This is the first time I’ve ever written plans out to this detail, but Malachi was asking for more clarity. Thinking it a good way to go.

Goal: Deepen your knowledge and understanding of your Faith
Time Expected: At least 30 min a day
1.       Teen Timeline DVDs – Watch 2 DVDs
2.       The Story of the Church by Johnson – Read Part 1: Units 1-3
Answer Questions at the end of each unit as directed
3.       Saint biographies/Lenten Reading – Read two books, your choice
Type 2 narrations on titles.  Minimum of 300 words
4.       Papal Elections – To be advised
Goal: Grow in competency and confidence
Time Expected:  An hour+ per day
·         Grammar and Composition
Time Expected:  40+ min per day
1.       English for Australian Schools 1 by Ridout – 5 Chapters, complete exercises
2.       Roper – 5 chapters.  Read, discuss and complete tasks
3.       Grammar of Poetry –  Complete 1 chapter per week
4.       Writing Club with Sr Judith & Homework
·         Copywork
Time Expected:  30 min per week
1.       Internet and Startwrite –  3 passages per week
·         Spelling/Dictation
Time Expected:  1 hour per week
1.       All About Spelling – 2 lessons per week
2.       Spelling Wisdom  – 2 lessons per week
·         Literature
Goal:  To nurture a love for literature, exposure to inspiring ideas and a rich vocabulary
Time Expected:  unlimitedJ
1.       Our Home library and branch library – Read two+ classic, saints and history books per term, enjoy!
2.       Audio Books, enjoy!
Goal:  To become a proficient typist
Time Expected:  30 min per week
1.       Type Tutor or online program – 30 min per week
Goal:  Strengthen logical thinking
Time Expected:  40 min
1)      Critical Thinking Book 1 – Complete 10 chapters, write answers
Goal:  An enjoyable introduction to Latin
Time Expected:  30 min per week
1)      Visual Latin – Watch 6 free lessons online
Goal:  To new learn maths skills and strengthen introduced skills
Time Expected:  40 min daily
1)  Listen to lesson explanation, answer questions
2)      Kahn Academy Maths – Watch as needed for extra understanding
Goal:  Deepen understanding of science concepts and further your love of all things science through living books
Time Expected:  90 min per week
1)      Archimedes and the Door of Science by Jeanne Bendick
2)      Mystery of the Periodic Table by Benjamin D Wiker
3)      Galen and the Gateway to Medicine by Jeanne Bendick
4)      1001 Inventions
5)      Australia’s Best Inventors
6)      The Disappearing Spoon
7)      The Elements
8)      History’s Worst Inventions
9)      Phosphorus
10)   Einstein Told His Cook
Read each title and write a narration on each
Goal:  Learn and enjoy reading about nature
Time Expected:  30min per week
1)      All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot – Read, enjoy
2)      Animal Stories by Jenkins – Read, enjoy
Goal: To learn more about the inland explorers of Australia
Time Estimate: 90 min per week
1)      Pictorial Social Studies –Over the Blue Mountains
                                                                                   Eyre’s Dramatic Journey
                                                                                  The Riddle of the Rivers
                                                                                 Stuart to the Overland Telegraph
                                                                                 Major Mitchell & Australia ‘Felix’
                                                                                Leichhardt to the Never-Never
                                                                                The Inland Sea
                                Read, write narration for each explorer
2)      Riders to an Unknown Sea by George Farwell
3)      Strange Seeker by Keith Willey
4)      Tree by the Tree by John McKellar
5)      No Boundary by Frank O’Grady
6)      The Journey of Burke and Wills by Max Colewell
Read the above novels and write a narration for each explorer
7) Exploring Australia by Eve Pownell – Read, Enjoy
Goal: To learn and understand more about the history and geography of discovery,
Time Estimate: One hour per week
              1)      A Book of Discovery by MB Synge – Read Chapters 1- 20
Each chapter, take notes in point form or write a narration
Include maps where applicable, drawn or printed
Current Affairs
Goal: To become more aware of world events
Time Estimate: 20min per week
1)      ABC emails from Dad – Read, Discuss with Dad