Genevieve has been exposed to quality literature since a young age, has good comprehension, concentration and vocabulary skills.  She can compose texts, spell and read, sometimes needing assistance.

Our desire is by the conclusion of Stage 2 Genevieve will be able to:

  • communicate in informal and formal contexts
  • use effective handwriting and publish text via digital technology
  • read fluently and comprehend a range of texts on challenging topics
  • spell familiar and unfamiliar words
  • identify different kinds of texts, understanding that language has different purposes
  • think imaginatively and creatively when composing texts
  • use effective and accurate sentence structure, grammatical features, punctuation conventions with an appropriate vocabulary
Genevieve knows many of her multiplication facts, can do basic decimals, can add and subtract numbers up to five digits, recognises common fractions and can read time.
Our desire is by the conclusion of Stage 2 Genevieve will be able to:
  • read number up to five digits
  • can do multiplication and division
  • compares fractions & decimals
  • generates number patterns
  • estimates and measures; lengths, distances, perimeters and temperatures
  • estimates and measures area, volume, capacities & mass
  • identifies & describes 2D & 3D shapes
  • use maps
Science & Technology
Genevieve is aware of her immediate world and the wider world around her.  She absorbs scientific knowledge informally and formally through a variety of multimedia.  She displays curiosity and asks questions about various topic areas.


Our desire is by the conclusion of Stage 2 Genevieve will:
  • continue to develop a questing mind regards ‘all things science’
  • have a further understanding of the importance of sustainable futures
  • understands the importance and future use of technology
  • predict, record and analyse data
  • use a range of materials and tools to produce solutions
  • describes observable changes on the Earth’s surface
  • describe how the interaction between the sun and Earth cause regular changes
  • describe life cycles
Genevieve has been undertaking world history studies and can narrate (comprehend and ‘tell back’) what she has heard.  Some history ‘stories’ really captured her imagination.
By the conclusion of Stage 2 Genevieve will be able to:
  • identify events of significance in Australia & the world
  • describe the effects of British colonisation in Australia
  • have an inquiring mind into ‘all things history’ and apply skills of inquiry