A strong beginning back to the New Year, everyone has good attitudes and applied themselves strongly.
The challenge is, Dominic’s job- the lunch shift.  He is achieving his work but as I have to supervise his driving his timetable is disturbing the middle/younger children’s work, however we will find a solution.

*The following is not a full account as I have been unable to pin the older boys down as to what they accomplished.  but, if I don’t post now I never will.

Family Read Alouds & Poetry
All of a Kind Family – Sydney Taylor (Middles)
Count of Monte Cristo – Alexandre Dumas (Teens)
Children’s Classic Poetry ( 20 poems)

Picture Books
The Little House – Virginia Lee Burton
Little Mo – Martin Waddell
Where’s My Kitten – Michele Coxon
Spike and the Cowboy Band – Fern Hollow
Emmas’ Lamb – Kim Lewis
Dilly-Dally and the Nine Secrets – Elizabeth MacDonald
The Patchwork Cat – Nicola Bayley
When We Went to the Zoo – Jan Ormerod
A Bit of Company – Margaret Wild
Luke’s Way of Looking – Nadia Wheatley
Thank you Amelia Bedelia – Peggy Parish
Teddy and me Pretend to Be
Let’s Go Home Little Bear – Martin Waddell
Bush Walk – Tricia Oktober
Goldilocks and the Three Bears – Mireille Levert
Up the Wooden Hill – Sam McBratney
Bush Song – Tricia Oktober
My Brown  Bear Barney in Trouble – Dorothy Butler
The Tram to Bondi Beach – Libby Hathorn

Mariah – Ranger’s Apprentice Bk 3
Malachi – Ranger’s Apprentice Ruins of Gorlan
                Ranger’s Apprentice Burning Bridge
                Ranger’s Apprentice Icebound Land
                Tusk, SOS – Colin Bateman (Africa)
Xavier – To Kill a Mocking Bird – Harper Lee
Dominic – Philadelphia Catholic in King James Court

Reading Practice
Genevieve is enjoying a simplified version of Fairy Tales.  She reads well in context.
Saxon has totally impressed me with his reading.  He is already easily sounding out letters and combining the sounds!

All About Spelling
Managed a few lessons with the older 4, progressing quickly.
Genevieve completed a few lessons and has nearly completed Level 1.

Spelling Wisdom
Very impressed with how well Dominic is doing, his spelling has immensely improved.
The other boys and Mariah have to be prompted to do their dictation.
*Note to self- ensure Xavier does at least 2 exercises/week.

Genevieve is enjoying copywork although not always willing to change her pencil grip.
Mariah is now enjoying writing Bible verses using Startwrite.
*Note to self – ensure Xavier and Malachi complete their copywork.

Using notebooking pages the children are regularly writing narrations for; Science, Geography, Faith and History.  The are not always happy about this but they take pride afterwards.

We began back with Writing Club a fortnight ago and once again a rousing success.  Saxon has also joined Writing Club.  Very happy with the stories the children are creating.  Mariah is writing at a higher level with J using IEW’s Fun and Fascinating.
Malachi has joined Sister Judith’s writing lessons, is coping very nicely and fitting in very well.

One Year Adventure Novel

Malachi began with Live Mocha.

Read the first chapter of Our Life of the Lord, girls narrated.
Read several Bible stories to the little boys.  Beginning with Creation.

Started back in with Singapore Maths.  Working hard to ‘catch up’.

Ancient History for Genevieve
 Mariah is creating and organising her own studies.  She has chosen to study American history, reading biographies and writing narrations.
Boys are studying Middle Ages

Malachi is studying technology, the printing press.
The girls are using the living book approach, studying birds.

Began our African study, using Trail Guide to Geography.
Wonderful discussion of place names and geographic formations.

Read Picture Books:
Amazing Animals Super Safari – Tony Mitton
Matemba – Annette Lodge
Lila and the Secret of Rain – David Conway