We desire books that feed the mind and nourish the soul

Planning to devote time daily to memorisation skills. As a group, it should take about 20 min.
Catechism, times tables, phonic sounds, poetry and geography songs.

Mariah is preparing for her Confirmation this year!
Preparation will include Confirmation Catechism, King of the Golden City, My Path to Heaven, Faith and Life Series Bk 5, plenty of saints stories (Vision series and others).
Type 2 narrations per term, minimum of 100 words
Term 4 – Church History, Read The Story of the Church – Johnson.  Complete Activities Planning on the girls using notebooking, narrations and lots of reading.
Daily read aloud at least one chapter of saints chapter book.
Willas’ Notebooking pages!! awesome
The Life of Our Lord for Children by Marigold Hunt. (lent)

Grammar and Composition
Daily write in some manner
Writing Club
Story Writing
Intermediate Language Lessons – Emma Serl
Emphasis on polishing pieces.
Narrations Written.
Stories with a View
Stories Starters  Karen Andreola
Character Based Lessons

All About Spelling x 1/wk

Spelling Wisdom x 2/wk

Type Tutor or online program x 2/wk

Each term read at least two classic, saints and history books independently.

Grammar of Poetry
Daily read and enjoy. Memorise at least one poem per term.
The Harp and the Laurel Wreath – Laura Berquist
The Four Corners (Aust)

Daily, to complete at least one SM book/term
Singapore Maths.
MEP where extra work for understanding is needed
Living Math books
Living Math activities

Science and Nature
God’s Design set, read at least one book/term
Read at least twice weekly, narrate and answer questions. Research further where interested
Undertake experiments at least twice a week and document 
Living Books from Branch Library and our library.
Science and Nature TV Series and DVDs
Various experiment books and you-tubes.
Steve Spangler Science

Reading – Read at least once per week and journal.
Nature walk – x1/wk 
Wonderland of Nature – Nuri Mass
WON Journal
Science and Nature TV Series and DVDs

Twice Weekly
Notebook, narrate, lapbook adapt.
Term 1 – Australia, beginnings through to explorers
History of Australia
Our Sunburnt Country
Eve Pownall’s books
Pictorial History – Catholic & Secular

Terms 2, 3 & 4, to be determined. Like to leave wiggle room:)
Historical living books, branch library and our collection
Historical core books, branch library and ours
Story of the World
Child’s History of the World – VM Hillyer
H E Marshall

Plan to be more conscientious about teaching culture and mapwork this year.
Read once weekly, 
Narrate, notebook
mapwork once weekly 
Study maps, cover, label and later redraw and label.
Michael Palin DVDs

A Child’s Geography – Ann Voskamp

Homeschool Share
Geography Picture Books; Branch Library and our collection

Piano, Daily practice

Art and Craft
Once weekly
Dick Blick Lesson Plans
Deep Space Sparkle
Art Projects for Kids
Harmony Art Mom

Physical Education
Term 2 & 3 – Soccer