The consuming reading  of  living books continues to comprise the bulk of our learning.
Audio Books

Ruins of Gorlain (Mariah)
Tuggerung (all below Malachi)
Long Patrol
Martin the Warrior
Mariel of Redwall (finished)
The Bellmaker
Outcast of Redwall

Family Read Aloud
Ponny the Penguin – Veronica Basser (Genevieve & Saxon)
Butterfly Battle – Magic School Bus; half (Genevieve) 

Picture Books
My Father’s Angels – Gloria Gaither
Jane’s Day
Story of Jonah – Golden Book
Sr Anne’s Hands- Mary Beth Lorbiecki
Take it To the Queen
Donkey’s Dream
St Valentine – Robert Subada
Father and Son – Geraldine McCaughrean
An Orphan – Nance Donkin
A Convict – Nance Donkin
A Saint a Day x 10 stories
Bindi books x4
Animal Ark Treasury – Lucy Daniels
Faith & Life 7
World History Encyclopaedia
Our Water & Weather
They Loved to Laugh – Kathryn Worth  
Modern Times – Paul Johnson
Floodtide- Clive Cussler

DVDs/Youtubes Watched

Heidi – Shirley Temple

Multiple Chemistry Videos
 – Periodic Table Element Videos
Older three boys are still really loving these!

Kahn Academy – Computer Science: Animation
Absolute hit!!  (details below)

  • Completed All About Spelling Level 4!
  • The enthusiasm and proficiency of the older three boys in computer programming- animation. They are loving it, Xavier in particular has picked up programming easily.
  • Dominic’s first speed essay.  He wrote about Titanium and it was exceptionally well written.

Observing enthusiasm for audio books, computer programming and tackling speed essays have all been memorable:)
Capturing a few of the past fortnight’s highlights in the 4Rs, Science and the Humanities
  • The older four continue to enjoy working as a group for English.  Mariah is showing great promise and the older boys are writing very well indeed.
  • Saxon continues to LOVE his new maths book. 
  • Genevieve’s continued enthusiasm with mastering reading is delightful to see. 
  • Mariah continues to be most consistent in practising the piano and her teacher is impressed with her progress.
  • Mariah is reading 2-3 chapter books/ week!
  • Mariah ‘hit a wall’ with fractions in the past fortnight.  However we had a breakthrough on Friday which is all the sweeter for her difficulty. 
  • Malachi is so enthusiastic about the computer programming
  • Malachi has spent hours listening to audio books
  • Xavier wrote his first speed essay, on Carbon and wrote essays on the 4th and 5th elements.
  • Xavier has been researching The French Revolution
  • Xavier is really having a successful term, feeling a great sense of mastery and achievement.
  • Dominic wrote his first speed essay, on Titanium (and his 2nd essay ) and it was very impressive. 
  • Dominic is researching for an essay on World War 1
  • Dominic has made impressive progress on writing his novel and wrote several chapters!