Week 6 was rather disrupted with electrical work, Week 7 was more productive, in fact we made a huge effort and completed work left over from week 6.  I’m really pleased how we are staying on top of our study, great self-discipline these days:)


  • New Readers – Genevieve and Saxon continue to impress me with their reading abilities and interest.  Fluency and speed is great!
  • Faith – Whilst we began term with some Sacramental Preparation, Saxon has already completed St Joseph FHC Catechism and Mariah is really enjoying King of the Golden City. We spent the last fortnight enjoying a Papal Unit!! Varying reactions, little ones particularly weren’t keen on the books, but they did all learn alot.  So not too sure what to do, they are learning but do the books not interest G & S or are they just being difficult? 
  • Faith Older Boys – Both boys read their chapters, Story of the Church and Understanding the Scriptures.
  • Maths – Consistent effort from all except Malachi.  Xavier in particular has been working extremely hard, stretching himself, learning all new concepts and with perseverance is understanding and achieving.  This week he had his first Open Uni test and received a score of 65%.  Considering he has jumped from Grade 10 maths to Uni maths, very impressive!
  • Mariah has beautiful copywork, Genevieve and Saxon are working on correct starting places.  Malachi still has much to achieve.
  • Dictation – Great effort from M, M and G.  Definite improvement, so vital
  • Spelling- Using Spell Well with Mariah, (so heartening to have a good speller) and using Schonell with G, S and Malachi.  Quite happy with their work.
  • Writing- enjoyed writing club/class.  Need to be more consistent with Roper with the three oldest though, perhaps we need to do it first thing each morning rather than aiming for after morning tea.
  • Typing – older boys are making good progress
  • Logic – Older boys are enjoying and understanding
  • Nature – Younger three, we are working on a Wolf Unit Study, compilig a lapbook, reading ‘Return of the Wolf’ see below, various picture books including 3 little pigs, and playing an online game Wolf Quest  * I have made a change to the younger children’s work and besides the 4Rs each week we are only focusing on one subject at a time.  For the past fortnight and another week or two we are learning about wolves.  Then we may focus on history etc.  This allows more depth rather than breadth 
  • Science – Malachi and Xavier are reading a collection of library book and enjoying. Xavier has written essays, taken notes, watched videos and undertaken extra research, memorising the Periodic Table.
  • History – Xavier researched Nobel Prize winners and death inventions ie dynamite, gas etc. Malachi, The Australian Explorers DVDs Bill Peach, Liechardt
  • Music Practice – Mariah, needs to be more consistent with practice, grrr. 

Read Aloud
Philomena – Kate Seredy, 
The Good Master – Kate Seredy, 
Return of the Wolf – Dorothy Hinshaw Patent, (Nature)
Vinegar Boy – Alberta Hawse (still reading)
Picture Books
We’ve been rather consistent at reading a few each day/night. Haven’t kept a list, mostly we’re reading some ‘new’ ones and revisiting favourites.


The Warrior Heir – Cinda Williams Cima
The Wizard Heir – Cinda Williams Cima
The Dragon Heir – Cinda Williams Cima
The Book of Names
Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen (Well done, awesome!!!)
lots of factual information


The Warrior Heir – Cinda Williams Cima
The Wizard Heir – Cinda Williams Cima
The Dragon Heir – Cinda Williams Cima
and more..

Middle Moffat – Eleanor Estes
Famous 5 Five Go Adventuring Again – Enid Blyton
Little Women (abridged)
Anne of Green Gables (abridged)
Seven Kisses in a Row – Patricia MacLachlan
Jenny and the Cat Club – Esther Averill
Betsy-Tacy – Maud Hart Lovelace
All About the Bullerby Children – Astrid Lindgren
Cherry Time at Bullerby – Astrid Lindgren
A School of Her Own – Arleta Richardson
Our Australian Girls
– Meet Poppy
– Poppy at Summerhill
-Poppy and the Thief
-Poppy Comes Home
-Rose’s Challenge
-Meet Rose
-Meet Grace
-A Friend for Grace
-Grace and Glory
-A Home for Grace
-Meet Alice
-Meet Nellie
-Meet Letty
-Letty’s Christmas
-Letty and the Strangers Lace