We put in a big effort to finish up assigned work ready to enjoy holiday break. Very proud of the children.


  • Wolf lapbook, younger three learnt so much, using Wolfquest and lapbook components from Homeschool Share.  We read several books including Return of the Wolf.
  • Origami became all the rage!  Cranes, animals and many traditional origami pieces.  Every origami book in the house was consulted and most tried.


  • Xavier has had a massive focus on his Open Uni studies, Trigonometry and Algebra.  He has learnt so much and impressed us (and himself) with his exam results.
  • Didache’s Understanding the Scriptures – 2 chapters
  • Working on essay, private journal.
  • Copywork, 7 pages of Bible, cursive.
  • Read a Shakespeare play
  • Latin- Reading Better Read than Dead
  • Read ‘Elements of Periodic Table’
  • Regular typing, quite quick and accuarate. 

  • Faith – read Francis & Clare and Vincent de Paul and Story of the Church, finished reading Unit 3.
  • Liking dictation, not too hard.
  • Using Schonell lists for spelling and feeling like he is making more progress.
  • Ridout – 2 lessons.  Doesn’t really like it, feels it is information he already knows.
  • Logic – 3 topics.  Enjoying it.
  • Latin – 2 chapters, learning grammar & punctuation
  • Typing – online courses, typing stories requested.
  • Maths – 4 lessons, going well
  • History/Geo – Watched Bill Peaches ‘The Explorers’, Episodes 5-10.  Covered so many Australian explorers learnt so much!  
  • Science –  Read Animal Stories by Jenkins and Inventors & Imposters, Australian Inventors, 1001 Inventors that changed our World, Inventions that Never Left the Drawing Board, The Disappearing Spoon and What Einstein told his Cook. Periodic Table and Elements.
  • Mariah is really enjoying reading ‘The King of the Golden City’ for Faith
  • Really enjoying copywork.
  • Making steady progress with dictation and Spell Well
  • Has been using Story Starters for writing, finding it a bit long
  • Not enjoying maths and is falling behind in assignments. 
  • Mariah made a decision to discontinue music lessons for the time being.  Very sad about her decision as she has huge talent.  Hoping she will continue at a later date. 
  • Finished up Papal notebook.  Genevieve listened into Saxon’s Reconciliation/FHC prep
  • Massive effort with reading, and great progress.  Just needs practice and practice.
  • Reluctant to do copywork and struggles with pencil grip.  Neatish writing
  • Dictation is getting too hard.
  • Whizzing through the Schonell’s list.
  • Finding maths easy enough at present

  • Finished up Papal notebook.  Began Reconciliation/FHC prep again.
  • Little reading done 
  • Little copywork done, reluctant
  • Finding Schonell’s spelling achievable.
  • Maths is a breeze for Saxon.
Read Aloud
  • Fantastic Mr Fox – Roald Dahl (began)
  • Finished up Return of the Wolf and Vinegar Boy
Audio Books
  • Lucy and the Big Bad Wolf (Mariah)

See Faith and Science titles above!
Ranger’s Apprentice and Brother band – re-read both entire series
The Secret Zoo- Bryan Chick
and more.

Mariah has been on a HUGE reading binge albeit rather light selections, many Famous Five, Trixie Belden and a huge pile of various horse series.