Picture Books Read To

Week 2
Emily and Alfie – Meredith Hooper
*Butterfly Birthday – Harriet Ziefert
Henry and the Fox – Chris Wormell
Little Black Sambo – Helen Bannerman
Little Otter’s Big Journey – David Bedford
Little Dog Lost – Monica Carnesi
Edge of The World – Ian Trevaskis
The House That Went to Sea – Melinda Szymanik
The Deer in the House (Little House Book) – Laura Ingalls Wilder

Week 3
Hush, Hush by Margaret Wild
Help Me by Paul Geraghty
Every Planet Has a Place – Becky Baines
One small Square Tropical Rainforest _ Donald M Silver
A Butterfly is Patient – Diana Hutts Ashton
An Egg is Quiet – Diana Hutts Ashton
17 Things I’m Not Allowed to do Anymore – Jenny Offill
Move- Steve Jenkins
Babies in the Bayou – Jim Arnosky
In the Pond – Anna Milbourne
In the Nest – Anna Milbourne
Under the Ground – Anna Milbourne
Exploring the Deep Dark Sea – Gail Gibbons
Little Humpty – Margaret Wild
Dolphin Baby – Nicola Davies
Bat Loves the Night – Nicola Davies
Just Ducks! – Nicola Davies
Baby Bat’s Lullaby – Jacquelyn Mitchards
Watch Honeybees With Me – Judy Hawes (Read and Find out science)
The Blue Whales – Kazue Mizumura (read and find out science)

Weeks 4 & 5
Handsome Hog – Mweney Hadithi
Lila and the Secret of Rain – David Conway
Home Now – Lesley Beake
Can You Hear the Sea? – Judy Cumberbatch
A Song for Jamela – Niki Daly
Mbobo Tree – Glenda Millard
New Shoes for Helen – Ifeoma Onyefulu

Peeking Ducks – Krista Bell
The Magic Pillow – Demi
The Race for the Chinese Zodiac – Gabrielle Wang
Peacock Girl – Lily Wu
The Peasant Prince – Li Cunxin

Running Shoes – Fredrick Lipp

Chase Through Venice – Sally Gould

Martha – Gennady Spirin
Nikolai, The Only Bear – Barbara Joose

Ziba Came on a Boat – Liz Lofthouse
Old Magic – Allan Baillie

Ramadan Moon – Na’ima B Robert

World Tour
Ruffy and Me – Dave Trumbull
Little Treasures, Endearments from Around the World – Jacqueline K Ogburn
Map of Dreams – Uri Shulevitz

Nature Titles
Den is a Bed for a Bear- Becky Baines
White Owl, Barn Owl – Nicola Davies
The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library
Oh Say Can you say Di-No-Saur? (all About Dinosaurs)
Inside Your Outside! (Human Body)
There”s No Place Like Space ! _ Tish Rabe (Solar System)
A great Day for Pup (Baby Animals)
Would you Rather be a Tadpole (Pond Life)
Oh, The Pets You Can Get! (Animal Friends)

Weeks 6 & 7
St Martin de Porres and the Mice – Eva K Betz
St Martin de Porres – Malachy Carroll (St Paul) (part)

Book Reviews
Afghanistan – A True Story
Fashion History
World War 2 – Persecution & Internment Camps

Run Damon, Run! – Anne Ingram
*The Seeing Stick – Jane Yolen

Middle Ages
Japan 1500s
*The Perfect Sword – Scott Goto
South America
Encounter – Jane Yolen
London Bridge is Falling Down – Peter Spier
Over At the Castle – Bonnie Ashburn

20th Century
France Early 1900s
*Just Behave Pablo Picasso! – Jonah Winter
*Different Like Coco – Elizabeth Matthews

World War 2
*Hiding from the Nazis – David Adler
Flags – Maxine Trottier
Baseball Saved Us – Ken Mochizuki
The Foxes of Chironupp Island – Hiroyuki Takahashi

The Day of the High Climber – Gary Hines
*The Crossing (Lewis & Clark’s journey) – Donna Jo Napoli
*Levi Strauss Gets a Bright Idea – Tony Johnston (1853)
Chinook – Michael O. Tunnell
Johnny’s Secret – Frank Lewis
Wagons West – Roy Gerrard

