A great beginning to Term 2.  Children have been most diligent in accomplishing all their set work, though I think that they are ready for me to ‘lift the bar’ of expectations.


  • S sat a test with Maths Seeds, a program for 3-6yr olds and tested off their program.  He is very quick and interested in maths.  
  • Genevieve finally had a breakthrough with understanding division!!
  • MJ doing very well with his maths.
  • X did an excessive amount of mathematics, Trigonometry and Algebra for Open Uni.  Did lots of extra research too!!!
  • S & G have been preparing for S’s Confession (revision for G).  Recently we learnt the 10 Commandments via games, a huge hit. Even Ignatius knows most of the commandments and LOVES the memory game.  S is just about ready, the next area to study is memorising his act of contrition. 
  • MT Confirmation Prep, My Path to Heaven – Geoffrey Bliss and St Patrick’s Summer – Marigold Hunt. Really enjoyed both.
  • MJ read St Ignatius Loyola – Vision Bk and Philadelphia Catholic in King James Court.  Loved St Ignatius, Philly Catholic didn’t interest him.
  • X studied Didache Understanding the Scriptures.  Nearly finished the book, 1 chapter to go.
  • X read saints short chapter history title.

  • Our mini nature studies have been a popular hit.  The first week we read a quality book, the second week the children complete lapbook components, a worksheet, write a narration or jot down some known facts, all relating to the animal studied.
  • Weeks 1-2 we studied Turtles, and read Sarli the Great Barrier Reef Turtle – Leslie Rees.
  • Weeks 3-4 we studied Koalas, read Two Thumbs the Koala – L Rees
  • Week 5, Antartica, read Ponny the Penguin.
  • MJ loves 100 Engineering Projects, doing some every week Took some notes.
  • Finished watching all Bill Nye DVDs
  • MJ read Pioneers of Australia. okay.

  • Genevieve and Saxon’s reading was taken up to a whole new notch:)  Genevieve is reading Milly-Molly-Mandy, and Saxon is reading Dr Suess books, both of them with confidence.

  • S & G have been working on handwriting together via bootcamp. Saxon isn’t always able to uniformly write or space his letters.  Genevieve is writing nicely but her pencil grip is still awkward.
  • M  & M also do bootcamp together, focusing on cursive.  Malachi can write very nicely indeed, Mariah of course has long had lovely writing and knows all her cursive letters easily.
  • Malachi quite consistent weekly.  
  • S & G have been using Schonell’s lists for spelling, I’m not certain how effective the method is, they like it, and I think there is some benefit, would far rather they did AAS.
  • MT using Spell Well which has lots of grammar and punctuation, finding it interesting.
  • MJ spasmodic but did most weeks, too many lists.

    • Genevieve is consistently doing a couple of dictation sentences each week and I feel this quite beneficial, she doesn’t always like it but it does help her be more aware of spelling/writing.
    • MT doing very well with her dictation, so heartening to have a great speller:)
    • Did Roper with all three, a couple of lessons.  Need to re-assess. 
    • MJ spasmodic but did most weeks.
    • MT using Story Starters for writing, likes it, finds it a bit challenging, but that is good.
    • M & M doing IEW Grammar Poetry with mum.  Both like it.
    • X rereading Sr J’s handouts.
    • MJ using Fallacy Detective, finds it funny.
    • X, 2 chapters Critical Thinking.
    • MJ using Better Read than Dead, finds it okay, but the layout is not easy to follow.
    • X read several chapters Better Read than Dead.
    Read Aloud
    • Mr Popper’s Penguins – Florence Atwater
    • Sarli the Barrier Reef Turtle- Leslie Rees
    • Two- Thumbs the Koala – Leslie Rees
    • Ponny the Penguin – Veronica Basser
    • Golden Pathway Book 1 – half book
    The Digging-est Dog
    Fish Out of Water
    The Bear’s Holiday

    Milly-Molly-Mandy – 4 chapters
    St Patrick’s Summer – Marigold Hunt
    Pathway to Heaven — Geoffrey Bliss
    The Snow Pony – Alison Lester
    The Silver Horse – Kate Forsyth
    The Gypsy Crown – Kate Forsyth
    Miss Hickory – Carolyn Sherwin Bailey
    Little Obie & the Flood – Martin Waddell
    Trixie Belden x 4
    Famous Five x 3
    Lots of horse books (library)
    Biggles x 8
    Secret Benedict Society x 2
    Fire Chronicles
    Agatha Christie – several