Xavier and Malachi are studying the Russian Revolution this term.  Posting plans here.  Suggested books are limited by our library’s selections.
An online book to use in your study
Source other internet sites and use titles from the library

Research & Writing

Each of the following should be at least 1 paragraph -1 page long.
Create a timeline of important dates in your notebook pages, include maps and visuals where relevant to clarify your information
Work must be completed by Week 5, Term 4 in computer or written form.

1.      What was life ‘like’ for the ‘average’ citizen in Tsarist Russia in the early part of the 20thCentury?
2.    Describe briefly the ‘political’ events prior to the February Revolution 1917.
3.      Who was Karl Marx and what did he espouse?
4.      What impact did World War 1 have on the growing unrest in Russia?
5.      Who was Rasputin, how did he gain so much power and what was his role in contributing to the Russian    Revolution?
6.      Describe the Royal family, the Romanov’s lifestyle.  What impact did the Tsar Nicholas have on Russian politics?
7.      Describe the events that occurred during February 1917, what happened to the royal family?
8.      What provisional government was installed after the February revolution?
9.      Briefly outline the Bolshevik party’s policies and their rise to power, what methods did they employ.
10.  Who was Lenin and what impact did he play in the rise of Communism in Russia?  What was his role in the murders of the Royal family?
11.  Who was Joseph Stalin and what role did he play in the Great Purge?
12.  Immediately prior to the Russian Revolution Our Lady appeared to the three children in Fatima.  She made promises in relation to Russia, what were they?   Where they kept and if not why?
Choose one of the following as an essay topic (You may suggest your own topic)
Your essay must be at least 200 words and typewritten.
Due to be handed in at the end of Week 5.
–          You are an English tutor/governess to one of the Romanov children. Write a firsthand account of the February Revolution to your family back home.
–          Write a journalistic account of the growing unrest in Russia prior to the Revolution.
–          You are a member of the Bolshevik party, describe your observation and feelings as the Bolshevik’s rise to power unfurls.
–           Discuss the decline of the Romanov dynasty over the century preceding the revolutions of 1917. What were the sources of discontent with the monarchy, and what events weakened it over time?
–           “If Marxism was a time bomb with a delayed fuse, Lenin was the individual who lit the fuse.”  To what extent do you agree with this statement?
Book Titles
The Lost fortune of the Tsars – William Clarke
Peter the Great and the Tsarist Russia – by Miriam Greenblatt.
The Russian Revolution 1899-1919 – Richard Pipes
Read at least one  of the following titles but you may enjoy more for pleasure
Anastasia, The Last Grand Duchess – Carolyn Meyer
Angel on the Square – Gloria Whelan
Catherine the Great Journey – Kristiana Gregory