Mariah Aged 10.3 yrs; 2012

Family Learning Motto:
We want books that feed the mind and nourish the soul.

Language Arts
(1a) Reading Aloud
1 Session per week from current novel.
(1b) Independent Reading
Every term read at least one classic book, one saints book and at least one additional history and geography book independently.

(2) Writing 
(a) Handwriting/Cursive, Copywork
Strengthen Cursive Writing.
Startwrite – selection of poems/bible passages/catechism

(b) Studied Dictation
Spelling Wisdom

(c) Written Narration
Writing narrations for History, Geography, Science and Faith using Notebooking Pages

(d)Weekly Writing Club
This year we will further develop writing skills using a variety of techniques; Creative Writing, Key Word Outlines, Oral Reports, Writing from Outlines, Creating Titles, Narrative Stories, Allegories, Tall Tales, Borrowing a Conflict, Sentences and Clinchers, Three Paragraph Report, Writing from Pictures and One and Three Paragraph Research Reports.
All Things Fun and Fascinating

(e) Grammar
Intermediate Language Lessons – Emma Serl.

(f) Spelling
All About Spelling

Select at least one book each term for read aloud enjoyment, possibilities;

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S.Lewis
All-of-a-Kind Family by Sydney Taylor
Five Little Peppers and How They Grew by Margaret Sidney
Little House in the Big Woods and other books by Laura Ingalls Wilder
The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling
Swallows and Amazons and other books by Arthur Ransome
Anne of Green Gables – LM Montgomery

Daily Poetry reading and memorise at least one poem per term.
Classic Children’s Treasury.
The Harp and the Laurel Wreath
Spike Mulligan and other Australian Poets.

Delve into a little of Shakespeare, begin with the Comedies.
Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare – Edith Nesbit
Tales From Shakespeare  Charles and Mary Lamb
Tales from Shakespeare – Marcia Williams
Stories from Shakespere- Geraldine McGaughrean
Bard of Avon – Diane Stanley
Other Library Books & CDs
Shakespeare for Children – Jim Wiess (Audio)
Jimmie’s Post
My Previous Plans

2. Mathematics
Singapore Maths.
Math-drills 6000+ free math worksheets
Math Worksheets
Living Math books
Math Board Games and activities

3. Science and Technology
Nature Study 
(1) Take at least one weekly nature walk
(2) Keep a nature notebook.
Wonderland of Nature – Nuri Mass

Focus is on Biology this year.
Also enjoy experiments.
The World of Plants
Living Books from Branch Library and our library.
Science and Nature TV Series and DVDs
Various experiment books and you-tubes.

Building Skills
Building a house learning many skills; carpentry, painting, tenacity, teamwork etc

4. Human Society and Its Environment
Ancient History
Story Of The World 1
Notebook Narrations.
Supporting living books from Branch and Home Library.

Australian History
Sunburnt Country – Arthur Baillie
Notebook Narrations.
Supporting Living Books from Branch and Home Library.

Tour the Continents
Trail Guide to Geography
80 Tales from Around the World – Saviour Pirotta
Maps and Mapping – Deborah Chancellor

Notebook Narrations.
Supporting Living Books from our Branch Library and own Library.
Further ideas – Homeschool Share
My Pinterest

5. Creative and Practical Arts
Use a variety of different mediums.
Discovering Great Artists – Mary Ann Kohl and Kim Solga
The Usborne Book of Art – Fiona Watt
Blogs; Deep Space Sparkle
Art Projects for Kids
Harmony Art Mom

Picture Study
DK Children’s Book of Art
Art Appreciation Lessons for Kids
Various other resources from Branch Library and our collection

Listen and Dance to variety of artists.
Enjoy our variety of instruments.
Learn new songs/hymns

6. Personal Development, Health and Physical Education.
Term 1 &4 – Swimming Lessons
Term 2 & 3 – Gymnastics

Biology & Nutrition
Cover basic anatomy and physiology
Be aware of basic medicinal remedies and have a basic understanding of nutritional health.
Plan and cook a variety of meals.

1. Religious Education
Spiritual Reading
One saint’s biography of choice each term.

Term 1/Lent: Spiritual Reading
My Path to Heaven – Geoffrey Bliss
Easter:The Story of Padre Pio by Clare Jordan Mohan
Term 2: Bible History – The First Christians, The Acts of the Apostles for Children- Marigold Hunt.
Read aloud and narrate one chapter per week
Term 3: Saints
57 Stories of Saints by Anne Heffernan
*Omit the chapters on St. Dymphna and St. Maria Goretti
Term 4: Advent
Stories of the Child Jesus from Many Lands by A.Fowler Lutz.
Read/narrate one story for each lesson.