and have a basic understanding of nutritional health.
Be aware of healthy choices regards screen time and exercise.