Another productive fortnight, most exciting we completed AAS Level 3..

Family Read Alouds
Linnets and Valerians – Elizabeth Goudge (began)

Illustrated picture books of various Australian poetry incl:
Fur & Feathers – AB Patterson
Old Man Platypus – AB Patterson
Weary Will – AB Patterson
A Dog’s Mistake – AB Patterson
With My Swag All On My Shoulder
the Wild Colonial Boy
The Drover’s Dream
The Oath of Bad Brown Bill
Benjamin Bandicoot – AB Patterson
The Day McDougall Topped the Score

Mariah – Oxford Children’s Collection – Read several
Malachi – Laurel and the Harp
Xavier – Around the Booree Log – Read several

Picture Books
The Pear in the Pear Tree – Pamela Allen
Sail Away the Ballad of Skip & Nell – Mem Fox
the Magic Hat – Mem Fox
Possum Magic – Mem Fox
Time for Bed – Mem Fox
Hattie & the Fox – Mem Fox
Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge – Mem Fox
Miss Bilby – Colin Thiele

Mariah –  Louis Braille

               Saints for Home & School
               Six O’Clock Saints
               Ruby Throat Hummingbird
               A House of their Own (little House)

Malachi – Too Deep 39 Clues
                The Warrior Goddess – Doris Gates
                Medieval Tales – Jennifer Westwood
                Tales the Muses Told – Roger Lancelyn Green
                 Myth Stories of Greece & Rome – Gladys Davidson
                 Lord of the Sky – Doris Gates
                 Exploits of Hercules
                 Jedi Quest
                 Jedi Apprentice The Rising Force
                 Jedi Apprentice The Dark Rival
Xavier –   Time Rider Bk 2     
Dominic – Sabriel – Garth Nix
                 Time Riders 2 – Alex Scarrow

Reading Practice
Week 5 both children diligently read.  Week 6 only Genevieve read a little.  Genevieve is reading very well but has reached that stage where she is convinced that she can’t as is reluctant to read.  Although she spends a long time reading all the pronouns in a Thornton Burgess book.

Mariah, Malachi and Xavier are most diligent.  Xavier’s diction is slowly improving.

Grammar & Compostion
Mariah is really keen to do ‘Write Stuff Adventure’ each week.  This last week she wrote (and mailed) a letter to Grandma.

We finished All About Spelling Level 3!! hooray!!
Spelling and awareness of rules for all children has definitely improved due to AAS.  Uncertain as to next step as Level 4 is expensive to obtain.

Spelling Wisdom
Progress is being made but some children are not consistent in completing their lesson each week.

Malachi put in a huge effort with copywork.  Mariah began ‘translating’ print to running writing.

Mariah has blown us away with her narrations.  She is typing on the computer and has also used power point (as has Malachi).  For every subject required (4) she is producing a narrations!!

Writing Club (with Sister has been focusing on debating, most interesting to hear their viewpoints.
The boys also submitted essays and received feedback.
The younger children have focused on writing a story with a moral, and also selecting ‘banned words’ and re writing with strong words.

Xavier and Malachi spent some time on Spanish.

Saxon & Genevieve – enjoying Bible stories from the New Testament, orally narrating very well.
Mariah – reading short saint stories and writing narrations.
Malachi – Beginning Apologetics lesson (the Bible) good understanding, learnt so much.
Xavier – Intro to Catholicism read 3 chapters
Dominic- Understanding the Scriptures, reading and answering quiz questions for each chapter:)

Genevieve – Was struggling with her last book was getting hard, began the other Grade 2 book (multiplication/division) and is flying.  whole new attitude and aptitude.
Mariah – Singapore Maths. Understanding and speed is excellent.
Malachi – not a great deal of progress need Dad’s help.
Xavier- Working very hard spending alot of time still
Dominic- Life of Fred Algebra, working intensively.  On average 3 hrs/wk.  making progress

Xavier – Enjoying Penny Candy and finding it very interesting.  Having good discussions with Dad.

Mariah – American History, read .  Created an excellent Powerpoint presentation.
Malachi – Reserved many books from the library on the History of Inventions.  Is really enjoying it.
Xavier – Read SOTW read 2 chapters and wrote 2 narrations
Dominic – Read SOTW and wrote 2 narrations!:)

Mariah – Hummingbird
Malachi – Inventions and Technology, interested in roller coasters.  Narration??
Xavier –  Maths JHT, 6 chapters

Malachi – We worked a little on excel spreadsheets, he is rather enjoying technology.

Trail Guide to Geography (middles)  mapwork.
Finding TGTG rather uninspiring.  Assigned M&M the task of researching a couple of African animals and presenting at least 5 points

Read Picture Books:

Mbobo Tree – Glenda Millard
Adventures of Riley – Safari in South Africa – Amanda Lumry

Xavier – Runkle’s Geography, One chapter