• In the first half of the term, MJ & MT were studying independently for a couple of weeks at Grandma’s. 
  • In the second half of the term we trialed a semi-new approach with our primary/infants aged children of only focusing on one subject area at a time.  Our areas of focus was our Papal unit and Wolf lapbook. 


Daily wrote in private journal.
Writing Club with Sr Judith
Copywork – Wrote out the books of John and Mark,  still struggle to write neatly and legibly. 

  • Dictation
Spelling Wisdom – 8 lessons, need to work more consistently here. 

  • Shakespeare

Read 1 play

  • Logic

  • Languages
Better Read than Dead –  G.D.A Sharpley , Many chapters
Very happy, learning lots.

  • Typing
Xavier typed for about 90min weekly.  His speed and accuracy have greatly improved and he is justifiably proud of progress. 
  • Mathematics
Major learning curve and effort was here!!!
So many hours of study, exams and assignment.  Xavier has done so well, learnt so much and made great progress.  His study effort is reflected in his marks, Passes, credits and high distinctions, well done!

  • Science
Read ‘Elements of the Periodic Table’. 

  • History
Watched some of Bill Peaches’ Australian Explorers with Malachi (see below)
  • Faith 
Teen Timeline DVDs – Watched 2 DVDs
The Story of the Church by Johnson – Read Part 1: Units 1-3
Saint biographies – Read two books, Sts Frances & Clare and St Vincent de Paul (Vision Bks)

Really enjoyed Teen Timeline, so sad the other DVDs don’t work.

Not that interested in Church history.
Enjoyed the saint bios.
  • English

Write Stuff Adventures – 2 exercises 
English for Australian School 1 – Ridout, 4 chapters
 Writing Club with Sr Judith & Homework
Feels Ridout is boring and repetitive of work he already knows.  Enjoyed Write Stuff Adventure.  Still enjoys WC.
  •  Copywork

Didn’t do any, yet he still needs work!
  • Spelling/Dictation

Schonell’s List
Spelling Wisdom  – 2 lessons per week
Malachi feels he is learning with Schonell and he is making good progress with dictation  it is starting to all click, still lots of work to do but have had a breakthrough. 
  •   Literature
Read lots, see Learning notes for term.
  • Typing

Using online program – 30 min per week

Quite productive and good progress.
  • Logic
Critical Thinking Book 1 – Completed 10 topics
Enjoyed but would like something a ‘bit more fun’. 
  • Latin
Better Read than Dead – 4 lessons
Enjoyed, and learnt.
  • Mathematics
 Mathematics.com.au-  Listen to lesson explanation, answer questions, 30 min daily.
Malachi enjoying and having good understanding.  Need to pick up the pace next term though to complete disc by end of year.
  • Science
Malachi is passionate about inventions and read many, many books on this topic (see learning notes), also read about periodic table elements and a couple of nature books.  Would like to see M write more narrations on these topics, his weak area.
Archimedes and the Door of Science by Jeanne Bendick
1001 Inventions
 Australia’s Best Inventors
The Disappearing Spoon
History’s Worst Inventions
Einstein Told His Cook
  • Nature 
All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot 
Animal Stories by Jenkins 
Read these.
  • History
Learnt so much about the Australian explorers, through watching Bill Peaches videos (see learning notes) and reading the Pictorial Social Studies. 
Over the Blue Mountains, 
Eyre’s Dramatic Journey,                                                                                 
The Riddle of the Rivers
Stuart to the Overland Telegraph
Major Mitchell & Australia ‘Felix’
Leichhardt to the Never-Never
The Inland Sea
Really happy with Malachi’s progress and knowledge here!
  • Geography
A Book of Discovery by MB Synge – Read 5 Chapters
M says, ‘okay’.


  • Mariah is preparing for her Confirmation, and is enjoying a living books approach, in particular she has enjoyed The Kind of the Golden City and also reading a number of saints books, whilst she has discerned what saint to take.
  • Mariah’s pleasure and enjoyment of copwork is very apparent, she has consistently beautiful handwriting.  
  •  Dictation is not a difficult subject for Mariah, her ability to spell is always a pleasure to us.
  • This term M has been using Spell Well, a combination of words, sentences, grammar and exercises. She is enjoying this approach.
  • Writing Club continues to be popular. M has also been striving to write daily, using Write Stuff Adventure and Story Starters. They have helped with some structure and ideas.  Mariah’s writing flows well and she often surprises me with her ability:)
  • M feels she is struggling with Maths, although she often does have a better understanding than she believes.  She is failing to always meet her quota though so needs more support here.
  • Mariah is a voracious reader!!  She reads many, many books this term.  Though she consumes a little too much twaddle for my liking she also read books of quality.  
  • Mariah started out the term with music lessons, though she now has taken a break. 
  • Origami was the main focus for creative art energy this term.
  • Mariah’s strength is Language Arts and creativity, her weakness is maths.
  • Genevieve has mostly been listening in to Saxon’s FHC prep. for her Faith studies.  In one way a good revision for her, but I’m contemplating her doing separate studies Term 2, not sure I can manage though.  
  • Whilst Genevieve is still not reading independently she is soo close.  The ability is there, we just now need to find the desire.
  • Not keen on copywork and pencil grip is awkward   When G does write, the letter formation is fairly legible though she has to be corrected on starting points at time.  Thinking a handwriting boot camp might appeal more than daily writing.
  • Began dictation this term, began well but the selections are now getting too hard, may switch to another book.
  • We had a break from AAS this term and used Schonell’s list, G did well, undecided as to Term 2.
  • I had great plans for daily writing but alas they didn’t come to fruition.
  • G is doing well with her maths, some areas she struggles a little until all clicks.
  • Concentration is excellent regards listening to read alouds
  • Faith studies mostly focused on Saxon’s Reconciliation/FHC prep.  With a break of a few weeks to work on papal notebooks.
  • Saxon has picked up reading with little effort, though I’d like to see him put in more time, he likes reading but isn’t always in the mood.
  • Not that keen on copywork, though his writing is reasonably neat
  • Focused on Schonell’s list, generally got most words correct.  May go back to AAS next term.
  • Maths is Saxon’s strong suit, he accomplishes with ease, a couple of grades ahead in ability.  Planning to step it up next term.
  • Saxon’s listening/comprehension ability has really grown this term.
  • Bright, keen little boy, alas have to confess to offering him little in the way of formal studies.