The past fortnight Malachi and Mariah have been visiting Grandma, they went off with their work assigned and promises to complete, which they tell me they have done so.

Xavier’s Open Uni  Maths course has arrived and he began it with enthusiasm, Algebra and Trigonometry.  Some of this is new to him, so a great learning curve.  He has also been working diligently on his other work although not all of his Language Arts, some of those lessons are best done together with Malachi when he comes back home.

It’s been a great week with only Saxon and Genevieve to work with.  We found if we worked hard we got the bulk of work done in three days, I rediscovered my enthusiasm:)
By week 5 I made some tweaks to our plan, rather than trying to cover too much, we’re narrowing the scope and going for depth.  So for Week 5 and the following week (or two) we’ll only concentrate on Nature and Faith, this is of course as well as the 3Rs.  Then we’ll continue with this plan 3 Rs, Faith and another subject area, perhaps history next.

Our strong concentration on reading is paying dividends and Genevieve is reading very well and Saxon is not far behind.  This brings a sense of immense happiness to them and to me. We worked solidly in all our other areas too.  We managed to enjoy a Book & Activity on Pobblebonks:)  and week 5 we began a fantastic faith Papal notebook. Lots of connections were happening, solid learning was occuring.  This I felt was the sense of time that our new planning allowed.  We also concentrated on Nature studies using The Wonderland of Nature, although I feel more depth is needed there, perhaps some cross learning which means I need to plan.

Just loving the direction and strength our learning seems to be going:)