*Hero of Little Street – Gregory Rogers
The Boy Who Loved Music – David Lasker

Afghanistan 1996-2001
*Nasreen’s Secret School – Jeanette Winter

*Little Pierre, A Cajun Story from Louisiana – Robert D San Souci

Week 8
Yellow Dog Dingo – Barbara Ker Wilson
*You and Me Murawee – Kerri Hashmi
*You and Me: Our Place – Leonie Norrington

Early Australia
The First Fleet – Alan Boardman & Roland Harvey
Great Events in Australia’s History – Alan Boardman & Roland Harvey
-The First Fleet
-The Crossing of the Blue Mountains
-Eureka Stockade

*Meet Captain Cook – Rae Murdie
*The Great Expedition – Peter Carnavas (allegory)

Early – Mid 1800s
*The Castaways of the Charles Eaton – Gary Crew (not rec for the sensitive at all!)
*The Legend of Moondyne Joe – Mark Greenwood (Bushranger)
*To the Goldfields! – Rachel Tonkin

Early 1900s
Emily Jane – Sadie & Suzanne Pascoe
Papa & the Olden Days – Ian Edwards, Illust- Rachel Tonkin
Tin Lizzie and Little Nell – David Cox
*Nancy Bentley, The First Australian Female Sailor – Tracey Hawkins

Macquarie Island
*One Small Island – Alison Lester & Coral Tulloch

*The Littlest Refugee – Anh Do & Suzanne Doo (True Story)

Early 2000s
*A Year on Our Farm – Penny Matthews
*Flood – Jackie French (Brisbane floods)

Waltzing Matilda – AB Paterson, Illust- Desmond Digby
Mulga Bill’s Bicycle – AB Paterson, Illust- Kilmeny & Deborah Niland
The Man From Ironbark – AB Paterson, Illust- Quentin Hole
A Bush Christening – AB Paterson, Illust- Quentine Hole
“We’ll All Be Rooned” Said Hanrahan – John O’Brien, Illust- Geoff Hocking
The Teams – Henry Lawson, Illust – John Anthony King
The Wild Colonial Boy – Illust – John Anthony King
With my Swag all on my Shoulder – Illust – Neil Moore

Saxon’s Reads
Dog’s New Coat – Margaret Nash
The Wizard’s Wish – Damian Harvey
The Hungry Little Monkey – Andy Blackford
How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin-Elizabeth Rogers
I’m Taller Than You – AH Benjamin
Star Wars Blast Off! – DK REader
Pirate Picnic – Juliet Clare Bell
Who’s in the Castle – Sue Graves
The Little Match Girl – Hilary Robinson
The Enormous Turnip – Robert James
The Pied Pipe of Hamelin – Anne Adeney
The Royal Jumble Sale – Hilary Robinson
Star Wars Luke Skywalker’s Amazing Story
Star Wars Tatooine Adventures
Fancy Nancy – The Dazzling Book Report (part)

Genevieve’s Reads
The Funny Duckling – Pippa Goodhart
Jack and the Beanstalk – Anne Adeney
The Three Wishes – Elizabeth Rogers
The Big Pancake – Elizabeth Rogers
Chicken Licken – Elizabeth Rogers
George and the Dragon – Anne Adeney
The Pied Piper of Hamelin – Anne Adeney
The Princess and the Pea – Anne Adeney
Joseph’s Amazing Coat – Teddy Slater
Rapunzel – Anne Walter
Little Red Riding Hood – Anne Walter
Sinbad and the Pirates – Martin Waddell
The Three Little Pigs – Anne Walter
Goldilocks and the Three Bears – Anne Walter
Three Pigs and a Gingerbread Man – Hilary Robinson
Rumpelstiltskin – Anne Walter
The Ugly Duckling – Maggie Moore
Jack and the Bean Pie – Laura North
The Little Match Girl – Hilary Robinson
Star Wars Tatooine Adventures
Fancy Nancy and the Delectable Cupcakes
Aesop’s Fables
Fancy Nancy Every Day is Earth Day
Mercy Watson Princess in Disguise – Kate DiCamillo
Mercy Watson Thinks Like a Pig – Kate DiCamillo (2/3)