Our previous efforts ironed out the wrinkles in our organising and the past fortnight saw us in a settled rhythm.  Although we did take a few days off for socialising, not something we lightly do preferring to leave socialising for afternoons. However at this stage of my pregnancy I’m ‘knackered’ by the afternoon, but as I’ve been a hermit and have been ignoring everyone, I really needed to catch up with a few friends, afterall socialising is important too.

Our best days are when we start our lessons at 8.30am, for various reasons though we kept starting late, therefore skipping our ‘Gathering Time‘.  Not a great idea, not only does Gathering Time give us a focal beginning but it sets a gentle tone for the day, determined to do better next week.  Daily rhythm was maths, writing and reading.  Reading to me for JB, JJ & Jem, reading independently for the three older children and reading our current Leap into Literature books, which the past fortnight has been a Tour Around the World.

Writing approaches included; essays, dressing as characters in the book, writing 5 points of what learnt, the moral of the story, narrations, writing new endings, characters making a different decision and more.

Visiting various lands led to the introduction of previously unknown topics and we had some excellent discussions.  The younger children and I discussed; AIDS in Africa and how many children are orphaned, the Chinese Cultural Revolution, the Chinese Zodiac, Communism and the realities, droughts, Russian orphanages and adoption, Muslims and their faith, war and refugees, migrants and the 2nd generation and various endearments around the world.  Princess learnt about foot binding, arranged marriages, the Cultural Revolution and Communism etc. Michelangelo read about Holocaust survivors, Jewish migration to Israel and kibbutzes. Einstein learnt about the fishing industry and racial intolerance. Lots of thought provoking topics to ponder.

List of Books Enjoyed
The Ice Boy – Patricia Elliott
Listen to the Wind – HF Brinsmead(Australia)

Peace Rebel – Robert Elmer (Palestine)

Rebel Girl – Susan Geason ( China)
Little Princesses; Peach Blossom Princess – Katie Chase (China)
Dragons of Silk – Laurence Yep, Part 1. (China/America)
Chinese Cinderella: The Mystery of the Song Dynasty Painting -Adeline Yen Mah (China)
Friends of the Road – Virginia Sorenson (Tangier)
Adara – Beatrice Gormley (Israel, 9thC BCE)

Picture Books
Handsome Hog – Mweney Hadithi
Lila and the Secret of Rain – David Conway
Home Now – Lesley Beake
Can You Hear the Sea? – Judy Cumberbatch
A Song for Jamela – Niki Daly
Mbobo Tree – Glenda Millard
New Shoes for Helen – Ifeoma Onyefulu

Peeking Ducks – Krista Bell
The Magic Pillow – Demi
The Race for the Chinese Zodiac – Gabrielle Wang
Peacock Girl – Lily Wu
The Peasant Prince – Li Cunxin

Running Shoes – Fredrick Lipp

Chase Through Venice – Sally Gould

Martha – Gennady Spirin
Nikolai, The Only Bear – Barbara Joose

Ziba Came on a Boat – Liz Lofthouse
Old Magic – Allan Baillie

Ramadan Moon – Na’ima B Robert

World Tour
Ruffy and Me – Dave Trumbull
Little Treasures, Endearments from Around the World – Jacqueline K Ogburn
Map of Dreams – Uri Shulevitz

Nature Titles
Den is a Bed for a Bear- Becky Baines
White Owl, Barn Owl – Nicola Davies
The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library
Oh Say Can you say Di-No-Saur? (all About Dinosaurs)
Inside Your Outside! (Human Body)
There”s No Place Like Space ! _ Tish Rabe (Solar System)
A great Day for Pup (Baby Animals)
Would you Rather be a Tadpole (Pond Life)
Oh, The Pets You Can Get! (Animal Friends)

Cat in the Hat, Knows alot about That! Up and Away!